Chapter 83

Bai Shu is punctuated by Shi Xia. When she thinks of the things that Shi run Pearl was threatened by Li Jingyan, she feels that she has no face.

She is Li Jingyan's mother-in-law, and she is threatened by her son-in-law.

How, now Shixia has climbed up the high branch of Li Jingyan. Do you feel great!

Bai Shu thought of Li Jingyan's attitude towards herself, and felt angry!

And all of this, all of her disgrace, are all given by Shixia!

"Come back quickly, don't give me a glib!"

Shixia's lips, coldly replied, "I know."

In Li's group.

Li Jingyan had just finished his work. He looked up at Li Tao, the assistant beside him, and asked, "what's the matter with Li Jingyang?"

Li Tao was a little surprised that the president cared about Li Jingyang's affairs. Did he say that he planned to help?

"The situation is not so good. It seems that all the advertising companies are going to terminate their contracts with him now."

However, Li Jingyan just listened, nodded, and then said nothing.

Li Tao took a look at Li Jingyan, a little surprised.

That's it. No more?

"President, do we really ignore Li Jingyang?" Li Tao asked cautiously.

After all, the president's family harmony is what his subordinates hope to see!

"Did you clean the rest room?" Li Jingyan suddenly looked up at Li Tao and asked.

Li Tao was stunned for a moment. How about the rest room? clean?

"Ah? Isn't there a cleaning aunt who comes to clean every day? "

"Who says it's uncomfortable to sit in the office all day long? If you don't clean it, who will?"

Li Taozhe's lips reflected that he had really said something wrong just now.

Therefore, the president can be understood as revenge for favoritism!

"OK, I see. I'll go now."

Li Tao said with a sigh, looking withered.

Li Jingyan looked at it and just nodded.

"Clean up."

"I see."

Li Tao looks listless. He swears that he will never talk too much in front of the president next time.

For his own president, he can't stir up trouble. Can't he hide?

Twenty minutes later.

Li Tao has just finished cleaning the rest room. He is just getting ready to come out, but he sees Li Jingyan in a hurry, as if he is going out.

"Boss, where are you going? No, there will be a meeting in ten minutes. You... "

However, before he had finished speaking, Li Jingyan had disappeared.

Li Tao can only touch his nose. Forget it, he can't stop him.

The president is the wind, a gust of wind, he just want to block, it is also powerless!

"OK, OK, you old man is a dragon who can see the head but not the tail, right?" Li Tao shook his head, and then, directly lying on the sofa in the office, a big ge you lay down.

He is too tired.

How can there be such a special help from the president? Even the cleaning aunt's work has been done by herself.

Isn't it robbing people's jobs?

Li Jingyan drove all the way, and he didn't even know where he was going.

However, the steering wheel is still in the direction of the building of Shirun pearl company.

She wants to see Shixia. I don't know why. He just wants to see Shixia. There is only one Shixia in his mind now.

"President Li, why are you here?"

Seeing Li Jingyan coming over, Mo Mo, the assistant of Shixia, was also surprised.

Recently, the relationship between the director of poetry and her husband seems not very good, because President Li seems to have turned a blind eye to her help.

"Where are you chief poets?" Shixia asked coldly.

Looking at Li Jingyan's face, Mo Mo could only answer truthfully.

"The poetry director left the company an hour ago and went home."

Li Jingyan eyebrows pick, do not know why, he suddenly has a kind of not very good feeling.

"To which house?"

Mo Mo thought about it and replied, "poet..."

Li Jingyan nodded.

"Well, I see."

Then he turned and walked away.

"President Li, President Li!"

Mo Mo also wants to ask him if he needs to call the poetry director to confirm, but Li Jingyan has gone far.

I'm really an activist. I'll go as soon as I say!

The sales volume of Shirun pearl in this quarter is not very good. Moreover, it has something to do with Shixia more or less.Therefore, Li Jingyan thought that it must be Bai Shu's order for Shixia to go home at this time. And, it won't come to a good end.

Thinking of this, he stepped on the accelerator to the end!

a poet.

Shi Xia is kneeling on the ground, facing his father, Shi Mingcheng.

However, her eyes are all stubborn.

It is obvious that Shixia is not reconciled to being punished to stand here.

"I just leave the company to you to manage on your behalf. Look what it's like now!"

Shi Mingcheng said, smashing his crutches on the floor. His voice was a little dull!

Shixia continues to be silent and lowers her head.

And beside the white Shu is still chattering.

"Master, I said, this girl is useless!"

She is now very happy to see Shi Mingcheng teach Shi Xia.

See the poem Ming City seems to be tired, do not intend to continue to say, Bai Shu still feel not enough.

How can we do this? After talking about it for a long time, the old man is tired!

"Explain to me clearly, what's the relationship between you and that Li Jingyang? Didn't you marry Li Jingyan? You know no shame

Shi Mingcheng sighed heavily and looked at his daughter, "OK, I see her. Her wings are hard. I'm really angry!"

Shixia is a little cold in his heart. No matter what good things he has done and what achievements he has made over the years, shimingcheng never praises himself.

However, as long as you do something wrong, Shi Mingcheng will not let you go!

Next to the white Shu and pretend to be a good wife, painstakingly persuade his husband, "well, husband, you don't get angry, I see, she ah, with her mother a virtue!"

However, she deliberately angered Shixia and mentioned her mother.

Sure enough, hearing his mother, Shixia's face changed immediately.

"What did you say?"

However, Bai Shu just sneered.

"I said, you are just like your mother. You are a foxy fox."

Shixia raises her head and looks at her father. However, there is no expression on shimingcheng's face, just like she did not hear or see.

Poetry summer's heart became colder, father so let white Shu insult his mother?


Shi Xia raises her hand directly and slaps Bai Shu's face with heavy makeup.

She has to pay for what she says!

White Shu stares big eyes, looking at the poem summer, a face of panic uncertain appearance!

"Shixia, you dare to beat me!"

This dead girl is really desperate. She is so bold and arrogant!

Shixia looks at Bai Shu with cold eyes. She doesn't feel afraid at all. "Bai Shu, if you dare to insult my mother, I will dare to hit you!"

This woman, who has endured for a long time, feels that she does not need to continue to endure.

Bai Shu took a look at Shixia and was ready to fight back. However, after thinking about it, she immediately took back her hand and pretended to be extremely aggrieved.

"Master, you see, you see what it looks like. In front of you, you dare to touch me!"

Bai Shu holds Shi Mingcheng's arm, a look of grievance, but Shi Xia only thinks that this woman is too hypocritical!

"Madam Shi, have you had enough trouble? It doesn't matter how I say Shixia, but if you say a dead person is not, aren't you afraid that she will come to you at night?"

Bai Shu's face slightly changed, the dead is big, and she is still afraid of Shixia's mother, because she has a guilty conscience!

However, Bai Shu soon calmed down.

"Why, are you threatening me now?"

"Shixia dare not."

Bai Shu stretched out her hand and pointed to Shixia in front of her, a look of anger.

"I think you have eaten bear heart and leopard gall. Now you don't pay attention to your father and my stepmother at all!"

Shi Xia's face just appeared a faint smile, but he didn't explain anything for himself.

If you want to add sin to it, you can't help it!

Next to Shi Mingcheng, looking at her daughter, she also looks like she hates iron but not steel.

However, Shixia only thinks it's ridiculous. When did he do his duty as a father.

Since he is an incompetent father, what qualification does he have to make her a clever and sensible daughter!

Bai Shu originally wanted to make trouble on her own initiative. Seeing Shi Mingcheng nearby, she began to provoke her husband.

, "husband, do you still have a question of mask limit?"If she didn't mention it, Shi Mingcheng would soon forget it.

However, now that Bai Shu mentioned it, Shi Mingcheng also remembered it.

He now let Shixia stand in front of him, the most important thing is to solve the problem of product sales.

Since Shixia has no ability, let Li Jingyan help!

"Yes, Xia Xia, I ask you, this quarter's sales fell by 60%. What's the matter? You have to give me an explanation today

Shixia looks up at her greedy father. In her heart, shimingcheng is not so much a father as a businessman.

In his eyes, money is always the most important thing. As for family love, it may be just a worthless thing.

Shixia smiles and looks at her father in front of her, "father, what explanation do you want. In doing business, risk and profit coexist. My father doesn't know that, does he? "

Shi Mingcheng frowned tightly. Now the girl's eloquence has increased a lot!

"So, you mean let me take the risk?"

Shixia didn't answer directly, but asked his father, "since my father is a businessman, what big waves have you never experienced?"

However, Shi Mingcheng is on fire. He can be more respectful than others who are more powerful and powerful than himself.

However, his younger generation, his subordinates and even his peers must be respectful to them!

"Shixia, you can see clearly that I am your father. Is this your attitude towards your father?"

Shixia sneers.


She never had a father. When she was bullied and ridiculed by other children as a child, when she and her mother were desperate, where was her father!

"I don't just think there's nothing wrong with what I said! Besides, I don't think my father is qualified to take care of my business. We are just employed and employed. "

Shi Xia's eyes looked at Shi Mingcheng's face, with no fear at all.

She didn't do anything wrong, she had a clear conscience, what was she afraid of!

The person who should feel fear and shame is not himself, but the poem in front of him!

"Good, good! Shixia, you are hard winged now. When you marry Li Jingyan, you don't think I can control you, do you? "

"I didn't mean that." Shixia replied faintly.

Why does everyone think that she became so arrogant after she married Li Jingyan?

She is just herself. As for Li Jingyan, maybe she is just a passer-by in her life , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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