Chapter 99

She even can smile and other people's fiancee say hello, also be regarded as bold.

However, Qin mubai still noticed the loss in his eyes when Qin Qian lowered his head.

How, did not pursue own senior, she felt very disappointed?

Qin mubai just looked at Qin Qianqian. He didn't know why. When he saw the loss in the little girl's eyes, he was distressed.

No matter what, it was his sister, and he couldn't be bullied by outsiders. Thinking of this, Qin mubai walked directly in the direction of that side.

"Didn't Miss Qin come here with a man today?" When sun Mo said this, looking at Qin Qian's eyes was not very kind.

Qin Qianqian is slightly embarrassed. Even if she came here alone, it doesn't matter much.

"Miss Qin came here so suddenly and was so enthusiastic to my fiance. I would have misunderstood her!" Sun Mo is not an easy character to provoke.

Her family arranged a marriage with Jiang Yucheng. She felt very satisfied, but Jiang didn't like her.

Therefore, this makes sun Mo more determined. She can't let any woman approach Jiang Yucheng.

"Sun Mo, that's enough!"

Jiang Yucheng obviously also feels that sun Mo has some bad intentions towards Qin Qianqian. He doesn't like sun Mo and doesn't allow sun Mo to insult his friends.

"If someone comes with a male partner, they may not be together in the future. So, what's the difference between having a male partner or not?" Qin mubai's voice came from behind the three men.

Hearing his brother's voice, Qin Qianqian immediately became excited.

When Qin mubai is there, she will feel at ease.

"Why is director Qin here?"

"Naturally, I was invited by the Li group. Is it hard to succeed? Did Miss Sun suspect that Qin mubai came in over the wall?" Qin mubai asked with a smile.

Qin Qianqian couldn't help but be amused by her brother. For the first time, she found that Qin mubai had a strong mouth!

"Well, Qianqian, let's go."

Qin mubai said, directly took his sister to his arms, and then, with his sister turned away.

Jiang Yucheng didn't say anything just now, but Qin Qianqian still liked him.

What's good about such a man.

"I don't think that Jiang Yucheng is suitable for you." Qin mubai said his idea directly.

However, Qin Qian didn't give up. Why isn't Jiang Yucheng suitable for himself!

"I think he's fine. There's nothing wrong with him." Qin Qian murmured in a low voice.

"He's not good enough for you, you'll find out sooner or later." Qin mubai just dropped this sentence and turned to leave.

How can Jiang Xuechang not be worthy of himself?

Qin Qianqian just mumbled two words in his heart, so he didn't put his brother's words in his heart.

The annual meeting soon began to dance. According to the habit of every year, Li Jingyan would bring his partner to dance the first dance.

This year, his female companion is Shixia. Naturally, Shixia dances with him.

He had never seen Shixia's dancing skills before. The woman was working all day and in the office every day.

In fact, Li Jingyan strongly doubts whether she can dance or not!

He was just about to find an excuse to say that his feet were not feeling well today, but Shen Jia had already spoken.

"Jing Yan, it's the first time for Miss Shi to attend the company's annual meeting. Otherwise, I'll accompany you with the opening dance later, lest Miss Shi make mistakes."

Next to the poem summer fire!

OK, you look down on yourself, don't you? Damn Shen Jia, it's too much deceiving.

"No, I can. Miss Shen's worry is superfluous!" Shixia looks up at Li Jingyan.

She doesn't believe it. She is Li Jingyan's girlfriend today. Li Jingyan will choose others to dance this opening dance.

If he really dares, then, don't blame her, and will never accompany him to such a banquet in the future.

Shen Jia took another look at Li Jingyan and asked again, "Jingyan, don't you really need it?"

Li Jingyan grabbed Shixia's waist and pulled her into his arms.

"No, I believe Xia Xia can do it well."

He was surprised by Shixia's reaction just now. It was the first time that she fought for something.

When she was invited to dance with Li Jingyan, why did Shixia have an inexplicable illusion? She thought Li Jingyan was also very happy!

"Can you dance?"

Li Jingyan suddenly approached Shixia in a low voice and asked.

He was so close that when he spoke, his lips could touch Shixia's ear consciously or unconsciously.

Shixia can't help getting nervous. However, she still nods and dances. How can she not? Li Jingyan looks down on herself."It's a piece of cake."

Li Jingyan looked at Shixia's proud appearance and just laughed. When did this woman become so confident!

However, looking at Shixia in her arms, as light as a butterfly, Li Jingyan realized that she really can.

"Yes, it's hidden!"

"I'm flattered." Shixia smiles.

Although it was modest words, Li Jingyan didn't see any modesty in her eyes!

"Do you want to do two fancy dances?" Li Jingyan asked suddenly.


Shixia smiles.

Looking at the president with his wife in the middle of the dance floor so freely, next to the staff were shocked.

It turns out that the president's wife still has unique skills!

"It's said that our boss's wife is still the director of Shirun pearl. She's very powerful."

"It's really the landlady!"

Seeing that other people below are looking at Shixia with admiration or admiration, Shen Jia feels even more unwilling.

It turns out that all this should belong to her own, but now she belongs to Shixia alone. She really has nothing!

"Well, don't be reconciled. There will still be opportunities in the future. Just wait for the opportunities in the future and see if you can turn over the plate." The only thing Ji Rufeng can do now is to comfort Shen Jia.

However, Shen Jia was still very angry.

Things have come to this point. What should she do to bring Li Jingyan back to her side.

Not many times, Li Zhiren with Su Jiaqi also came, followed by a big star, Li Jingyang.

When I saw Li Jingyang, all the female staff on the venue were boiling.

They take out their mobile phones one after another and take pictures of Li Jingyang. They are more bold and want to take pictures with Li Jingyang.

I've heard that the boss's younger brother is a big star. Today I really saw that the two sons of the Li family are really young talents!

Seeing the commotion here, Li Jingyan passed with Shixia.

Sure enough, it was his parents who came, but Li Jingyang was the only one who got excited.

"Mom and Dad, why are you here?"

Li Zhiren smiles and looks at the peaceful scene in the meeting hall. He can't help nodding. His eyes are full of affirmation for his son.

"Let's have a look. The annual meeting of the company is really getting better year by year. Son, it's really good!"

"Yes, well done, well done!"

Li Jingyang followed him and sighed bitterly.

Anyway, his father, he is the most disobedient smelly boy.

As for Li Jingyan, that is the hero!

However, Shixia's look at him made Li Jingyang feel strange.

"Sister in law, you don't have to look at me like this. I was brought here by them. I don't want to come here myself." Li Jingyang turned his lips.

Shixia just smiles. Who can see him? The narcissistic guy is exactly like Li Jingyan!

"The red scarf on your neck is very eye-catching. Who sent it?" Shixia asked with a smile.

Li Jingyang has short chestnut curly hair and a khaki coat. His red scarf is very eye-catching, and his whole popularity is very good.

Li Jingyang picked his eyebrows, pulled the red scarf around his neck and asked, "why don't you think I made it myself?"

"You don't have that good craftsmanship." Shixia replied positively.

Because I believe that my brother and Xia Xia can't have any abnormal relationship. After all, Li Jingyang's lost face will not be fake.

Therefore, Li Jingyan will not feel angry when he sees his brother and his wife laughing.

Anyway, it's all a family. Before, he made a fuss.

"Well, I admit that I didn't weave it. The mat was also woven for me. Isn't it beautiful? My banquet is good, isn't it? "

Li Jingyang is smiling, with a proud look on his face.

However, he forgot a very important thing, his mother is still beside him.

Hearing that Li Jingyang's scarf was actually made by assistant Xi, Su Jiaqi immediately became anxious.

Why didn't you buy it? Even if it wasn't from a girl, it couldn't be a boy!

"Li Jingyang, how many times have I warned you to keep a distance from Xi, he He can even knit your scarf now! "

Su Jiaqi sighed heavily.

Her son and Xi Yi are inseparable now, which worries her a lot!

Li Jingyang just sighed. What's the poison of his mother's thought!"Mom, where do you want to go? The relationship between Xi Yi and me is very simple. You don't want to be dirty."

However, Su Jiaqi would not believe her son!

Unless the son really takes his girlfriend home, he can't believe it.

"I don't think so! You smelly boy, you are surrounded by a big man all day long. How can you make your mother think normally? "

"Okay, mom, don't get excited, don't get excited!" Next to Shixia, she could only persuade her mother-in-law not to be excited.

However, for the sake of Li Jingyang's marriage, his father-in-law and mother-in-law are heartbroken.

However, Li Jingyang is not obedient!

Here Su Jiaqi has suspected that the relationship between her son and his son's assistant is not normal. Over there, the considerate seat is coming again.

"Boss, it's cold in your mug. It's better to drink warm water."

However, Su Jiaqi in front of him felt abnormal when he looked at Xi Yi.

Xi also didn't notice it at first. Later, when he felt something was wrong, he looked up and saw that everyone was looking at himself.

In fact, at the beginning, Su Jiaqi looked at it alone. Later, inexplicably, everyone looked at it. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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