Chapter 110

"The whole world knows that Shixia is Li Jingyan's wife, but no one knows that Li Jingyan loves her very much!"

"She doesn't need to know. I'll be nice to her. She's my wife. That's enough." Li Jingyan replied faintly.

Although he is the president of the company, he seems to be able to strategize, but he is not good at words.

He will not put love on his lips, will not express his mind.

If you have to prove that you love someone, then he will use his own actions.

Li Jingyang just looked at his elder brother. He couldn't tell whether he was stupid or stupid.

However, he knew that big brother would certainly suffer a loss. For Shixia, it is also possible that it will become a loss in the future.


For the whole two hours, because the equipment was not perfect, but fortunately, Ning Wuyou brought in first-class doctors.

The operation was completed successfully.

"Fortunately, it's quite timely. When the doctor from the downtown hospital comes here, it's estimated that Xia Xia will really be in pain." Ning Wuyou sighed.

Along the way, she really raised her heart to her throat!

"It's a near death!"

Those people nearby also have such feelings. They were scared to death just now.

"Thank you, Miss Ning!" This is the first time that Li Jingyan sincerely admires the doctor.

Moreover, I feel that doctors are a sacred and glorious profession.

However, Ning Wuyou just laughed and replied, "you're welcome. Don't forget that Xia Xia is my friend."

Can help Xia Xia, can look at Xia Ping'an, in fact, Ning Wuyou heart is the most happy.

Li Jingyan still doesn't quite understand. He asked Li Tao to contact Ning Wuyou for the first time. However, from Yishi to C City

"From Yishi to C City, how did you get here in two hours?" Li Jingyan asked.

The distance between the two places, at least, takes four or five hours by car.

Li Jingyang was chewing an apple at the back, explaining why it was so fast.

"I've been racing all the way, brother. I broke the rules and ran through about 200 traffic lights. You have to help me!"

This time, but in order to save his sister-in-law, so, his big brother can't see death!

"I have friends who work in the Transportation Bureau. You don't have to worry about that." Li Jingyan replied faintly.

This smelly boy, he clearly knows that this matter can be successfully solved without his own appearance!

"Cheery." Li Jingyang smiles.

Just in time, Doctor Li who Ning Wuyou brought came out from inside.

"How are you, Dr. Li?" Ning Wuyou walked over and asked.

Dr. Li nodded.

"Take a rest, it should be OK. Don't worry."

I was relieved to hear Doctor Li say that it was all right. At night, her heart was about to jump out.

"That's good, and I'm relieved."

Li Jingyan looked at so many people around here, and felt there was no need.

What's more, it's hard to let everyone go in the evening.

"What do you do now? Shall I send you back? "

Li Jingyang took a look around him. In fact, this place is very good. His elder brother is good at choosing places.

"The air in the mountain is very good. I want to stay here for two days before I go. Besides, I must be faced with the call of the Public Security Bureau when I go back now."

Ning Wuyou thinks for a moment that there are all big men here. Although Li Jingyan is Xia Xia's husband, she is still not at ease.

"Then I'll stay with Xia Xia. I can just take care of her."

Ning Wuyou thought, she can stay alone, but she can't let her colleagues stay here with her!

"Mr. Li, please ask someone to help me send my colleagues back."

Li Jingyan nodded, this is not a problem, they saved their wife together, that is a great hero!

This time I went back to Lin'an hospital. Li Jingyan has already contacted the president of the hospital. All of them have prizes.

"Well, don't call me Mr. Li. Just call me Li Jingyan. There's no need to be so polite." Li Jingyan took a look at Ning Wuyou.

Rather worry about it, there is no resistance, just nodding.

"Well, then Li Jingyan

After Li Jingyan finished talking with the people here, he immediately went to take care of his wife.

Ning Wuyou took a look at Li Jingyang and asked, "what's the matter with your photos?"

She remembers that Li Jingyang said that she must find the necklace.

How, now his neck is still empty, necklace did not find, want to give up?Li Jingyang light mouth explained, "Xi is also looking, I just came to this place, can also hide, let me look for photos all day, I am about to collapse."

It doesn't need to be on its own.

Just in time, it's perfect that we can avoid the wind in this small village!

"It turns out that you are hiding here for such a purpose! I'm really unlucky to meet a boss like you Ning Wuyou sighed helplessly.

She said, why would li Jingyang also ask to stay? It turned out that there was such a purpose!

Li Jingyang smile, or a proud look, "flatter, flatter, I this is witty, and, also gave the seat also performance ability opportunity!"

If Xi Yi finds his necklace when he is away, it is Xi Yi's ability.

If he finds the necklace in Xi, it is his own credit.

Ning Wuyou looks at Li Jingyang. She is not interested in the result of this matter now. On the contrary, she is very curious about the story behind the necklace.

"Li Jingyang, actually, I'm curious. What's the story of that necklace?"

Li Jingyan just took a look at Ning Wuyou.

Then, he asked faintly, "so, do you want to hear a story?"

Ning Wuyou immediately nodded and looked at Li Jingyang expectantly.

"Yes, will you?"

However, Li Jingyang did it on purpose.

"However, I don't want to."

It's better to be carefree than speechless!

"Why are you so mean? Can't you satisfy my curiosity?"


"Li Jingyang!"

I'd rather not worry.

However, at this time, Li Jingyan came out of the room inside.

"Keep your voices down. Xia Xia is still resting." He reminded faintly.

Ning Wuyou hastened to close his lips.

Blame the damned Li Jingyang. If it wasn't for his anger, he would rather not be so out of control.

"Okay, okay."

on Shen Jia's side, because Li Jingyang suddenly left with Ning Wuyou last night, Shen Jia probably knew that Li Jingyan must be in city C.

"It's good to leave things like helping the poor to his own people. Li Jingyan really likes to show off!" Louis was disdainful.

However, Shen Jia was even more dismissive of Louis.

Louis is such a stupid man. How could he understand the good intentions of Li Jingyan!

But now she has to be quiet. She has to put Lewis on the same front with herself.

Only in this way, Louis can be used by herself, otherwise, she can't control Louis!

"I told you about my plan yesterday. Will you support me, Louis?"

Shen Jia looks at her ex husband expectantly, but she doesn't think so.

"Honey, of course I will support you. As long as you are thinking about the future of both of us, I will certainly help you!"

Louis looks at Shen Jia, although the woman looks harmless on the surface.

However, Louis is still very clear that he must be alert to this woman, she is not a fuel-efficient lamp!

Shen Jia laughed and replied, "I already have your baby in my stomach. How can I not think about the future of us two?"

"Do you want to go to C city to find Li Jingyan? Now? " Asked Louis.

He didn't understand. Shen Jia tried every means to find out that Li Jingyan is now in C City. What is her purpose.

However, Shen Jiacai won't go to C City. The reason why she inquires is that she knows Li Jingyan's itinerary like the back of her hand.

"No, we haven't been together for a long time. Let's get together."

Shen Jia said, looking at Louis affectionately and kissing him on the lips.

As a result, the fire was out of control

C city so bitter place, she Shen Jiacai don't want to go to find the guilty, she is really stupid, will choose to go to such a ghost place!

Anyway, Shixia is there. Even if she is past, she and Li Jingyan will not have any development. It's better to enjoy it in Yishi!

When Shixia wakes up, she sees Ning Wuyou sitting by her bed and looking at herself.

"Worry free, why are you here?"

Seeing Ning Wuyou, Shixia obviously felt both surprised and happy.

She used some anesthetics during her operation yesterday. So it's still a little muddled up to now.

"How, is it a surprise when I see my sister?"Ning Wuyou smiles and hugs her sister.

I haven't seen this smelly girl for a long time. She is dying of missing her!

"Surprise, I'm dying of surprise!"

Ning Wuyou is a little worried about Shixia's body. At this time, Shixia should keep a more peaceful state of mind.

"You quickly lie down, just finished the operation, you don't toss."

"Surgery? What happened to me last night? " Shi Xia realized that she felt strange in her stomach.

"Acute appendicitis is going to scare us to death." Ning Wuyou sighed.

This smelly girl usually doesn't take care of herself. When there is something, she is used to saying it doesn't matter.

Some of the pain is not hard to support ah!

"So, did you come all night last night?" Shixia widened her eyes.

She only remembers that last night, Li Jingyan went to the village doctor behind his back. It was hard to walk, and Li Jingyan's face was sweating.

However, she did not remember what happened later, even more did not think, worry free also came.

"Yes, and Li Jingyang. We came here with some colleagues from our hospital. But now it's just me and Li Jingyang. " Ning Wuyou explained.

Shixia nodded with a smile, she knew that no matter when, her friends would accompany her.

"Thank you, dear."

Ning Wuyou just smiles and rubs Shixia's hair.

Last night, she felt that Xia Xia's face had lost a lot of weight.

"Really, what else do you want to say to me? Thank you. You are too polite!"

"I'm not polite at all, so I only have one thank you. By the way, is Jing Yang here? "

Ning Wuyou nodded, thinking of Li Jingyang's pit goods, she couldn't help feeling sad for Li Jingyang's assistant.

"Yes, he left all his work to the assistant. Then, he came here alone, and he was very free."

Shixia nodded.

"So it is!"

I didn't expect that Jingyang would be so lazy. No wonder Xi was so thin. He must have been abused by Jingyang!

Li Jingyang just came in from the outside at this time, and, just in time, heard Ning Wuyou speak ill of himself here!

"Who said that I came here because I was worried about my sister-in-law, OK?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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