Chapter 84

Or, Li Jingyan will leave something in his life, but Shixia thinks that she can't rely on anyone else!

"Shixia, I think that's exactly what you mean!"

Shi Mingcheng points to his daughter, angry.

However, Shixia still looks calm.

"Father, if you have nothing else to do, I'll go back to the company first."

Then she turned and wanted to leave.

Here, in fact, it is a waste of time. Shixia doesn't think it is necessary at all.

With such time, she might as well go back to the company to find a way instead of wasting her time here!

"Shixia, stop for me!"

Shi Mingcheng suddenly stands up and looks at Shi Xia in front of him.

If he doesn't give this girl a little lesson today, she really can't tell the difference between heaven and earth!

"Uncle Li, please obey the family law!"

When I heard that Shi Mingcheng was going to invite a monk to deal with Shi Xia, Bai Shu beside me was very happy.

That's great. This dead girl finally has her own retribution!

"Why, father, is he going to teach me a lesson?" Shixia gave a sneer.

However, her laughter made Shi Mingcheng feel more angry!

"Shouldn't you be taught? I tell you, Shixia, you have my blood in your bones. That's my poet! This is something you can't change in your life! "

"I feel humiliated because I am a poet family!"

Shi Mingcheng's eyes widened, and even some of them couldn't believe their ears.

Is this what his daughter should say?

"Shixia, what do you say?"

Shixia smiles. If he doesn't hear clearly, she doesn't care to emphasize it again.

"I said, I think my surname Shi is a shame! And I feel sad for my mother to meet a man like you

Shi Mingcheng pointed to his daughter. For a moment, he didn't know how to teach this disobedient son!

"You, you..."

Just now, Uncle Li who went to get the ring stick came over.

"Uncle Li, beat me hard, beat me hard!" Shi Mingcheng angrily points to his daughter.

However, Uncle Li was still hesitant.

It's not a light thing to hit with this stick. What's more, Shixia is still a girl.

Even if the old man is really angry, he should consider it clearly.

Next to the white Shu see Uncle Li is still hesitating, also feel angry!

"Do you hear me, Uncle Li Bai Shu wants to kill Shi Xia now.

However, Uncle Li still hesitated.

"But, master, madam, the young lady is a daughter after all. When the time comes, she will be broken. What shall we do?"

Shi Mingcheng looks at her daughter, shakes her head and looks disappointed.

However, Shixia only thinks it's ridiculous. Why, does shimingcheng expect her daughter?

"Didn't she say that she was ashamed of being a poet?" Shi Mingcheng said angrily.

"But, master..."

Next to the white Shu are about to die, how to say fight, speaking of now, how do not start ah!

"Uncle Li, if you don't beat her, I'll beat you!" Bai Shu stares at Uncle Li in front of her.

Is this old guy still trying to help Shixia?

When Uncle Li saw the situation, he could only nod his head obediently, "yes, I'll do it now!"

However, as soon as his stick was raised, Shixia knelt down on the ground. She felt that the bone on her knee was about to break.

However, at this time, everyone just heard a grumpy voice.

"Stop it all!"

Shixia is stunned. Is this voice Li Jingyan?

What happened to him, Shixia?

"Shizong, what do you mean?"

Li Jingyan hurried over and helped Shixia who was kneeling on the ground up. Shixia's legs were stiff.

Although Li Shugang had been merciful, it was a very thick stick. He must have been seriously injured when he went down.

Li Jingyan's eyes were cold and he looked up at the city of poetry.

It's just a cold look. Shi Mingcheng is so scared that he doesn't know what to say. He can only stand there and look at Li Jingyan.

Next to the white Shu is also a face of fear, even to his husband's back to hide.

"How did President Li come here? I'll teach my disobedient daughter a lesson. What's the problem?" Shi Mingcheng replied unhappily.Why, now that Shixia married Li Jingyan, she is not a poet's family?

"Master Shi can teach his daughter and his wife, no problem! However, if you beat my wife, it's not allowed! "


Li Jingyan's words really blocked Shi Mingcheng's mouth. He didn't even know how to refute.

Shixia is indeed his daughter, but there is no denying that she is still the president's wife of Lishi group.

Such an identity makes Shi Mingcheng unable to touch her!

Li Jingyan pulls Shixia into his arms and looks down at the smelly woman in his arms.

Isn't this woman usually very arrogant? What's the matter today? Is she being bullied by Shi Mingcheng?

"Shixia has married me, Li Jingyan. That's who I am. I feel very uncomfortable when Shixia is beaten like this."

Li Jingyan said, directly want to hold Shixia leave, but just that stick down, Shixia's leg has already been frozen.

She's walking now. It's a serious problem.

Li Jingyan takes a look at Shixia and holds her up.

"Today, Shizong beat my wife. I wrote down this account by Li Jingyan!"

Shi Mingcheng only felt that he was shocked and had a bad premonition.

However, Li Jingyan has left with Shixia in his arms.


When Shi Mingcheng looks at Li Jingyan's back, he understands that his daughter has a backstage now, and she is also a powerful backstage for his biological father.

He can't even move the poem now.

Bai Shu is also a face unwilling appearance, see Li Jingyan left, she just stood out from the side of the city of poetry.

"Alas, this dead girl is becoming more and more lawless with the support of others!"

Shi Mingcheng stares at his wife, slightly unhappy.

Just now, if Bai Shu hadn't stirred up dissension there, he couldn't have let Uncle Li fight Shixia.

Now it's OK. I'm afraid that things will not be so simple if I offend Li Jingyan.

"Well, you don't have to say that the company's affairs have already left me in a mess. At this time, don't make trouble for me, OK?"

The poem Ming City white one eye own wife, then, directly turn round to go upstairs, white Shu a person hang in there!

"Really, it's none of my business. It's not your own daughter. That little bitch will kill your poets one day!" Bai Shu cursed bitterly.

Here, Li Jingyan just left the poet with Shixia in his arms.

"Don't come back in the future." Li Jingyan suddenly looked down at the woman in his arms.

He spoke in a tone of command and command.

It's very difficult that Shixia didn't refute him today. Instead, she nodded her head obediently.

"I'll take you to the hospital."

Hear Li Jingyan said to take himself to the hospital, poetry summer immediately refused.

"No, it's not that serious."

Li Jingyan just looked down at her.

"Don't try to be brave."

Can't leave, even said he's OK, Li Jingyan is very curious, how she thinks she's OK!

Shixia finally stopped talking. She always felt that her character was very stubborn. No one could be more stubborn than herself.

However, after meeting Li Jingyan, Shixia found that she might not be the most stubborn one.

Because, there are more stubborn people than themselves!

In the hospital.

"Xia Xia, why did you come to see me again?"

Ning Wuyou looks at her best friend in front of her and looks surprised.

The last two times I came here, I still held it. This time I just held it. Is it so serious?

Shixia is a little speechless. She doesn't want to come to visit Ning Wuyou in the hospital.

Which normal meeting between them was in the hospital? Rather worry about this fool!

"Leg injury." Shixia points to her leg helplessly.

"What happened?"

Ning Wuyou asked and began to look at Li Jingyan, as if Shi Xia was injured because of Li Jingyan.

However, Shixia's explanation made Ning Wuyou feel a little surprised.

"My dad called."

"What, like this?"

Ning Wuyou began to check the wound on Shixia's leg while he said it.

A large area of bruise, how heavy is it!

Ning Wuyou sighed, took the ointment beside to remove the silt, and began to help Shixia daub it slowly.I began to teach Shixia.

"I've said that you don't have to go back to that house. Your parents are just devils."

However, even if she said it 800 times, Shixia only took it as a deaf ear!

"I never admitted that they were my parents."

I'd rather not worry about nodding. It's right to have such an idea!

"Besides, don't be so obedient to what the poets ask you to do in the future. Those people are obviously on the nose and face."

Shixia continued to nod.

"Well, well, I understand what you said."

"But you can't do it." It's better to be carefree than to be carefree.

Shi Xia helped Shi Shi and married the Li family. In fact, it was the end of his benevolence.

So, the next time the poets put forward those unreasonable demands, Ning Wuyou really felt that they could be completely ignored.

However, Shixia is still working in Shirun pearl. She doesn't think about how embarrassed she is in the position of a poet!

The Li family.

After taking some medicine in the hospital, Li Jingyan sent Shixia home.

"If you have a good rest at home, you don't have to worry about other things."

Li Jingyan took a look at Shixia, and then took all the medicine next to him.

"Remember to take the medicine on time. I went to the company first."

However, as soon as Li Jingyan turned around and wanted to leave, he was held by Shixia.

"Wait a minute, Li Jingyan! Help your brother. He's your brother after all. "

Li Jingyan stopped his steps and turned his back to Shixia. Shixia couldn't see the expression on his face, and his whole heart felt more at sixes and sevens.

However, she still insists on what she said just now. She must help Jing Yang with Li Jingyan.

"Are you still thinking about him?" Li Jingyan's voice is a little cold.

Shixia also has no way to judge what mood he is now. He can only look at Li Jingyan's back.

"I'm just not at ease."

"Just because I'm not at ease?" Li Jingyan continued to ask.

Shixia nodded.


Li Jingyang didn't need to go through this at all. Everything is because of himself.

Therefore, Shixia felt guilty. Only when she saw that Li Jingyang was well, Shixia felt that she could rest assured.

Li Jingyan turns around and faces Shixia with a complicated expression.

Shixia wanted to see his eyes, but it seemed that she had no courage.

"OK, Shixia, I'll make you a choice."

Shixia was stunned.

Choice, what choice?

"What choice?" Asked Shixia.

"I'll trade you for Li Jingyang." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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