Chapter 72

Shixia takes a deep breath and tells himself that Li Jingyan is a mean guy!

"If you don't believe me, you don't have to give me the job!"

"But now I have no one else." Li Jingyan leaned against the chair in his study, with a leisurely look on his face.

However, Shi Xia, who works for Li Jingyan, is very angry.

"This is the first and last time." Shixia said maliciously.

Today, she should be kind-hearted, damn Li Jingyan!

However, Li Jingyan just took a light look at Shixia.

"Not necessarily."

He thinks that if this woman works under her eyelids, her work efficiency can really be improved.

Although, Shixia seems to be very reluctant, and, still extremely resistant.

In the living room downstairs.

Su Jiaqi looks at his second son sitting obediently on the sofa at home today, and doesn't go out to play. She still feels strange.

"Jingyang, why are you sitting here in a daze?"

"Tired of playing, have a rest." Li Jingyang explained lightly.

He can't say that he just saw Shixia leaning on his big brother, so he felt unhappy.

Su Jiaqi sees that her son is finally free, and she has a new task for her son.

"Just in time, Jingyang, if you have time recently, you can go on a blind date. My mother has met a very good girl recently."

However, Li Jingyang just silently picked up his coat and turned away.

"It suddenly occurred to me that there was still a whole day's shooting task tomorrow. I went back first, and Xi was waiting for me."

Su Jiaqi looks at his son's back and sighs heavily.

This smelly boy lives with his assistant all day long. It's good to be a female assistant. However, Xi is also a big man!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait?

If he doesn't like men, he lives with a man all day, what does that mean!

Su Jiaqi's heart suddenly had very big panic, looks like, oneself is really necessary to investigate this matter.

I always have two precious sons, but don't

Inside the bar.

Li Jingyang knows that when he comes to the 37 degree bar at this time, he can definitely see his friends.

No, that's what I've seen.

"Jingyang, I didn't bring your girlfriend out today."

Li Jingyang was stunned for a moment. He didn't even know who his girlfriend was.

By the way, I'd rather not worry.

"She At work. "

"By the way, what kind of work does your girlfriend do? I feel she looks gentle, like a very clever sister next door!" Lu Jian beside sighed.

However, Li Jingyang just into the throat of the wine, but all of a sudden all spray out.

"Are you so excited? I'm not coveting your girlfriend. You can't cheat your friend's wife. I still know! " Lu Jian stressed.

However, Li Jingyang was still immersed in Lu Jian's evaluation of Ning Wuyou just now.

Is Ning Wuyou like a clever sister next door?

Even if he hasn't seen the appearance of Ning Wuyou.

If that woman is really fierce, who is her opponent!

"Don't be fooled by appearances." Li Jingyang suddenly had a feeling for no reason.

However, the other two did not understand what Li Jingyang meant.

"What do you mean?"

Li Jingyang smiles and doesn't say much. Ning Wuyou is his good friend. There's no need to explain to his good friends.

"She's a doctor."

After a long time, Li Jingyang suddenly said.

The next day.

Shirun pearl company. The

photographer is filming an advertisement to be posted on the mask paper. However, actress Wang Rubing, who is working with Li Jingyang, has not come.

"What about people?"

Shixia's face is tense, and all the models have been made public.

At this time, the shooting is imminent, how people suddenly disappeared!

Next to the foam low voice to remind, "poetry director, seems to be Wang rubing said, advertising fees to less, she did not shoot."

"Not anymore?"

Shixia looks surprised. This woman is really arrogant. She regards herself here as where she is!

Another assistant nearby also said, "yes, when her agent came here today, her attitude was not very good."Li Jingyang comes over and looks at Shixia's Distressed face. He hears the people beside him talking incessantly and seems to understand something.

"Well, why don't I do it alone?"

However, Zhang Xiaoli, who proposed the plan, raised an objection.

"No, this time we are doing it for the theme of Valentine's day. If it's shot by Li Er Shao alone, it's very strange."

"But now Wang rubing is gone. Where can we find someone?"

For a moment, all people remember, like ants on a hot pot, they didn't know what to do.

Zhang Xiao takes a look at Shi Xia, who holds his chin beside him and is thinking about something, and suddenly has an idea.

"In fact, poetry director, your appearance and skin are much better than those female stars!"

Shixia looks at Zhang Xiao and doesn't understand what Zhang Xiao means when he says this.

"What do you mean?" Asked Shixia.

Zhang Xiao explained, "in fact, I think you can have a try and shoot the advertisement with Li Er."

Shixia immediately shook her head and refused. This is not a good way.

"I can't do it. I'm an employee in Shirun pearl. It's not suitable to shoot advertisements."

After hearing Zhang Xiao's suggestion, Mo Mo next to him thought it was a very good idea.

After all, the director of poetry is beautiful, and she is also the director of Shirun pearl. To put it bluntly, that's the living sign!

"What's wrong? I think it's really good. Director of poetry, your face is much better than those of plastic surgery stars."

Li Jingyang laughs. He can make Shixia and himself complete the shooting of this advertisement. In fact, he has realized his dream.

Maybe it's time for him to draw a circle and end his wishful secret love for so many years.

This last advertising cooperation, even if it is the perfect curtain call of adolescent secret love.

"I support you too, Shixia. Come and finish the shooting with me." Li Jingyang said.

For a moment, everyone seemed to be persuading Shixia to cooperate with Li Jingyang to shoot the advertisement.

However, Shixia is still hesitating. She can only do things. She never thought about it. Once, she let herself speak for products.

By the way, Mo Mo next to us reminds us of a very important thing, "poetry director, if we don't finish shooting today, our advertising design ideas will be stolen tomorrow. After all, there are so many people on the scene today."

This consequence is very serious. If the creative design is exposed, hundreds of thousands of Zhang Xiao's design drawings will be scrapped, and the release of new products will be delayed.

Shixia took a deep breath and nodded, "OK, I'll try, but I'll only shoot this issue, Mo Mo, you can find a way to contact the new star as soon as possible."

Mo Mo nodded excitedly.

"I know, sister Shixia. I'll do it right away."

Mo Mo looks at Shi Xia and can't help admiring her. Now I know that Wang rubing doesn't have a poem. Sister Xia looks good!

Therefore, if sister Shixia appears on the camera, she must be more beautiful than Wang rubing. I don't know how many times.

"Well, let's change Wang rubing to director Shixia. Let's continue shooting."

As soon as the director's order was given, Shixia was immediately pulled by the stylist and went to make up next to her.

because it is a mask for replenishing water, so it looks like it must be very fresh.

Zhang Xiao designed five different types of dresses for this advertisement, with sky blue and lake blue as the main colors.

Shixia is white. These two clothes seem to be made for Shixia.

Looking at Shixia coming out of the fitting room, Mo Mo almost screamed for it. It's so beautiful!

"Sister Shixia, you look really beautiful in this green skirt!"

Next to Zhang Xiao just smile, this green skirt, really nothing.

"Little girl, this green one is nothing. At most, it's just green leaves. The last blue is really beautiful." Zhang Xiao warned.

Li Jingyang also changed into a white suit, looking elegant and sunny.

"It's the color that suits you, and it's the design that suits you." Li Jingyang looks at Shixia in front of him.

Unfortunately, such a beautiful woman does not belong to Li Jingyang.

Shixia laughed awkwardly, "thank you."

She had never thought that when she was dressed up, she should have such an amazing appearance.

She thought that she was only suitable for work clothes, but now it doesn't seem to be the case.

That girl doesn't have a heart for beauty. Looking at her present appearance, Shixia also feels that she is more comfortable and happy.Maybe, she can think about it and spend more time on her dressing.

"Let's go."

The photographer came up and got the departments ready.

"OK, the shooting begins. You two should be closer to each other."

"Hand in hand, right."

"Face closer, yes, try to stick together, yes!"

"Yes, Li Shao, you put your arms around the chief poet's waist."

Shixia is a little embarrassed. I don't know why. When she takes this group of pictures, she always has a bad feeling.

However, Shixia couldn't figure out where this premonition came from.

It's really strange. Why do you feel uneasy?

"What's the matter with you?"

Li Jingyang asked in a low voice. He could see that Shixia was absent-minded.

However, Shixia just laughed.

"It's OK. I'm fine. Don't be affected by my state."

The photographer was obviously very excited and excited about his outstanding work.

"It's perfect!"

The foam beside looked at Shixia under the spotlight.

"It's so beautiful!"

She seems to understand why so many people want to be a star.

In the life under the spotlight, everyone is looking at themselves, which should be very enviable.

After the shooting, Shixia came down directly from the stage without even having time to change her clothes.

"Put it into production as soon as possible. I have something else to do. I'll go first."

As soon as Shixia left, the female employees behind began to talk about it.

"I think I saw the chief poet blush just now."

"Is it true? I seem to have noticed just now. Is the chief poetry director shy?"

The foam cold voice coughed two, indicated that those eight trigrams wenches did not say again, but, as if did not have the effect.

"It must be so. The poetry director must be shy. After all, Li Shao is so handsome!"

Some people begin to think that Li Jingyang and Shixia are the best partners.

"In fact, I think sister Shixia and Li Er Shao are a good match."

Next to someone immediately should be with, "I also think, really talented women."

Mo Mo's eyebrows are wrinkled, which is not a good thing for sister Shixia! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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