Chapter 93

How women like these impractical things, what beautiful, rustic dead!

Shixia was in a hurry and wanted to get back the flowers in Li Jingyan's hand. "This is my flower, it has nothing to do with you!"

However, Li Jingyan was too high. He raised his arm slightly, which was beyond Shixia's reach.

"Give it back to me, Li Jingyan!"

Shi Xia thinks about her feet and wants to get enough of the roses in Li Jingyan's hands, but she accidentally pours directly on Li Jingyan's arms.

"Are you throwing yourself in the arms, Xia Xia?"

Li Jingyan holds the rose in one hand and takes Shixia to his arms in the other.

He lowered his head and suddenly looked at Shixia's face. The two faces were close at hand. Shixia suddenly felt a strong sense of oppression.

She didn't like the feeling!

"I'll give you a chance to tell you what happened in time cafe that day."

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia's eyes and suddenly seems to become serious.

However, Shixia just took a look at Li Jingyan, then turned his head,

"I don't want to say, there's nothing to say."

Didn't he already know what he had done that day?

Li Jingyan has already believed everything. Is it interesting that Shixia explains more?

"Shixia, I believe you didn't do it. You're not like that, but I want to know what happened."

In fact, Li Jingyan now has some regrets about the impulse at that time, but some words go out, and there is no way to take them back.

Shixia just looks up to Li Jingyan's eyes, but the coldness in her eyes makes Li Jingyan feel confused.

What's the look in her eyes

"Li Jingyan, I remember clearly. I haven't lost my memory. That's not what you said at the beginning."

Li Jingyan is slightly embarrassed. He also thinks of the scene that he shouts at Shixia.

However, at that time, he was just impulsive. Who knows, Shixia was really so jealous.

"Shixia, what do you want me to do to make you believe me? I really believe you."

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia. He finds that his mouth is so stupid.

He didn't know what to use to express his feelings at this time, and he didn't even know how to apologize.

"It's late."

Shi Xia just said two words later, then took advantage of Li Jingyan's stupefaction, turned and left.

She doesn't want any roses. If Li Jingyan wants to, he can keep them and continue to play.

Seeing that Shixia really left himself and didn't want any roses, Li Jingyan immediately followed him.

However, Shixia went directly into his study and closed the door.

Because both she and Li Jingyan have to work, and they are typical workaholics, they specially open two study rooms at home, which are called "do not disturb each other".

Watching Shixia go in, Li Jingyan doesn't leave immediately. Instead, he sits on the sofa in the living room, turns on the TV and watches the ball game.

However, his mind is not in front of the TV.

He knew that he would disturb Shixia at this time, and Shixia would never see him.

However, he did not believe that Shixia could still hide in it!

Five minutes went by

Ten minutes passed

Half an hour passed

An hour is about to pass. It's quiet. There's still no movement in the room.

This woman doesn't want to work overtime until the next morning.

Li Jingyan really can't stand it. After hesitating for a while, he went to Shixia's study.

The door is not locked. Shixia knows that Li Jingyan can't break in and disturb himself.

However, she did not expect that Li Jingyan actually came here this time.

"Don't you go to bed so late?" Li Jingyan asked.

Shixia didn't look up at all and replied directly, "I still have several statements in my hand that haven't been checked. You go to sleep first and don't care about me."

Shi Xia said and looked up at Li Jingyan. She had just checked the data for a long time and was very tired, so now she has no strength to fight with Li Jingyan.

When Li Jingyan heard Shixia's gentle voice because he was tired, he thought it was Shixia who had lost his temper.

"Wife, I'm hungry." Li Jingyan spoke pitifully.

Shixia was stunned by this.

Wife, this title is too strange for her.

Although this is a correct address, Shixia still thinks that it is not suitable for himself and Li Jingyan.

"There are instant noodles in the kitchen, and don't call me wife!" Shixia replied faintly.Li Jingyan took a deep breath and pointed to the wall clock on the opposite wall.

"Wife, it's almost twelve o'clock!"

Shixia is a little impatient. Li Jingyan is chirping here. She has no way to finish her work today.

"Get out. I have work to finish today." Shixia's voice sounds a little cold.

However, she didn't expect that Li Jingyan was so obedient today. After hearing her talk, Li Jingyan actually went out.

Is the sun coming out in the west?

Shixia even raised her eyes in disbelief and took a sneak look at Li Jingyan's back.

He left without saying a word?

Is he angry?

Really, she has nothing to do. What does it have to do with herself?

Shixia thought for a while, and continued to bow her head to deal with her own affairs. However, she always felt a little strange for she didn't know why.

Li Jingyan didn't make trouble with himself today, so he left obediently.

However, less than 15 minutes later, the door of the study was pushed open from the outside.

Shixia knew that the guy couldn't let himself go easily!

"Li Jingyan, come on, have you had enough trouble?" Shixia is a little impatient.

Li Jingyan blinks his eyes. Forget it, he is sorry for his wife today. He admits his mistake.

"Have some peace fruit. It's Christmas Eve tonight. It's Christmas Eve. It's safe."

Seeing that Li Jingyan took the initiative to cut his own apple, and still cut a good piece, Shixia really felt flattered.

She just looked up at Li Jingyan, just like looking at an alien.

Is this guy poisoning his own apple?

"Stay away from me and I'll be safe." Shixia replied faintly.

Li Jingyan is a little disappointed. This is the first time that he takes the initiative to please someone.

Every time, no matter what it is, no matter when it is, it is someone else who flatters him, Li Jingyan.

However, it's my turn today.

What's more, I met such a difficult guy as Shixia.

Li Jingyan sighed softly. He was about to leave with his apple, but he was held by Shixia.

"What's the matter with your hands?"

She just saw Li Jingyan's right middle finger with a big bloodstain.

Li Jingyan is slightly embarrassed. Can he say that he is clumsy?

Of course not, it is because he is not proficient, he is not stupid!

"Well The first time I peeled an apple, my technique was not very good. If I was not careful, it became like this. Isn't it very pitiful? "

Seeing the concern in Shixia's eyes, Li Jingyan seems to see hope again. He seems to understand something.

Poetry is not hard to eat soft!

However, Shixia only answered two words.

"You deserve it."

Li Jingyan's eyes widened. Does he deserve it?

He tried so hard to please someone, but he got two words. He deserved it!

"You deserve it? I cut the apple for you, and you even say I deserve it, my heart Li Jingyan suddenly pretended to be sad.

However, Shi Xia is used to Li Jingyan's cold appearance.

The sudden change of his painting style today made Shixia a little hard to accept.

"Li Jingyan, have you had enough trouble?"


However, looking at his unreasonable appearance, Shixia didn't find it annoying, on the contrary, she found it interesting.

"Li Jingyan, why didn't I find you so pretentious before?"


This is the first time someone has used these two words to describe Li Jingyan.

Is he being affected?

"Do I have any affectation? I think I'm very good. It's already 12 o'clock. If you don't go to bed, you will stay up late. If you stay up late, you will get old, ugly, endocrine disorder and short life! "

Li Jingyan said, will pull the poem summer to go to bed.

However, Shixia is sitting there, motionless, she does not want to sleep now.

The work just now made her mind clear again.

"Li Jingyan, in that case, you should go to bed now."

He has just said so much about the harm of staying up late, so he'd better not stay up late.

Li Jingyan just stood in front of Shixia and looked at Shixia.

"No, I'll wait for you to sleep with me!"

Shixia nodded, very good, but also with their own up child temper.

Li Jingyan's skill is on the rise!"Well, I just have a lot of work to do tonight. I won't sleep."

"Then I'll stay up with you."

Li Jingyan said, seriously directly moved the armchair next to him and sat down beside Shixia.

Then, just like the beauty on the beauty couch, she looks at Shixia with covetous eyes.

Shixia is a little unnatural. There is a man staring at him. Shixia really feels uncomfortable.

"Li Jingyan, are you going to listen in?"

Li Jingyan holds his chin, looks at Shixia and shakes his head.

"I'm just looking at you. If you keep working, I won't disturb you with my voice."

Shixia nodded.

Good. Since he doesn't make a sound, it shouldn't affect him.

However, Li Jingyan just stared at Shixia, which made Shixia feel a little unnatural.

Shixia took up the signature pen in her hand and put it down again.

Forget it, it's so strange that she can't do her own business at all!

"Li Jingyan, are you free today? Or have you done something heinous? "

Shi Xia looks at Li Jingyan, and Li Jingyan's abnormality today has exceeded the scope that Shi Xia can bear.

However, Li Jingyan didn't seem to realize it. Today, Li Jingyang said that when he couldn't catch Shixia, Li Jingyan was a little worried.

"How is it possible for a man of integrity and kindness like me to do something heinous?" Li Jingyan smiles.

He didn't do anything wrong. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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