Chapter 34

There is only one Shixia and ningwuyou in ningwuyou office now.

My best friend and I can talk with each other. Li Jingyan was here just now, and most of what he said was just polite.

"Xia Xia, what's the matter with your foot injury?" Ning Wuyou looks at Shixia's feet.

This woman, too can't take care of herself. Must she hurt herself all over?

During this period of time, Ning Wuyou almost never saw a good Shixia. Shixia always has various ways to hurt himself.

Shixia looks at her best friend and sighs a little helplessly. However, at last she can only explain, "one foot is empty, so she falls down the stairs. It's miserable."

"I see it."

Rather carefree nod, poetry summer this time is more miserable!

However, when I think of Li Jingyan I just saw, I'd rather not worry about it!

Moreover, such a handsome man, certainly not too bad.

"But I feel like your husband He's not as bad as you said before? " Rather carefree looking at Shixia.

Shixia smiles. Worry free is not himself. Naturally, he will not fully understand Li Jingyan.

So, she can only answer, "that's because you know too little about him."

Ning Wuyou thinks about it, but still thinks that Shixia is wrong!

She saw it all just now. When she helped Shixia rub her feet, Shixia had a painful expression on her face. What Li Jingyan clearly showed was worry!

"Shixia, I still think..."

However, before Ning Wuyou's words were finished, Li Jingyan had already come back.

"I got the medicine."

Ning Wuyou took a look at it and determined that the medicine was correct before giving it to Shixia.

"Well, please, President Li rubs the ankle position for Xia Xia every day, applies medicine and rubs it for 15 minutes, once a day."

Shixia said, "I can do it myself."

Let Li Jingyan rub his feet. How can it be that he didn't waste his feet? That's a good thing.

Ning Wuyou began to complain about the image of Shixia's strong woman again, "Xingxing, what can't you do? Shixia, you are a superman!"

Shixia touched ningwuyou's bangs and said with a smile, "you just know."

Sometimes, it's nice to have a friend by your side. It's like having no worries.

As soon as Li Jingyan and Shixia left, a little nurse came to inquire.

"Dr. Ning, who was that handsome guy just now?"

Ning Wuyou thought for a while, and thought that what the little nurse said should be Shixia's husband, Li Jingyan.

"Did you say the handsome guy in the black windbreaker just now?" She asked.

The little nurse nodded excitedly.

"He accompanied his wife to see a doctor. The beauty next to him was his wife just now." Ning Wuyou explained lightly.

With the face of Li Jingyan, the rotten peach blossom will not be less. Therefore, it seems that Xia Xia will face a great challenge in the future!

"No wonder that handsome man's eyes are so gentle when he looks at that woman. He's so handsome, the man who made me blush and heartbeat for the first time in more than 20 years!"

"Come on, there are few men who make you blush and heartbeat!" Ning Wuyou said and knocked the little nurse's head with a smile.

"Come on, there are few men who make you blush and heartbeat!" Ning Wuyou said and knocked the little nurse's head with a smile.

In fact, it's not just the little nurse who thinks that Li Jingyan has love for Xia Xia. She can also vaguely feel that Li Jingyan cares about Shi Xia.

Therefore, whether a good sister can be happy or not depends on her nature.

Ning Wuyou sighed and sighed in his heart. I hope that fate will not disappoint every good girl

As soon as Li Jingyan left the hospital with Shixia, Su Jiaqi's phone call came.

"Mom, don't worry. Shixia is OK. We just came out of the hospital."

Hearing that her mother-in-law should be worried about herself, Shixia feels warm in her heart.

The luckiest thing in her life should be to meet a mother-in-law like Su Jiaqi.

However, I don't know how long the love between them will last!

Su Jiaqi still feel uneasy, "Jing Yan, you take Xia Xia back to the old house, just in time, I can take care of her."

"It's OK. I can take care of her." Li Jingyan insisted.

Li Jingyan said that she would take care of herself. Somehow, Shixia felt warm in her heart.


Li Jingyan said definitely, "yes, don't worry, mom."

After hanging up Su Jiaqi's phone, Li Jingyan takes a look at Shixia, who is wearing a thin woolen coat.At this time, the wind is still strong outside. He naturally takes off his windbreaker and puts it on Shixia.

With his body temperature on the windbreaker, Shixia was a little stunned.

Is he concerned about himself?

Shixia felt that her heart was pulled by something. It was strange. Was it a throbbing feeling?

Sitting in Li Jingyan's car, Shixia takes a look at her feet. She'd rather worry about that fool. It's so ugly.

This wench also can't practice hand, perhaps is regard oneself this injustice big head as is to practice hand!

"Now it's done. It's done." She sighed suddenly.

Li Jingyan did not go to see Shixia, but when he heard a sigh from Shixia, his eyes were filled with a smile.

"Your friends are right. It's time for you to have a good rest."

Shixia muttered, "it's boring to stay at home."

She is a person who can't stay idle. Now, she's free!

Li Jingyan shook his head helplessly. He was really a workaholic who worked harder than himself.

"Then take the work home."

"It's a good idea."

Shixia nodded. She was thinking about what she needed to do tomorrow.

In the old house.

"Mom, how's Shixia?"

Since Li Jingyan left with Shixia, Li Jingyang felt uneasy.

Although that man is his elder brother, he still feels that his heart is full of ups and downs, just because that woman is too important to him

However, fate made a big joke on him, and he finally missed Shixia.

"Your brother said that Xia Xia's foot injury is not a big problem."

However, looking at the worry in the eyes of her second son, Su Jiaqi couldn't help worrying.

"Smelly boy, tell your mother honestly that the person you always said you liked in college was your sister-in-law?"

Li Jingyang's eyes slightly escaped.

It's too late to say anything now, isn't it?

Is it all in time?

However, after all, it was the most innocent feeling he ever had. He admitted it frankly. He didn't think it was necessary to hide it!

"Mom How clever

Hearing that the second son was so frank, Su Jiaqi felt more worried.

As for Jing Yan's son, Su Jiaqi, the mother, knows that Jing Yan's possessiveness is too strong.

If you know your brother likes his wife

"Now Xia Xia is your sister-in-law and your brother's wife. Do you understand what mom means?" Su Jiaqi has a rare serious face.

She has always been tolerant of children, but she also has her own bottom line.

Li Jingyang's heart is very lost, but he is a born actor. Emotions are not written on your face.

"Well, well, I know. It's a pity that the goddess married like that."

Hearing that the second son had put it down, Su Jiaqi was relieved.

There are only Jing Yan and Jing Yang in this family. They are brothers. They must not turn against each other.

However, thinking of her daughter-in-law, Su Jiaqi still feels uneasy.

"Can't, can't, summer summer was injured, I this in the mind, or don't rest assured."

She mumbled a few words and suddenly thought of something.

"I have to make her some bone soup."

Li Jingyang eyebrows pick, looking at his mother, mother is really quite straightforward.

"Mom, are you sure you can mend bones by eating pig bones?"

Su Jiaqi came very seriously, "would rather believe that it has, than believe that it has nothing!"

Li Jingyang shakes his head and does it. He doesn't agree with anyone. He will obey his mother. He is always reasonable.

"Well, I'll be the courier for you."

Hearing that Li Jingyang is so active in helping himself this time, Su Jiaqi can't help suspecting his intentions.

"Stinky boy, didn't you say you had a job?"

Li Jingyang curled his lips and explained, "my work is all done by assistants. I just need to show my face sometimes."

His job is to be in charge of being handsome when he should be.

In the evening, Shixia sat on the big bed of the room and looked at her feet, feeling a little distressed.

Swollen into this ghost appearance, not really like worry free that smelly girl said so.

It's too bad!

She lowered her head and took the bandage apart with some difficulty, revealing her swollen and red ankle.

But the next second, her foot was held by a pair of big hands.Shi Xia looks at Li Jingyan's handsome face in front of him in astonishment. When did he appear? Shi Xia has no idea.

However, Li Jingyan directly ignored the tension in Shixia's eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Shixia watched him grab his feet, kneel down on one knee and rub his feet!

"Rub it for you."

Shixia's face is full of resistance.

"No, I can do it myself."

She said that she was going to take her feet back, but the man seemed to see her intention and just grasped Shixia's face.

Shixia can't run away if she wants to

Li Jingyan looked at Shixia's face and said with a smile, "Shixia, you are blushing."

The people in front of you are blushing.

Shixia was embarrassed and touched her face. "How can I blush? You're wrong!"

As long as her face is hot and dry, it is generally red.

And now it's hot and dry

Li Jingyan chuckled, looked into Shixia's eyes and asked, "without blushing, what are you afraid of?"

I'm in a hurry when I'm in Charlotte.

"When am I afraid, Li Jingyan? Don't talk nonsense."

"Then let me help you to prove that you have not Shy, huh? "

Li Jingyan deliberately lengthens his words, which makes people feel strange. Now he looks at Shixia's eyes, which is clearly not well intentioned!

Shi Xia puffed his mouth and looked at Li Jingyan, "if you are willing to help, then help."

He is willing to help his feet, Shixia thought, but she didn't force Li Jingyan.

However, when his big hand touched his feet, it was rough and warm. Shixia clearly heard his heart beating.

It's a shame. Can't she calm down?

Is not a Li Jingyan, let her poem summer heart so small deer bumps?

"Fifteen minutes." Shixia reminds me dully.

However, Li Jingyan stopped his action. After he got up, he unexpectedly

Holding Shixia's chin, she kisses Shixia with her thin lips. Shixia's mind is hot. She only feels that her lips and teeth are clear and lingering?

"Why do you kiss me?"

Shixia pushes Li Jingyan away, covers his mouth, but his face is more red.

Li Jingyan thin lips hook up, looking at Shixia with a smile, "you just let me help you rub your feet, it's a reward."

Shixia is full of vitality!

"I didn't ask for your help."

Li Jingyan laughs like a bad rascal!

"But you didn't refuse just now." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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