Chapter 56

Bai Shu is angry. The more calm Shixia is now, the more fire she has in her heart.

Why, is she proud to see that she is so angry?

"What a smart girl! Why don't you agree to the termination of Li Jingyang's contract with the company?"

"Shixia, do you really regard yourself as the successor of Shirun pearl?"

Bai Shu walked over and pushed Shixia hard. Shixia retreated two steps quietly.

She does not want to continue to entangle with Bai Shu, but Bai Shu is not going to let it go.

Poetry summer more calm, white Shu is becoming more angry, the daughter of this slut, is a little slut!

Shi Xia sneers and looks at Bai Shu in front of her and replies, "I said, I won't agree. As for whether I am the heir of Shirun pearl, and who is the legal heir of Shirun pearl after my father's 100 years old, doesn't Mrs. Shi know? "

"Shixia, you slut, are you thinking about your father's death all day long?"

"Shixia doesn't mean that. It's just that since my mother has given me everything about the company, I should let it go."

"Do you want me to let go and watch you go up? I'll tell you, you're the son of a bitch. "

Hear hybrid two words, hear white Shu in abusing his mother, poetry summer on both sides of the body fist suddenly tightened.

She is the most irritated thing, is Bai Shu so no manners to abuse, abuse or their own mother!

"Madam Shi, please keep your mouth clean!"

Just her this words is to provoke white Shu more irritated, the little slut is not only become glib, courage is also more and more big!

"You little bastard!"

Mrs. Shi said that she really rushed over and grabbed Shi Xia's hair.

Next to the foam see this side of the situation where there is the mood to pack up things ah!

Mo Mo rushed over and tried to hold Mrs. Shi, "chief poetic officer, Mrs. Shi, don't be impulsive! Madam Shi, let go of us

However, Bai Shu seems to be crazy, regardless of it. Today, no matter whether someone is pulling her or not, Shixia, the little bitch, will die today!

However, the poem summer at this time unexpectedly still low roar a, "Mo Mo, you go out first, let her hit."

Mo Mo is stunned. Is the chief executive crazy? According to the temper of Madam Shi, it is really possible to kill the chief executive of poetry!

"Chief poetry officer, madam poetry, calm down, all of you!"

"I was killed today. I'm curious who will manage Shirun Pearl!" Shixia sneers.

She is very curious, the whole poet is now relying on a poem run pearl, and the whole poem run pearl is now in their own hands.

However, Bai Shu has become more arrogant. As for the management of Shirun pearl, she has already thought of a way!

"Do you think you are the only one who has the ability? I tell you, my brother will be back soon. At that time, Shirun pearl will be his. It has nothing to do with you Shixia, a little bitch!"

"Who do you scold, little slut?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Shixia was stunned. He came!

Bai Shu didn't look up at it at all. She was still scolding.

"Who do you call a little bitch, you bitch!" Bai Shu roared.

But when she looked up and saw the person in front of her, Bai Shu's face changed.

"President Li, how did you come here?"

Li Jingyan's face can no longer be described by the simple word "anger".

"Before I lose my temper, I advise you to roll on and on!"

Bai Shu saw Li Jingyan later is also dare to anger dare not to speak, can only turn around and leave.

However, when she left, she did not forget to stare at Shixia, as if threatening her. Don't talk nonsense in front of Li Jingyan.

When Mrs. Shi left, Shixia felt as if she had exhausted all her strength and suddenly sat down on the sofa beside her. Now she just felt very tired.

Li Jingyan originally planned to educate this woman. She is just a fool.

When Bai Shu hits her, can't she learn to fight back?

However, seeing the sadness on Shixia's face, Li Jingyan could not say a word of reproach.

She has made herself into such a virtue. What can he say!

"Shixia, you..."

Looking at Shixia, Li Jingyan didn't say anything after all. He just pointed to the foam that hadn't recovered.

"Momo, get the medicine box."

Mo Mo just reflected that the chief poet's cheek had just been cut by Mrs. Shi's fingernail.

Her hair was a little messy, her clothes were a little untidy, and she looked very embarrassed."Yes, President Li, I'll go right away."

In five minutes.

Mo Mo has come with the medicine box.

"President Li, why don't I come?"

Mo Mo takes a look at Li Jingyan. Li Jingyan doesn't speak, but she obediently gives Li Jingyan the medicine box in her hand.

Li president's eyes have been very obvious, his wife, other people can't touch ah!

Shixia looks at Li Jingyan and helps him deal with the wound. His face is so close to him.

His breath sprayed on Shixia's face. Shixia was a little nervous. He was so close that he could not breathe.

"What are you doing here?"

Shixia licked her slightly dry lips, casually asked a question, trying to break the awkward silence.

"I just happened to pass by."

"But when she hits you, you won't fight back?" Li Jingyan said and looked up at Shixia.

Just now that white Shu is fierce, as long as he Li Jingyan just don't come over, she is waiting to be killed by that woman?

Shixia's answer is very indifferent, just like what happened just now has nothing to do with him.

"I'm too lazy to fight back!"

"You Shixia, tell me if you want that woman to beat you to death! "

However, who knows, after Li Jingyan said this, Shixia's eyes turned red.

Seeing that Shixia's look was not right, Li Jingyan realized that Shixia was crying.

When he saw Shixia's red and swollen eyes, he suddenly felt something bad. He didn't know how to comfort women, so he could only look at Shixia awkwardly.

"I didn't mean to talk about you. Don't cry."

Shixiadang didn't hear her, her crying was silent, only her tears flowed down uncontrollably, which seemed heartbreaking.

Li Jingyan thought for a long time, and finally said only one word.

"You look ugly when you cry!"


Shi Xia wiped her eyes. She didn't understand. She didn't cry when she was facing Bai Shu.

Now in front of Li Jingyan, how can he suddenly become so sentimental? It's really a shame!

"Don't worry, I'll be here in the future. Bai Shu will never come back to the company to ask for your trouble."

Shixia gave a bitter smile, but the laughter sounded a bit lonely.

"This company is hers. She's here for her freedom."

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia. Why, does she feel that everything is Bai Shu's?

So, when Bai Shu attacked her just now, did she let Bai Shu beat herself?

"Shirun pearl is still the property of poets after all. Shixia, don't forget that you are the right lady of Poets!" Li Jingyan stressed.

What's more, she Shixia is Li Jingyan's woman now. Without his permission, who has the courage to do harm to Shixia!

Shixia looks up at Li Jingyan, "I..."

However, looking at Li Jingyan's eyes, she suddenly forgot what she wanted to say just now.

Li Jingyan can only shake his head when he looks at Shixia's embarrassed appearance.

"Well, wash your face quickly. It's so ugly." He muttered discontentedly.

Shixia can only nod.

"Oh, yes."

Looking at Shi Xia's back, Li Jingyan suddenly turned cold. Bai Shu was so arrogant just now.

So, should she also pay for her unreasonable behavior just now!

When Shixia came out after washing her face, she just saw the assistant director coming.

When I saw Shixia and Li Jingyan, the assistant was obviously in a dilemma. They didn't seem to be in a good state.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly the most stupid behavior to come and disturb the poetry director at this time.

"Director of poetry, the shareholders are going to have a row in the meeting room." The assistant looked at Shixia and carefully reminded him.

Shixia nodded and drew a drawing paper from the cabinet beside her to wipe the water stains on her cheek.

"I see. I'll be right there."

Li Jingyan also stood up, looked at Shixia, and said, "wipe your face clean, I'll go with you."

Shixia is slightly stunned. It's unnecessary. She has to be accompanied by Li Jingyan for a meeting in the past. What if Li Jingyan is not by her side!

"No, Li Jingyan. Don't worry. I can go there myself."

"Shixia, don't you listen to me?"

Shixia can only hold her lips and look at Li Jingyan.

She knows that for Li Jingyan's arrangement, Shixia just needs to listen to it."Don't be nervous when you see the shareholders later. Just do as I say. You can..."

Shixia nodded, this way

In the conference room on the 15th floor.

Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open from the outside, the shareholders inside didn't look at the direction of the door, they knew that it must be Shixia.

Now these younger generations are really more and more arrogant, and they don't pay attention to themselves!

At the thought of this, those old shareholders in the company feel even more irritated.

"Director of poetry, should you give us an account of the company's affairs?"

"Yes, chief poet, you can't let us just do it."

Shixia did not speak, but came in with Li Jingyan.

I don't know why. It seems that when Li Jingyan is by her side, she seems to have the confidence.

Maybe Li Jingyan's aura is too strong, but Shixia knows very well that he will help himself.

"What do you want?"

Hearing Li Jingyan's voice, these shareholders raised their heads in shock and looked at President Li in front of them.

"President Li?"

Seeing that it was Li Jingyan who came with Shixia, some old people next to him felt uncomfortable.

Li Jingyan and Shixia are husband and wife. How come Shixia has no way to deal with the problem, let Li Jingyan accompany them.

Do you want Li Jingyan to oppress these directors?

"Isn't president Li the president of Lishi group? How can we still have time today? Come and have a look in our Shirun pearl. "

It's director Wu, who has always been fighting against Shixia in the company, who is also one of Shixia's most troublesome shareholders.

According to Shixia's understanding, director Wu and Bai Shu seem to have some relatives.

Shixia thought that part of the reason why he aimed at himself was because of Bai Shu.

"I don't think director Wu knows that I still have 15% of Li Jingyan's shares in Shirun pearl. Therefore, if it really counts, I am also a shareholder of Shirun pearl." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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