Chapter 103

City C is too remote and inconvenient in transportation, which is also an important reason why the economy can not develop.

"Yes, you are very thoughtful." Shixia can't help praising Li Jingyan's assistant.

But Li Tao just laughed, "in fact, these are all ordered by the president. He is more careful than us."

The poem summer Leng for a while, "Li Jing Yan orders?"

She did not expect that Li Jingyan would do such a thing himself.

"Get in the car, don't be stunned."

Just as Li Jingyan came from a distance, he saw Shixia standing here in a daze.

"Do you have any medicine for carsickness?" Li Jingyan asked suddenly.

Shixia was stunned for a moment, and she took a simple case of changing clothes. She didn't think of such detailed things at all.

Besides, she is not very carsick.

Li Jingyan sighed, then got out of the car and rushed to the pharmacy across the road.

"I don't get carsick!"

Shi Xia was just talking, but Li Jingyan had already rushed past.

Shixia can only stand there and wait for Li Jingyan to come back. Fortunately, Li Jingyan has come back soon.

"I bought you carsickness medicine. You get carsick on a long-distance bus. It's a long drive this time. It'll take about seven hours." Li Jingyan explained as he gave Shixia the medicine for carsickness.

Shixia thought of it.

"Yes, I fainted on the coach. I almost forgot."

Li Jingyan could still remember what she didn't think of. She couldn't help feeling a little moved.

Li Jingyan not only bought carsickness medicine, but also brought her fruit in the nearby fruit shop.

"It's an orange, and a little bit of other fruit. It's a relief on the road."

Shixia looks at Li Jingyan. He is such a careful man. It's the first time that Shixia finds out!

However, she did not know that Li Jingyan's carefulness was just facing the people he cared about.

People who don't care, Li Jingyan will never care, even, is a big iceberg.

"Well I'm going to help the poor with you, not let you take care of me. " Shixia is a little embarrassed.

By doing so, he made people feel more like a vase.

Li Jingyan curled his lips and gave a light reply, "I'm happy, you care about me!"


Shixia didn't know what to answer.

She can be understood as president Aojiao. Is that angry?

"Do you want to eat?"

After all, Li Jingyan bought oranges for himself. After thinking about it, Shixia handed one to Li Jingyan.

"Peel for me. I'm reading the papers."

Li Jingyan's eyes are really looking at the computer in front of him. Shixia nods and helps peel the orange skin, which is handed to Li Jingyan.

"It's bad for your eyes to look at the computer in the car. Would you like to have a rest?" Shixia suggested.

She also tried to look at the documents in the turbulent carriage, but her eyes were almost dizzy.

As a result of that long-term development, there is only one, eye fatigue.

"All right."

What Shixia didn't expect is that Li Jingyan was so obedient this time. He obediently closed the computer and then fell asleep on Shixia's shoulder.

He's sleeping on his shoulder?

Shixia turns around foolishly and looks at Li Jingyan who has closed his eyes. The painting style is not quite right!

"Li Jingyan, you..."

Shixia was about to say something, but she didn't find it until she opened her mouth. I don't know what to say. I can only watch Li Jingyan lean on my shoulder.

However, Li Jingyan is open, "you are too thin, Luo de panic."

He leaned on his shoulder and even said that he was too thin!

Shixia was a little depressed. She put the orange in her mouth and stopped talking.

"Xia Xia, I want to eat grapes." Li Jingyan spoke again.

Li Tao, sitting in the front seat, quietly raised the baffle. He is now the most powerful light bulb

But he didn't mean it!

"Do it yourself, and you'll be well fed." Shixia reminds us.

I have to help myself to eat a grape. Does Li Jingyan have a long hand?

"I was too dazzled when I looked at the documents just now, and now I still feel in a trance!" Li Jingyan looks pathetic.

Shixia tangled for a while, thought about it, picked a grape and stuffed it into Li Jingyan's mouth.

"The grapes my wife feeds are sweet."

Li Jingyan's success makes Shixia feel that she can't laugh or cry.

He seems very proud?

Tangled for a while, Li Jingyan suddenly tilted his head and asked Shixia, "grapes, have you washed?""No water, of course not."

Shixia blinks her eyes.

She just thought of it. This grape doesn't seem to have been washed.


Li Jingyan suddenly wants to spit out what he just ate, but Shixia stops him.

"Don't you say it's sweet?"


In the old house of Li family.

For his eldest son and daughter-in-law did not come back for several days, Li Zhiren said he could not understand.

These two little guys have forgotten their father!

"Jing Yan and Shi Xia haven't come back for several days. Why don't you call and ask?" Li Zhiren said, looking at his wife next to him.

However, Su Jiaqi is just his lips, "they two went to C city to help the poor, you don't know?"

Li Zhiren grabs his hair.

"Poverty alleviation? I don't know! "

Su Jiaqi couldn't help laughing. Her daughter-in-law was a little closer to her mother-in-law.

"I'm sure I didn't tell you that Xia Xia and Jing Yan went there together."

Li Zhiren said he couldn't accept his son's behavior of showing his love.

"This Jingyan is really true. It's not a good thing to help the poor. Please take your daughter-in-law with you even though it's so hard!"

But Su Jiaqi didn't think so, "it's better to have a daughter-in-law with her. It's more reassuring!"

How nice it is for two people to be together. It's better to be accompanied than to be alone!

"By the way, where did you say they went? City C? " Li Zhiren asked uncertainly.

Su Jiaqi nodded.

"Yes, City C, what's the matter?"

Li Zhiren nodded.

"No, when you call at that time, remind them that city C is a mountainous area and prone to mud rock flow. Let them pay attention to their own safety."

Su Jiaqi nodded.

"OK, OK, I see."

City C is a mountainous area. Will debris flow still occur? That's too dangerous.

"But did you find that the relationship between Jing Yan and Xia Xia is getting better and better. Shen Jia was there that day, but our son didn't even look at Shen Jia! " Su Jiaqi is a little excited.

She now hopes that her son and daughter-in-law can live together and have a good life.

Li Zhiren nodded. The couple had a good relationship, which was the best of all.

"That's also Xia Xia. She's good at training her husband."

Su Jiaqi nodded, his eldest son, this is also a home.

But what about her second son!

Li Jingyang is a lousy boy. He looks like a lounger all day. Today, he doesn't even bring a girlfriend back!

"What's more troublesome now is Jing Yang. I'm worried about the relationship between him and that person Alas Su Jiaqi said with a heavy sigh.

She is about to break her heart for her little son. However, her little son is always in a bad mood. What else can she do!

Li Zhiren comforted his wife, "don't think so much about it. The weather is bad these two days. My old problem of lumbar disc herniation has been made again. It's very sour. You can accompany me to the hospital tomorrow."

It's useless for them to worry so much.

"It's really the old man. It's useless." Li Zhiren laughed at himself.

When he was young, he was very natural and unrestrained. Once he was old, everything went wrong.

Su Jiaqi sighed, "people don't agree with their old age."

They are very happy in this life. They have a harmonious relationship with each other. Their son is filial and their family is happy.

The biggest regret is that the second son of his family doesn't know when the smelly boy can take his daughter-in-law home.

This smelly boy is just hanging around all day. It's really irritating!

The key is that he still sticks with his same-sex friends all day, which makes Su Jiaqi even more worried.

In Lin'an hospital.

Su Jiaqi accompanied Li Zhiren two people together, in the hospital hall, some at a loss.

Because when they got there, they found that they couldn't distinguish the southeast from the northwest!

"How come there are so many departments in this hospital? Really, I knew I had Jingyang with me long ago. Is it surgery or orthopedics?" Su Jiaqi can't help sighing.

Next to Li Zhiren looking at, but also some at a loss.

He came to Lin'an hospital three years ago. It was not like this at that time. Now it seems that everything has changed.

"Hello, doctor..."Su Jiaqi holds a doctor in a white coat. She just wants to ask for directions, but she finds that the doctor she holds is Ning Wuyou.

"It's you, Auntie!"

Ning Wuyou smiles. Isn't this Shixia's mother-in-law?

When she helped Li Jingyang that day, she just saw the Li family.

Therefore, she knows Xia Xia's parents in law.

After rather worry so a shout, Su Jiaqi also immediately reaction came over.

"Little girl, you are It's Xia Xia's friend! What's your name again! "

She is old and has a bad memory, but she remembers that this little girl helped Jing Yang that time.

Besides, if only such a beautiful girl could be her own daughter-in-law.

Ning Wuyou doesn't know what Su Jiaqi is thinking. She just introduces herself with a smile, "Hello aunt, I'm Ning Wuyou."

Su Jiaqi nodded with satisfaction, carefree and happy.

"Worry free, good name, good name! People are beautiful, too! "

Ning Wuyou is a little embarrassed by Su Jiaqi's praise, and can only smile awkwardly.

"Is aunt coming to see a doctor? What's wrong with you? " Ning Wuyou asked immediately.

Su Jiaqi explained, "it's not me. It's Xia Xia, her father-in-law. The lumbar disc is protruding. I want to go to surgery or orthopedics?"

She thought, Ning Wuyou is the doctor here, she must know!

Lumbar disc protrusion?

Ning Wuyou heard these five words, obviously some accident, this summer father-in-law's disease just and his professional on.

"Just hang up in orthopedics. I'm the doctor in charge of orthopedics. Just come with me, auntie." Ning Wuyou explained with a smile.

Originally, there are many people waiting to be registered in orthopedics department today, but I would rather have a holiday today.

However, because he is a good friend's father-in-law and mother-in-law, Ning Wuyou helps to open the door.

Su Jiaqi sighed with a smile, "really? It's so good, so good."

With the help of an acquaintance, Youning Wuyou must be the best!

I'd rather be in the office.

Shi Xia just checked Li Zhiren.

In fact, Li Zhiren is also looking at this young girl. Seeing his wife so excited just now, Li Zhiren knows what her wife is thinking. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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