Chapter 153

The weather is very good, because there is not too much industrial pollution, so the sky is particularly blue.

Shixia is alone on the nearby coast to bask in the sun. It's very good to sunbathe. The weather is not as hot as midsummer.

The temperature is just right.

However, when Li Jingyan came over, he found Shixia lying there. Although he was relaxing, his brow was still frowning.

"What's the matter with you, you look worried?"

Li Jingyan sits down beside Shixia. He can guess what she is thinking through Shixia's eyes.

For example, there must be something in Shixia's mind now!

Shixia opened her eyes, took a look at Li Jingyan, nodded, and did not deny anything. "I don't know why, I always feel a little restless recently."

She really felt that something had happened, and her ideas were usually very sensitive. However, Li Jingyan just laughed.

"You just worry too much. Don't think too much. When you go back in a few days, you will find that the earth is rotating without you."

He sat closer to Shixia and put his hands on both sides of Shixia's temple.

"What are you doing?"

Li Jingyan suddenly approached himself, and Shixia was like a frightened bird.

Li Jingyan is very hurt, how can he say is also the husband of others, however, was his wife refused thousands of miles away.

This feeling is really bad enough!

"I just want to massage you. Don't think about it."

Li Jingyan is frustrated. When can Shixia completely accept himself? This is a big problem!

"In fact, what you just said seems quite reasonable."

Li Jingyan helped Shixia to press the temple. Shixia also felt very comfortable. He really relaxed a lot.

"I said a lot just now. Which sentence do you mean?" Li Jingyan was at a loss.

Shixia smiles and replies, "that is to say, without me, the earth will still rotate. I admit that sometimes, I worry too much and worry too much. I can't trust to give everything to others."

Li Jingyan nodded. It's rare that this woman should be so conscious today.

"So, you can just enjoy your vacation with peace of mind now."

"All right, listen to you."

"That's right."

Seeing Shixia's obedient appearance, Li Jingyan felt relieved.

"What would you like to eat tonight?"

Two people unconsciously talked about the problem of eating.

After thinking about it, Shixia replied, "I think the seafood I ate yesterday is very good. In fact, I was allergic to seafood once, but now it seems that it doesn't have much to do with seafood."

She should only be for her own personal reasons, because yesterday she had no problem eating seafood!

Li Jingyan replied, "just know for yourself. Don't push everything on seafood. It's clear that there is nothing."

"Well, what you say is most reasonable!"

Shixia smiles, and Li Jingyan smiles after her.

At this time, Shixia found that when they were working in Yishi, they were too busy to get to know each other.

Now they two people together, nothing, only each other, get along is particularly harmonious.

Moreover, after understanding all the way, Shixia suddenly found that Li Jingyan was not only a successful businessman, but also an interesting person!

It seems that he is not as cold as before, and always gives people a feeling that strangers are not near.

Where is Shixia lying, with her eyes slightly closed and her face full of pleasure and enjoyment.

However, she suddenly felt as if someone was looking at her.

At the beginning, she thought it was her own illusion. When she opened her eyes, she found that Li Jingyan was looking at herself.

"What are you doing?"

Shixia quickly covers her cheek, because Li Jingyan has a camera in his hand. He must be shooting himself.

"Don't cover your face. I'm like taking two pictures. Don't keep your face taut and smile all the time."

However, Shixia is deliberately tense.

"No laughing."

Li Jingyan sighed. He was still fiddling with his camera, which was left in his car by Li Tao. He didn't know how to use it.

However, now Li Jingyan just found that it's very interesting to take pictures of the girls he likes!

"Such a beautiful woman, it's too ugly not to laugh. Alas, if I post it on my microblog, hundreds of thousands of fans will be watching it! "

Shi Xia quickly widened her eyes, with an excited look on her face, "what do you say?"She wants to rush in and grab the camera in Li Jingyan's hand.

Needless to say, there must be black photos of yourself in it!

Li Jingyan laughed, a look of schadenfreude, "I said, my hundreds of thousands of fans are looking at you!"

"No hair, Li Jingyan!"

Shixia is in a hurry. She rushes to see the photos.

She knew that Li Jingyan couldn't take any good pictures from the angle of mystery.

He was a beautiful girl, and was destroyed by a broken photo of him!

"Li Jingyan, you are not allowed to send it out. It's so ugly!"

Shixia covers her face. It's the first time that she sees herself so ugly. It's in Li Jingyan's camera!

Li Jingyan is such a fool that he can't take photos. He must take photos to be angry with himself. It's so hateful!

Li Jingyan just smiles, holding the camera in one hand. His height is there. It's almost impossible for Shixia to grab the camera!

"If you cooperate with me a little, I'll take some good-looking ones. I'll keep them and enjoy them by myself."

"Not good."

Shixia immediately refused.

She doesn't want to take photos with Li Jingyan now!

It's not her affectation. It's true that from childhood to adulthood, there are too few people who take pictures of her. She just doesn't get used to it.

Li Jingyan coughed softly twice. Shixia knew that it must be his fake. "Well, I'll send the photo to Weibo just now. Li Tao just said that I'm too lazy. I haven't updated Weibo for a long time."

Said, he really pretended to start looking for his mobile phone, poetry summer immediately panic. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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