Chapter 48

However, in contrast, Li Jingyan looks calm.

"Don't worry, Xia Xia, there's still time."

He's not the master. There's no need to wait there early.

The dinner started at seven o'clock, his identity as Li Jingyan, and no one would blame him if it passed at eight o'clock.

"I'll take you to change your clothes and do some modeling first. Don't worry."

Li Jingyan said, holding Shixia's hand calmly, and was about to leave.

Seeing Li Jingyan's reaction, Shixia understood that she didn't need to be nervous. She didn't have much to do.

Otherwise, Li Jingyan would not be so calm.

The Su family.

As soon as she got out of the car and came back, she was immediately pestered by her parents and asked questions.

Among them, the most frequently asked questions are just two questions: what's the impression of Li Er Shao, and what's the impression of Li Er Shao on her.

"Although Li Jingyang does not have the ability of his brother, after all, Li Jingyan is a man who has married."

"Yes, so coco Li Er Shao is still very good. You must seize the opportunity!"

However, sukeke is a little impatient. She is not in a good mood today.

Because, his mind was instantly Li Jingyang to see through.

However, Su coco doesn't know what Li Jingyang is thinking.

This feeling made her feel uneasy.

"Well, well, I know, mom and Dad, I'm a little tired, so I'll go up and have a rest first."

So coco said, and turned to his upstairs room.

She really did not have the strength to say anything, such feeling let her suddenly feel very tired.

However, as soon as Su coco came into his room, he had not even put down his bag, and Li Jingyang had already called.

"Sukeke, today is the best opportunity."

Li Jingyang's voice on the other side of the phone sounds cold, which makes Su coco nervous.


Is it going to be a little too fast?

Su coco widened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror foolishly.

Li Jingyang made a brief introduction to her plan and Su Keke. She just had to come over and listen to her own arrangement.

However, after listening to Li Jingyang's thoughts, Su Keke hesitated.

"No, in case of..."

Li Jingyang interrupts her.

"So far, sucho, what are you worried about?"

Su coco shook his head, looking at his face in the mirror, still hesitated.

No, it's not a good way. She can't do it. She can't!

"If we let other people know, then we'll..."

"It's not us, it's you." Li Jingyang sneered.

Why, does she still think that Li Jingyang is Su Keke's accomplice?

Actually, it's not

If the east window incident happens, it has nothing to do with Li Jingyang. It's not his fault. It's all Su Keke's idea.

She wants to marry her big brother

Of course, the best explanation is that Su coco and her brother Li Jingyan are in love!

"Will you give me some time to think about it?"

Sukoko on the other side of the phone is still hesitating.

On the one hand, she didn't want to miss such a good opportunity. On the other hand, she didn't have the courage to calculate Li Jingyan.

If let Li Jingyan know, if he does not want to, then he is a dead end?

Li Jingyang smiles and replies, "today is the best opportunity. It's almost impossible for you to meet such an opportunity in the future. Su coco, think about it yourself."

"But I..."

Su Coco's words have not even finished, the phone has been hung up, only a burst of busy tone.

What should she do? Listen to Li Jingyang's arrangement?

However, if I really

Don't want to, don't want to, Li Jingyang is right, today is the best opportunity.

If we miss such a good opportunity tonight, we don't know when we will have to wait for the next time.

According to Li Jingyang, it is impossible for her to marry Li Jingyang.

So, in any case, she has to find a way to catch Li Jingyan.

This is a good opportunity. What Li Jingyang said is reasonable. Therefore, this time, she said nothing can be missed.

Thinking of this, Su coco quickly began to look for clothes in his room.She must be beautiful today. Today she saw Li Jingyan's wife. She is really a beautiful woman.

However, no matter how beautiful she is, it's useless. Li Jingyang says that his elder brother doesn't like his sister-in-law at all.

So, she sure has a chance.

"Coco, it's evening. Where are you going?"

Seeing that her daughter just said she was tired and wanted to go back to rest, she came out again in a twinkling of an eye. Her parents still felt a little strange.

Su Keke looked at his parents and explained in a hurry, "Li Er Shao asked me to accompany him to a dinner party."

"Then go quickly, and remember to dress beautifully!"

As soon as I heard that Li Er Shao had let her go, Su's parents were immediately happy.

So, that is to say, there is hope for the marriage between Li Er Shao and his daughter?

Su coco nodded. No wonder she left her home expectantly. To be honest, she was a little shy about the plan Li Jingyang said.

After all, she's still a girl who's not known!

However, in order to marry Li Jingyan, she couldn't care so much.

The dinner started.

Shi Xia is holding Li Jingyan's arm. When they just appeared at the dinner, they had already caused a sensation.

Who don't know, Li Jingyan seldom attend such a dinner party, or golden wedding party.

Moreover, this time, Li Jingyan came with his wife Shixia.

"President, the present has been sent. Mrs. Ji asked me to thank you."


Li Jingyan nodded, took a look at Li Tao, and continued to be expressionless.

Shixia, holding Li Jingyan's arm, also feels a little bored. Now she just looks forward to not seeing Shen Jia this time.

However, Shixia never considered that there are too many women like Shen Jia, because there is only one Li Jingyan!

But all the women want to marry Li Jingyan, so, in this way, there will be competition!

The beautiful woman with yellow hair who came here is the only treasure of director Ji this evening, Ji Shuxi.

"President Li, long time no see."

Ji big beauty see Li Jingyan, come to say hello way, unexpectedly is a warm hug.

After all, she has just come back from the United States, which is also known to all.

So, today, even if she warmly kisses Li Jingyan, it's not too much!

However, who knows, Li Jingyan actually pushed away Ji Da Mei.

"Miss Ji, my wife is still here today. I hope Miss Ji can understand my wife's feelings."

Ji Shuxi just looked at Li Jingyan. Was she rejected?

However, she is noble and generous, beautiful and beautiful, and no one has ever rejected her!

"Is this president Li's wife?"

Ji Shuxi can only back two steps awkwardly, looking at Shixia beside Li Jingyan with a bad face.

I have to admit that this woman is also very beautiful. However, she is not beautiful in the same style as herself.

The beauty of Ji Shuxi is the wild western beauty, while Shixia seems to have an oriental classical implicit beauty.

Does Li Jingyan like such a beautiful woman?

"President Li has already had a wife. I don't know how many women in Yishi are going to be heartbroken!"

Li Jingyan smiles and replies, "I don't know if the women in Yishi will be heartbroken. As long as my wife won't be heartbroken, that's enough."

Ji Shuxi is a little embarrassed. How can Li Jingyan protect Shixia now?

"Mrs. Li is really lucky to meet such a good husband. Hello, Mrs. Li. I'm Ji Shuxi

"Hello, I'm Shixia."

Shixia also shakes hands with Ji Shuxi. She looks at Ji Shuxi. Her eyes are neither humble nor arrogant. On the contrary, it seems that Ji Shuxi is a little mean.

Just then, chairman Ji and his wife also came.

"President Li is able to come here today, which really makes our Ji family shine!"

"Chairman Ji, you're welcome. It's also my honor to come and wish you and your wife a happy golden wedding." Li Jingyan replied with a smile.

Next to Shixia, holding Li Jingyan's arm, she also returned to them with a shallow smile.

Director Ji and his wife soon noticed the beautiful woman beside Li Jingyan, Shixia.

"Is this president Li's wife?"

Shi Xia smiles and says, "Hello, director Ji. I'm Shi Xia, Li Jingyan's wife."

Seeing that Li Jingyan came here with Shixia in person today, chairman Ji understood that Shixia was absolutely not an ordinary person in Li Jingyan's mind."President Li and Miss Shi are really golden girls!"

"I don't deserve it."

Shixia shows a shallow smile. There's a reason for Ji Shuxi's pride. Her parents are excellent people.

What's more, they look so loving and beautiful!

Li Jingyan happened to catch a glimpse of a trace of emotion in Shixia's eyes. If he didn't make a wrong judgment, Shixia was envious.

Yes, she admires Ji and his wife.

"What are you looking at?" Li Jingyan asked.

"Nothing. It's just that it's not easy for a couple to go through so many ups and downs." Shixia sighs.

Then, without waiting for Li Jingyan to react, she had already let go of Li Jingyan's hand, went to the side and took a delicate cake.

I've been shopping for so long today, and I've already digested something in my stomach.

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia standing there. What she envies is director Ji and his wife, or the love of a couple all her life?

Seeing Li Jingyan alone there, Li Jingyang took the initiative to say hello.

"Brother, I didn't expect you to come here today!"

However, when he saw Li Jingyang, Li Jingyan felt a little puzzled.

After all, if you count up, today's golden wedding party of director Ji is actually a commercial cocktail party.

Therefore, does not Li Jingyang belong to the performing arts circle?

"I can't help it. I'll come and have a look when there are several gold owners inviting me." Li Jingyang explained with a smile.

Li Jingyan nodded and did not doubt anything. After all, the entertainment and business circles are inseparable.

"Come on, I'll give my brother a drink. I hope our brothers will be harmonious and the Li family will be better and better."

"As long as you can keep your duty, the Li family will get better and better, and our brothers will be in harmony." Li Jingyan smiles and looks at his brother.

What is Li Jingyang's idea? How can he not understand this!

However, Shixia side, he said nothing will let, so, his brother had better give up as soon as possible.

"What my brother said."

When Li Jingyang spoke, he had a smile on his face, but he held the goblet tightly in his hand.

What does Li Jingyan mean? Of course, he knows. Let him stay away from Xia.

However, he met Shixia first. Why, why, in the end, he became his own brother! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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