Chapter 104

However, like his wife, Li Zhiren is also very satisfied with the girl in front of him.

If you can be with your son, in fact, it is a match made in heaven.

Ning Wuyou, of course, doesn't know that he has been calculated by the two old people in front of him.

"Uncle, this lumbar disc herniation is a chronic disease, and there is no way to get better at one time, so we can only recuperate slowly." Ning Wuyou explained and recorded something on the medical record.

After that, she got up again and went to the back cupboard. She took out some ointment and cotton swabs and packed them.

"Auntie, this is the ointment. When you go back, just rub it for your uncle according to my technique. Although it can't cure the disease, it still has a good effect on relieving the pain." Ning Wuyou said, handed the medicine in his hand to Su Jiaqi.

Su Jiaqi looks at Ning Wuyou, and the more she looks, the more satisfied she feels.

However, Ning Wuyou is a little strange. She feels that when Su Jiaqi looks at herself, she seems to be too enthusiastic.

Is it your own illusion?

"Thank you, no worries."

Ning Wuyou shakes his head with a smile. It's just a matter of lifting a finger. There's no need to say thank you.

However, Su Jiaqi still wants to know more about Ning Wuyou.

"Worry free, can I ask you a question?"

Rather carefree Leng for a while, but still nodded.

He looked at Su Jiaqi's appearance and knew that Su Jiaqi must have something to say.

"Is your doctor so busy every day?" Su Jiaqi asked.

Busy, rather worry Leng for a while, she is really very busy, but, Xia Xia's mother-in-law asked what to do?

"I saw your schedule just now. It's busy from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and there's no break at noon. Do you have to work the night shift?"

Su Jiaqi said, a look of heartache.

Now girls, how one by one are so desperate ah, a little do not know how to enjoy life.

Shixia smiles and explains awkwardly, "the doctor is tired, and I'm used to it."

Although the days are hard, the good thing is that she would rather not worry about what she likes, so she doesn't feel tired.

"You doctors are so busy that you don't have a boyfriend, do you?" Su Jiaqi continued to ask.

"Well No

Rather worry slightly embarrassed, can only pick up the cup, want to drink, in fact, just to ease their own embarrassment.

"What do you think of Jingyang?"


Ning Wuyou directly sprayed out all the water he had just drunk into his mouth.


Su Jiaqi quickly walked over and patted Ning Wuyou's back, then took out the tissue by the way.

"Tissue, tissue, don't get excited."

Li Zhiren is just looking at his wife. He can't laugh or cry. Look at his wife. She scares other girls into what they look like!

Ning Wuyou finally calmed down his state. He looked at Su Jiaqi awkwardly and explained, "I'm sorry, auntie. I've been impolite just now."

Su Jiaqi smiles and waves her hand.

"It's OK, it's OK."

However, at this time, Ning Wuyou's mobile phone rings.

"I'm sorry, auntie. I'll take the phone first."

"Good." Su Jiaqi nodded.

However, when Ning Wuyou saw the note name on the phone, the whole person was dumbfounded.

Li Jingyang!

She went to the window of the office and planned to answer the phone. Su Jiaqi and Li Zhiren had already begun to discuss in a low voice.

"Do you think What about this girl? "

Li Zhiren nodded, indicating that he was very satisfied, "very good, careful, doctor, heal the wounded, medical ethics is also noble."

He has always liked good girls who are kind and responsible, and he would be more satisfied if Ning Wuyou was a doctor.

Su Jiaqi nodded and agreed with her husband, "I also think it's very good. It's a perfect match for our family Jingyang."

The voice of their discussion is very small, and they would rather not have heard it.

Over there, Ning Wuyou lowered his voice to make a phone call, but the two old people with good hearing heard clearly.

"Li Jingyang, what's the matter?"

Su Jiaqi immediately excited up, rather worry about the other side of the phone that person is his son ah!

Great, great, my son finally took the initiative to talk to the girl!

"My husband, it's our son who called me!"

Li Zhiren looks at his wife helplessly. When she is excited, she shakes her arm for a long time. Does she know?"I know you're about to break my arm."

Su Jiaqi was so excited that she was about to jump up. "I'm excited. It's our son. He takes the initiative to call the girl. That means there's a play!"

Li Zhiren is confused.

"What's the play?"

He still can't keep up with his wife's thinking, or that his wife has been "far sighted", thinking of countless distant future.

"Are you stupid, our son and doctor Ning! Moreover, Dr. Xia Xia and Dr. Ning are still very good friends. It's really great. Xia Xia's friends must be very good. " Su Jiaqi looks satisfied.

If Wuyou becomes her daughter-in-law again, then Wuyou, Xia Xia and herself will have a lot of common topics.

"I have to work overtime tonight. I don't have time. Next time." Ning Wuyou on the phone replied lightly.

But. She didn't know that because of her words, the two old people in the office were about to fly with excitement.

Su Jiaqi covers his mouth, still can't hide the smile of the corner of his mouth, "it can't be a date, this smelly boy, finally enlightened!"

However, this is not the case.

Li Jingyang is dying of anxiety. He lost his necklace!

"But, Ning Wuyou, that necklace is very important to me. Don't you want to give it back to me?"

Ning Wuyou has some helplessness. She has already said that she doesn't know anything about the necklace. However, Li Jingyang insists that the necklace is here.

Ning Wuyou only thinks that Li Jingyang is making trouble out of nothing!

"I said, I'm going to work night shift today. I don't have time. I'll hang up!"

What kind of necklace, it's just baffling!

Li Jingyang here.

The assistant beside also heard that there was only a busy beep on the phone, so he knew that Li Jingyang's phone had been hung up.

That's good. Li Jingyang has such a time!

"She still won't come out?" Xi also asked.

However, Li Jingyang is still full of anger, just no place to spread!

"Xi Yi, if you hadn't given me to that woman that day, how could I have lost my necklace?"

He decided that the necklace on his neck was lost that night in Ning Wuyou's home!

Xi also asked uncertainly, "are you sure that chain is in ningwuyou?"

After all, Ning Wuyou was impatient just now. She certainly didn't see the necklace!

"I haven't seen it on my neck since I stayed at Ning Wuyou's all night."

Xi also blinked. How long has it been.

Li Jingyang kept saying that it was a necklace that was very important to him. After so many days, he found out!

"Why didn't you find out earlier? It's only at this time that I remember it? "

Li Jingyang grabs his messy hair, a face of irritability, "I was so busy before, how can I think of it! I just found out. "

It is because that necklace has been integrated into his life and become a part of Li Jingyang's life.

Therefore, when it is lost, Li Jingyang will not know!

"You said, that woman won't be my fan, and then she stole my necklace." Li Jingyang suddenly thought of a hypothesis.

However, I only think it's a fantasy.

Other people are Li Jingyang's fans, that is normal, if it is rather carefree, ha ha, the sun really will never rise!

"Boss, your broken chain is not as valuable as a pair of socks. Who wants them?"

"What did you say?"

Li Jingyang's face turned black immediately.

My precious necklace has become a broken one here. What does this guy think!

Seeing that Li Jingyang's face was so ugly, Xi Yi immediately laughed, changed his face and put it another way.

"That's not what I mean, boss. The socks you're wearing That's priceless! "

Li Jingyang felt a little better. Xi is a guy with no taste.

"I wish you knew. The chain has been with me for more than ten years. I can't put it down."

Xi was also surprised.

It turns out that the reason why this chain is so important is that it has followed Li Jingyang for more than ten years?

Well, if it wasn't for more than ten years, wouldn't it be worthless?

"Just a few hundred dollar chain?" I also pick my eyebrows.

Li Jingyang gives him a cold look. It's really more and more arrogant that the smelly boy doesn't go to the house for three days.

"Yes, do you despise it?"

Xi also quickly shook his head to prove his innocence."No, no, I didn't mean that!"

Li Jingyang sighed heavily and made a decision.

"I'll go to her."

Then he turned to leave, but he was stopped by Xi.

"Wait a minute, where are you going now?"

Li Jingyang faintly turned his head, looked at Xi Yi and replied, "Lin'an hospital, I must ask where the chain is!"

To Lin'an hospital, there must be only one purpose, to find Ning Wuyou!

"Well, you go." Xi also shook his head.

Anyway, he said, Li Jingyang will not listen to himself, the chain for Li Jingyang, seems to be very important.

This side of Lin'an hospital.

Ning Wuyou gave the wine to Su Jiaqi just now, and thought to make a prescription.

However, unexpectedly, she went to the pharmacy, only to find that her colleague Dr. Li didn't come here today.

Yes, he's on holiday today.

"Auntie, today, Doctor Li from the pharmacy department didn't come here. In this way, you leave the address first, and then I'll ask someone to send you the prescription." Ning Wuyou explained.

Su Jiaqi thought about it and suddenly had a good idea in her heart.

"Or will you deliver it yourself?"


Ning Wuyou didn't react for a moment. She was stunned and didn't understand what Su Jiaqi meant by that.

Su Jiaqi may also realize that Ning Wuyou misunderstood and quickly explained, "no, no, I mean, Auntie likes you very much and wants to invite you to our house for dinner. Auntie cooks delicious food."

Hearing that there was something delicious, Ning Wuyou got excited immediately.

"Really? I'll try it if I have a chance. I like delicious food best."

Ning Wuyou is totally captured by delicious food, even though Su Jiaqi is not for her. Or a very strange aunt.

Although, she is still a little shy, some embarrassed, but, she is too excited, so that, promise down words are said.

Hearing Ning Wuyou so readily agreed, Su Jiaqi nodded happily, "it's really great. Let's talk about it."

Better worry than nod.

"Yes, yes."

But as soon as her voice fell, a familiar roar came from the door.

"Better not worry!"

It's Li Jingyang!

Ning Wuyou is a fool. Li Jingyang just called him. Isn't that enough?

Now he even went out of his way to find out what he wanted to do! Want to make trouble?

However, Li Jingyang was shocked when he saw his parents! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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