Chapter 176

Let the biggest boss pick up her work, she doesn't want to stay in the lees group.

Shixia thinks that Li Jingyan won't send messages to himself any more. Who knows that Li Jingyan's message will come back soon.

"You haven't been working for several days, and you've been working overtime since you became a regular worker?"

Does Li Jingyan suspect that his overtime work is fake?

Shixia thought to himself that he didn't have to doubt such a low-level thing

"I don't know. Maybe it's the top who turned me into a regular in advance."

After this message was sent, Shixia quickly sent another one.

"Let's not talk about it. I have so many terrible things on hand that I have to take action."

"All right, come on."

Seeing that Li Jingyan is encouraging herself, Shixia feels sweet in her heart and can't help showing a knowing smile.

"Shixia, are you texting your boyfriend?" Next to the workbench, Xiao Chen looks at Shixia with a smile.

Xiao Chen came here last year and is a new employee. However, for Shixia, he should be a senior.

Shi Xia was stunned for a moment, as if he was thinking about the relationship between himself and Li Jingyan.

They are husband and wife. However, Shi Xia's marital status on her resume is single.

After struggling for a long time, Shixia just answered, "er I think so. "

However, Xiao Chen is obviously not satisfied with such an answer.

"What do you mean, yes, no, no! You are so beautiful. Your boyfriend should be very handsome. When will you bring it out to us

The tone of Xiao Chen's voice is a little strange. Shixia also feels a little uncomfortable.

Her own boyfriend, and other people should not have much to do with it.

However, Xiao Chen seems to be very interested in her boyfriend, which makes Shixia feel strange.

"Let's talk about it when we have a chance."

Xiao Chen's laughter sounded more like a sneer, "don't be perfunctory to us!"

Shixia smiles and doesn't speak. In fact, she hasn't been in Li's group for a long time, and her relationship with these colleagues doesn't seem to be so close

However, what Shixia didn't know was that her clothes and daily dressing were not much different from those when she was moistening pearl.

There is always a comparison between women. Seeing that Shixia wears famous brand all day long and uses the best, those women naturally have a bad guess.

And the most guessed is that Shixia was taken care of by an old and ugly old man, so she was so rich.


Soon, the topic in the office shifted from Shixia to Xiaochen.

"Xiao Chen, who will manager he take over this evening, is that you?"

"No, I don't know yet, he didn't say."

"You're the best drinker. It must be you."

Several other colleagues usually flatter Xiao Chen more or less, because she drinks well, and he Xiao is always used to taking Xiao Chen with her when she goes out.

"To be a salesman is to be able to drink. The more wine you drink, the faster your level will rise!"

"That's reasonable. I think little sister Chen's promotion this year is certain. At that time, we must remember to invite her to dinner!"

Several female colleagues are making trouble together, smiling.

Shixia just sat quietly on one side. A report given to her by Li tezhu this morning has not been completed yet.

She must seize the time and deal with the work at hand first.

Here, we are still blessing Xiao Chen's early promotion. Over there, he Xiao's assistant came.

"Shixia, why are you still in a daze? It's almost time. Go and get ready. I'll go with manager he later."

Shixia nods her head quickly. It's not her who gossips in the office. Why do you come to remind yourself at this time.

However, hearing that today is Shi Xia accompanying He Xiao, Xiao Chen, who was just so proud, immediately becomes embarrassed.

"Shixia, are you going with manager he today?"

Shixia was slightly embarrassed, "yes, just now Just now manager he told me

This who accompanies He Xiao to attend that dinner together, should not be very important.

However, this is not the case for Xiao Chen.

He Xiao's companion turns from her to Shixia, just like she is out of favor, and Shixia grabs her favor.

"After all, I'm a new man. When I get drunk, don't be drunk!"

Xiao Chen's way of speaking has obviously become bitter, and several colleagues who help him also begin to sneer at Shi Xia.

"It's interesting to be drunk. At that time, manager he is only afraid to take care of a drunkard!"Then the man snorted coldly.

Shixia is not comfortable to listen to, but he can only pretend to be blind.

It's really not worth fighting with them for such a worthless thing!

"I'll go first, nishang. When you give this report to Li tezhu, I'll say I've done it myself. Thank you."

Shixia said, and gave the report prepared in her hand to Su nishang, who had been sitting beside but didn't speak.

Su nishang nodded and laughed, "OK, OK, you give it to me first."

As soon as Shixia left, the group of people over there surrounded Su nishang.

"Nishang, did you know Shixia before?"

Su nishang shook her head and answered truthfully, "I don't know her. She's new here. How can I know her?"

Several other colleagues make it clear that they just don't believe what Su nishang said and think she is cheating.

"You don't know, and you have such a good relationship with her?"

Su nishang just laughed, "she's very nice and suitable to be a friend."

She is a person who doesn't like to show. She has been in Li's group for such a long time, but her sense of existence is still very low.

However, if she has any work, she will also finish it diligently. She is not suitable to go out for business in the sales department, but she is suitable for logistics work.

Xiao Chen sighed, went to Su nishang's side and sighed, "you are a good person. I think everyone is a good person. When you are cheated, you can cry."

The smile on Su nishang's face was a bit embarrassed, "how can I? Besides, what can I be cheated by others?"

In a unit, there are always some colleagues who like to satisfy their curiosity and compassion by exposing other people's wounds.

"Nishang, are you going to have a blind date again tonight?"

Su nishang is a typical blind date maniac in the sales department. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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