Chapter 85

Shixia looks at Li Jingyan's face, but she still doesn't quite understand Li Jingyan's meaning.

Or, in fact, she knew in her heart that she was just afraid to face her understanding.

"I'll change for Li Jingyang?"

Li Jingyan nodded.

Looking at Shixia, there are conditions for him to save people. He can't save people without reason. Shixia has to pay a little price.

"I can save Li Jingyang. I'm not demanding. I only want one of you."


Shixia was so surprised that she almost forgot what she should say.

And Li Jingyan just looked at her, eyes Zhuo Zhuo, let Shixia feel some unnatural.

"Well, that's all I have to say. Think about it for yourself."

Shixia bites her lips. She doesn't know what she thinks in her heart.

At this time, to promise is tantamount to betraying herself. She doesn't want to form such an abnormal trading relationship with Li Jingyan.

However, she is very clear that she wants to help Li Jingyang.

"No need to think about it, I promise." Shixia clenched her lips and finally nodded.

She must think of a way. All that Li Jingyang has experienced now is something he shouldn't bear.

However, Li Jingyan's mood

Li Jingyan clenched his fist. His face looked like the sky with the coming storm.

"Good, very good, Shixia, don't regret it!"

She was willing to compromise for other men.

She is willing to give her body for Li Jingyang. This woman, Li Jingyan looks down on her!

"I will never regret the decision I made myself."

However, looking at Shixia's face, Li Jingyan didn't know what to say for a moment.

Should he be moved by Shixia's dedication, or should he be angry, angry, or even want to strangle this woman!

"Shixia, since you hate me so much, how can you accept me?"

Li Jingyan looked at the woman in front of him and sneered.

However, Shixia just turned her head. Now she just doesn't know how to face Li Jingyan.

"I can take it as if I didn't see it."

Li Jingyan sneered.

"Shixia, you really have a strong heart!"

He just looked at Shixia and shook his head. His eyes seemed to be disappointed, just like Li Jingyan never knew the woman in front of him.

When Shixia sees Li Jingyan's eyes looking at her like this, she will know what Li Jingyan thinks.

He should disdain to see himself like this now.

Shixia gave a bitter smile. Since he didn't want to do it, she took it off herself.

Shixia's hands were on the buttons of her chest coat, shaking violently.

Li Jingyan just looked at her, but he was very curious, when Shixia could not bear it and would give up.

However, he lost in the end.

It is not Shi Xia who gives up first, but Li Jingyan.


Li Jingyan snorted, slammed the door and turned to leave.

Shixia is like a puppet who has lost his soul and falls directly on the sofa beside him.

God, what did she do just now.

She only felt that her mind was in a muddle, that is, she didn't know what she had just done.

All she knew was that she seemed to annoy Li Jingyan again.

Li Jingyan came out of the house angrily.

He suddenly had an idea in his heart that if he had taken Shixia for himself just now, maybe she would belong to herself in the future.

However, at the thought of Shixia's eyes just now, he had no interest.

That woman can do that for Li Jingyang. Is Li Jingyang particularly important in her heart

The more Li Jingyan thinks about it, the more he feels depressed.

However, he didn't know how to vent his anger.

In the boxing room.

Empty, only Li Jingyan is sweating, he has not been like today for a long time.

His heart is like a backlog of resentment, can't spit out, let his heart stuffy very uncomfortable.

Everything is because of the woman in Shixia, but the culprit still doesn't know!

"Well, what's the matter?"

After receiving the call from Shen Jia, Li Jingyan hasn't responded to it.

However, Shen Jia's voice sounds weak.

"Jing Yan, I have a stomachache."

Li Jingyan flustered, he thought of a serious thing, Shen Jia is a pregnant woman!"Where are you?"

Shen Jia groaned on the other side of the phone, as if in pain. "Jingyan, I'm at home now, so painful that I can't get up at all. It's hard..."

"Don't be afraid. I'll be there now."

Li Jingyan said, quickly changed his clothes, drove to Shen Jia's home, she still had children in her stomach, can't have an accident.

Shen family.

Shen Jia was lying on the sofa at home. Her face was pale. Big drops of sweat came out of her forehead. She looked terrible.

"Shen Jia, Shen Jia!"

Li Jingyan shakes for a long time, which wakes Shen Jia up.

However, Shen Jia just looked at her stomach.

"Jing Yan, is the child OK?"

Li Jingyan comforted, "it shouldn't be. I'll take you to the hospital now."

With that, he quickly picked up Shen Jia.

This is the first time he has seen such a situation. Therefore, it is normal for Li Jingyan to feel nervous.

It's usually 30 minutes' drive. Today, Li Jingyan is here in five minutes.

He can't remember how many red lights he ran all the way, but he arrived within five minutes!

In the hospital.

Li Jingyan quickly sent Shen Jia to the emergency room. About 30 minutes later, the door of the emergency room opened.

"How is she, doctor?"

Li Jingyan ran over and asked Shen Jia about the current situation.

The doctor who examined Shen Jia just took care of his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Then, he explained slowly, "this is normal physiological abdominal pain. The uterus of the expectant mother is gradually increasing, so there will be some pain."

Li Jingyan was relieved to hear the doctor say so.

Fortunately, there is no big problem. Seeing Shen Jia's pain just now, Li Jingyan was really scared.

It's just normal physiological abdominal pain. If Xia Xia gets pregnant in the future, will she have to bear such pain

"Hard work, doctor."

"That's what we should do."

As soon as the doctor left, the little nurse in the ward came out.

"The patient is awake, and the family can go in and visit him."

Li Jingyan nodded and went in. He took a look at Shen Jia. After he was sure that Shen Jia was well, he was not worried.

"Now that you're all right, I'll go first."

Li Jingyan said, turning to leave.

However, seeing that Li Jingyan was going to leave, Shen Jia was in a hurry. He couldn't go now.

"Jing Yan, don't go. I'm really scared by myself." Shen Jia said and quickly reached for Li Jingyan.

Li Jingyan hesitated.

After all, he is already a predecessor, and it is not convenient for him to stay here for too long.

However, looking at Shen Jia's fragile face, he was still a bit impatient after all.

"Well, don't be too afraid. I'll be here with you."

Hearing that Li Jingyan agreed to stay, Shen Jia laughed at ease.

She knew that Li Jingyan must have his own heart, otherwise, he would not stay for himself.

"Jing Yan, I'll be alone in the future. What about the children?"

Shen Jia looked up at Li Jingyan, then pitifully lowered her head and sighed.

Li Jingyan smiles.

"Don't worry. I'll help you."

He can only comfort Shen Jia now. Li Jingyan knows that he can't afford more promises.

He already has a family. He has his own wife, so it's impossible for him to get too close to Shen Jia.

However, Shen Jia still couldn't let go of the relationship.

Especially after Louis was injured, she wanted to go back to Li Jingyan.

Some things, really lost after, just understand how good it was to have.

However, Shen Jia didn't know that what she lost would never come back, and what she came back would not be so perfect!

"Thank you, Jing Yan. In fact, I really regret it. "

Shen Jia said slowly, as if she was very lost. Then she gave a long sigh.

Li Jingyan still doesn't understand that everything is OK. Shen Jia doesn't say that!

"What do you regret?" He couldn't help asking.

Shen Jia looks up at Li Jingyan. What is she regretting now? Doesn't Li Jingyan know?

"Jing Yan, I really regret that I have decided to leave you."

Li Jingyan takes a look at Shen Jia with a complicated look.

It seems that he can't understand this woman

"It's all in the past. Now that it has happened, it's doomed and irreparable."He and Shen Jia can only be said to be predestined, thanks to her accompany that road, but between them, has been doomed, to separate.

Shen Jia is not reconciled.

What Li Jingyan said has passed. Of course, she knows what it means.

However, her heart can't pass!

Her heart is still aching!

"Jing Yan, look at me. Are we really out of it?"

Li Jingyan shakes his head. It is not that there is no possibility, but that he has never thought of looking back.

"Jiajia, you know, I have a wife now. Do you understand what I mean?"

Shen Jia didn't give up. She still thinks that Li Jingyan gave up because of Shixia.

"You love her?"

Li Jingyan hesitated for a moment and loved Shixia very much?

In fact, he did not know what his feelings for Shixia were.

However, he knew that Li Jingyan could not live without the woman Shixia!

"I don't know what my feelings for her are, but she is a very important person in my heart." Li Jingyan said seriously.

He has no way to determine his feelings, but he knows that in his heart, Shixia is very important!

"But you know very well that you used to love me the most." Shen Jia's tears began to drop down.

Li Jingyan just shook her head and comforted her, "but you all know that those have been, don't you?"

She already knew how to describe their feelings, so she should let go, shouldn't she?

Shen Jia did not give up and continued to ask, "Jing Yan, I really love you. Why can't we be together?"

However, Li Jingyan is no longer in the mood to pursue this topic of love or not.

In his opinion, such a debate is meaningless!

"Well, you have a rest. I'll buy some hot porridge for you. It's cold. Keep warm."

With that, Li Jingyan got up and left.

Shen Jia is lying on the bed alone, looking at Li Jingyan's back, with firm eyes.

"Jingyan, I will let you come back to me, no matter what way you use!"

She has determined that Li Jingyan belongs to Shen Jia!

From childhood to adulthood, she wanted everything, including Li Jingyan!

However, Li Jingyan now says that he has another important person in his heart.


Shixia, who has received Shen Jia's call, has not taken any precautions.

"Miss Shi, let's meet."

Shixia frowned slightly and took her cell phone to her eyes.

It's a strange number. She doesn't recognize it!

"Who are you?"

"Shen Jia."

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