Chapter 73

Sister Shixia is married now, and her relationship with Li Er Shao is sensitive.

It's a relationship between uncle and sister-in-law. Once someone framed it, I'm afraid I can't wash it out by jumping into the Yellow River

"Well, you all hurry to work, don't say it."

Mo Mo said, and rushed to work with the female employees who were still chattering and talking endlessly.

Xi also came over and handed Li Jingyang the mineral water in his hand. If he had read it correctly just now, Li Jingyang seemed to have laughed just now.

"You are in a good mood today!"

Li Jingyang smiles and takes photos with his beloved goddess. It's a good feeling.

"Not bad." He's got a good look on his face.

However, Xi just laughed. He is arrogant now. At that time, the advertisement will be published for everyone to see!

"You just finished so intimate shooting with Shixia, aren't you afraid of your brother cutting you?"

Li Jingyang smile, a face of arrogance, "even if he cut, I also recognized."

As the saying goes, peony died under the flower, being a ghost is also romantic, though, it doesn't seem to be a good sentence.

"Well, do you like Shixia so much? Must she? "

"Yes, she is my Venus."

Li Jingyang's lips, she is her own goddess.

In fact, he has already put Shixia on a height that he can't reach.

Maybe Li Jingyang is destined to love his goddess Shixia.

Xi also shook his head, suddenly exclaimed, "forget it, I can't understand what you like in your heart."

However, when Li Jingyang looked at the initial photos that had not been processed, he just turned his lips.

"Today's shooting is not really intimate."

Xi also took a deep breath and bit his lips. Isn't that intimacy?

Although in the entertainment industry, this is not intimate, but Li Jingyang should also consider what kind of personality his brother is.

Li Jingyang doesn't understand what he can figure out!

"Don't forget that your brother is a jealous man. What's more, your brother knows how to covet your sister-in-law, OK?"

"Xi Yi, how do I feel that when I speak from your mouth, I am such a wretched and dirty person!"

Xi also looked at Li Jingyang, and finally he just asked a little.

"Aren't you?"

He looked at Li Jingyang, who was clearly like that!

"Son of a bitch, I'll kill you!"

"Besides, should you give me an explanation about the diamond ring for Ning Wuyou?" Li Jingyang continued to stare at Xi Yi.

This damned fool has given gifts to others many times. How can he make such a mistake!

Xi also turned his lips. He didn't feel that he had done anything wrong. "What's the explanation? Shouldn't the gift girls want most be a diamond ring?"

Li Jingyang took a deep breath. He began to question Xi Yi's intelligence. Is this guy really thinking with a normal person's brain?

"But what they want most is the ring given to them by the person they love, not me." Li Jingyang continued to speak more clearly.

However, Xi also has a more outrageous way of thinking.

"Li Jingyang, aren't you the God of all men? In this world, there should be no girls who don't like you."

Finally, Li Jingyang was also brought in by Xi Yi. Moreover, he thought what Xi Yi said was quite reasonable.

"You seem to have a point."

No, no, it shouldn't be like this. What Xi has done is obviously wrong.

However, he even gave a positive evaluation, which is really terrible!

"But listen to me, Xi Yi. I want to say that I want to give a diamond ring to my future love. You can give it to me casually. It's my wife's, you know?"

Xi also blinked his eyes. Is that wrong?

"What if ningwuyou becomes your wife?"

Li Jingyang touched his lips. How did he choose an assistant at that time? How did he choose a brain circuit so strange assistant!

"I tell you, it's impossible."

He will be together with Ning Wuyou. What a fable!

Xi is also a serious look, "Li Jingyang, don't talk too early now, I tell you, really, everything is possible!"

Why can't Li Jingyang be with Dr. Ning? Dr. Ning is beautiful. The key is that she has a lot of personality.

Such a woman and Li Jingyang together, simply don't too match!"Xi Yi, shut up for me. What's the meaning of a dog that can't spit Ivory out of its mouth? It's you."

However, Xi also did not understand why the big boss hated saying that he was with Dr. Ning.

Is there another word called "desire to cover up and make it clear"!

"I'm telling the truth. Dr. Ning is very good-looking. If you don't think about it, I want to chase you!" Xi also said with a serious face.

In fact, he really thinks that there are not many beautiful and frank girls like Dr. Ning.

So if the boss doesn't have that idea, he really wants to start.

"How dare you chase me?"

Li Jingyang stares at Xi Yi, but Xi also feels that he is innocent.

Why can't he go after Dr. Ning?

"How can there be such an overbearing person as you? If you don't chase a girl, don't you allow me to chase her?"

However, Li Jingyang didn't let Xi also pursue Ning Wuyou. He didn't know why.

He held out his finger and pointed to Xi Yi.

"If you dare to pursue, I'll tell you, I I'll fire you! "

Xi also blinked. Of course, he knew that the boss couldn't really fire himself!

"Then I'll look for another job."

"How dare you?"

Xi also holds his chest in both hands and looks at Li Jingyang in front of him in confusion.

This guy is very strange!

"I can't understand. Who is Ning Wuyou?"

"She has nothing to do with me."

Li Jingyang rolled a white eye, what can he have to do with that woman.

Xi also nodded, a clear look at the chest, but looking at Li Jingyang's eyes clearly with a bit of banter.

"Since it doesn't matter, why can't I pursue others? Li Jingyang, don't be too overbearing, OK?"

Li Jingyang once again stressed, "other girls can do it, but I'd rather not worry!"

However, Xi just turned his lips. He didn't believe what Li Jingyang said!

"I think you're probably interested in Ning Wuyou."

"You're interested in her!" Li Jingyang retorts without hesitation.

However, who knows, his attack at this time is like hitting the air hard, which has no effect at all.

Xi also nodded and made no secret of his thoughts. "Yes, I'm interested in others, so do you want me to chase you?"

Li Jingyang stares at the smelly boy who deliberately finds fault. To be honest, he doesn't know if Xi is serious.

"I went to have a rest and washed my clothes. The clothes I took a bath yesterday are still there, a pile of them!"

Xi also widened his eyes. Isn't it all something that cleaning Auntie does?

Li Jingyang is a cheapskate. He won't take revenge on himself, so he has given all these tasks to himself, right?

"If I want to catch up with Ning Wuyou, I'll let people wash my clothes every day. You can't control me." Xi also yelled after Li Jingyang.

He is serious. He really feels from his heart that Ning Wuyou is a good girl.

As long as his boss doesn't like others, he really intends to pursue the girl he likes bravely!

Li Jingyang walked into his lounge, feeling depressed.

Xi Yi, that smelly boy, is very nice. There are so many beautiful girls in the world. Why do you have to like the man and woman Ning Wuyou.

Strange to say, he doesn't like Ning Wuyou. Why should he mind if Xi Yixi likes Ning Wuyou!

By the way, Xi is also my good brother!

He can't let Xi Yi's aesthetic have such a big deviation, yes, that's it!



Poetry summer how also didn't think of, oneself body that a sky blue skirt hasn't had time to change down, met Li Jingyan.

She was slightly nervous, as if her cheating wife had been caught by her husband.

But she did nothing.

When Li Jingyan saw Shixia, he also thought it was a little inconceivable that the woman's dress was not Shixia at all.

However, that face is his wife.

Seeing Li Jingyan coming in his own direction, Shixia felt a little nervous.

If it wasn't for Li Jingyan to see herself and stop herself, she really wanted to run past as if she didn't see her.

"Why are you here?" Shixia takes a look at Li Jingyan and asks.

However, Li Jingyan was obviously surprised.

"It's really you!"

Shixia Chuo's lips, thinking that he should have run away just now, could have said that Li Jingyan was wrong.However, all evil, she just stopped her own steps.

"Are you going anywhere dressed like this?" Li Jingyan looks at Shi Xia and asks.

His eyes are a little strange. Shixia doesn't dare to face each other. Maybe it's because he has a ghost in his heart.

"I No, I went to save a field just now. " Shixia hesitated.

However, it is obvious that this explanation did not satisfy Li Jingyan.

"Dress like this to save the field? What are you going to save? Shi Xia Zhe's lips, it seems that Li Jingyan's tangle is still on his clothes.

"Well I'll go and change now. "

There should not be so many things.

"Wait a minute."

Li Jingyan opens his mouth again and stops Shixia. Shixia, who has turned around, is like a wooden stake. It's fixed there.

Why wait?

"Aren't you cold?" Li Jingyan asked suddenly.

Li Jingyan is very dissatisfied with the fact that the design of the bra has exposed too much to Shixia.

Shixia blinked, slightly embarrassed, "fortunately, it's not very cold."

But Li Jingyan came over and put his suit coat on Shixia's body.

Shixia was surprised. His body temperature was still on the suit. His breath was warm and smelly.

Shixia doesn't even have the courage to look back and have a look at Li Jingyan. Maybe it's because the man who shot the advertisement with him just now is his younger brother

"Hurry and change your clothes." Li Jingyan reminds a way.

Shixia just reflected what she should do at this time.

"Oh, I see."

However, she seemed to think of something again. She turned around and looked at Li Jingyan.

"By the way, you come to me. What can I do for you?"

Li Jingyan seems a little unnatural.

"I I just passed your company downstairs and came in to have a look. "

Shixia nodded, "OK, you can go after reading it. See you next time. "

Li Jingyan tightened his lips. Why did he leave so soon?

She doesn't seem to welcome herself here!

"It's almost time. Let's have lunch together."

It's not like asking, it's like ordering.

Shixia nodded, "Oh, OK."

"In fact, this skirt is very suitable for you, but it's too much exposed." Li Jingyan said suddenly. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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