Chapter 190

But God knows what she's feeling now.

"I must have something to do with you. Open the door."

Shixia walks over, opens the door and looks at Li Jingyan, who is a head higher than himself.

Li Jingyan also looked down at her. Suddenly, like magic, he produced a boiled egg from his hand.

"What do you do with eggs?"

Shixia is a little confused.

Li Jingyan was relieved and explained, "I'll rub it for you. Your head is swollen."

"Thank you. I'll do it myself."

Shi Xia said and grabbed the egg in Li Jingyan's hand. His palm was warm, but his heart was cold.

"sorry, I was a little drunk just now."

Li Jingyan stood there and didn't leave. The room was very big, but Shixia felt that after he was there, the whole room became a little crowded.

"Sober now?"

"I didn't wake up."

Li Jingyan takes a look at Shixia. He goes directly to her, kisses her lips, and pours her on the bed behind Shixia.

If she has become her own person, does it mean that she will never leave herself again

Seeing such an abnormal Li Jingyan, Shixia became alarmed.

"What are you doing, Li Jingyan? Let me go..."

Li Jingyan tightly controlled Shixia's two hands with two hands, and did not let her resist.

Looking at Shixia's eyes with deep feeling, and Shixia only thinks that he must be drunk, will have such abnormal eyes.

"We are husband and wife. Isn't it normal for us to do such a thing? Xia Xia, don't refuse me. "

Li Jingyan said, once again attached her body, not like a kiss, some like a bite.

The harder Shixia struggled, the harder he exerted himself. Finally, Shixia had no strength to struggle.

Just lay there and let him do something wrong with himself.

"Li Jingyan, maybe we are really not suitable."

Shi Xia suddenly said such a sentence, Li Jingyan is like being poured down by a basin of cold water.

Looking at Shixia's indifferent eyes, his eyes also become clear, not as impressive as just now.

"Well, yes, maybe we should all help each other, Shixia. Is that what you mean?"

Shixia smiles bitterly.

"Maybe, maybe if we divorce, we can make each other happy."

In response to her, only the sound of closing the door when Li Jingyan left, he left after all.

And, the determination to go

Shixia thinks that after so many days of hard work, they seem to have a lot of sweet memories.

However, because of Shen Jia's sudden appearance, everything seemed to return to the far point in a flash!

Li Jingyan went back to his bedroom. He didn't feel sleepy at all. He took a cold shower in the bathroom and went to his study.

Seeing the papers on the desk, Li Jingyan's mouth could not help rising slightly.

She should have been working here just now. There seems to be her breath in the air.

However, at the thought of her rejecting herself just now, Li Jingyan's eyes became indifferent again.

Just at this time, Li Tao made a phone call.

"Big boss, our cooperation with Qin group was successfully signed yesterday. Should I be rewarded with a big holiday?"

Li Tao's business obviously sounds very excited. He just received the information and immediately came to report to his boss.

However, hearing the four words of Qin group, Li Jingyan's face was not so good-looking.

Why cooperate with Qin group? Now Shixia is in Li group. Doesn't it create many opportunities for them to meet?

"What do you think?"

Li Jingyan asked coldly.

Li Tao didn't realize his boss's anger. He just said with a smile, "I think you should give me a holiday."

"I think you should work hard now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and the next few days, and work overtime in the evening."

"Why do you have to work overtime, boss? You are so immoral!"

Li Tao had a look of lovelessness. However, he still didn't realize that the boss was angry because of something.

Call him immoral?

Li Jingyan laughed. If he was immoral, he would have been a bully just now!

"What did you say?"

Li Tao quickly changed his tone. "I didn't say anything. I said that as a member of Li's group, we should all have the heart to devote ourselves to the group

"It's good that you have such an idea. Try to put it into practice."

Li Jingyan replied faintly, as if he was encouraging Li Tao. However, Li Tao felt that he wanted to cry without tears!The next day, when Li Jingyan got up, Shixia was no longer at home.

Obviously, this woman is hiding from herself!

However, he just wanted to meet that smelly woman.

Li group.

"Let Shixia come to my office."

As soon as Li Jingyan came over, he began to find fault after half an hour's work.

Li Tao thought it was the boss who missed the president's wife, so he went there and invited the president's wife.

Ten minutes later.

Shixia came over with a stack of documents. The height of the documents just blocked her face. She didn't need to face Li Jingyan's face.

It seems that he can see the intention in Shixia's heart. Li Jingyan gives her a light look.

"Put the papers down."


Shixia is slightly unhappy, but she obediently puts down the documents in her hand and has to face Li Jingyan's angry face.

"President, this is the information you want. I've filed all of it. If there's nothing else, I'll go first. "

Shixia really can't wait to leave.

However, just as she was about to turn around and leave, she was stopped by Li Jingyan's words.

"Wait a minute, don't you forget what you promised me?" Li Jingyan said suddenly.

Shixia was stunned. Did she promise anything?

Seeing Shixia's muddled face, Li Jingyan was almost depressed to death. Sure enough, she forgot everything.

"You said you would eat with me in the future."

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