Chapter 204

Su Su shook Qin Qianqian for half a day, but Qin Qianqian didn't move at all.

"What's the matter with her?"

Qin mubai called sun Zhiwei with another fist. He was black and blue, and he looked very embarrassed.

Sun Zhiwei quickly explained, "it's just a little overpowering drug. I'll wake up soon."

However, his understatement made Qin mubai feel more irritated. Is this guy so perfunctory?

He even dare to take medicine on Qianqian. It's damned and mean!

"Qin mubai, Qin mubai, you will kill people."

Su Su rushes over and grabs Qin mubai. She doesn't stop Qin mubai at this time. She's afraid that Qin mubai will really kill people alive.

At that time, even the injured party, out of self-defense, can not explain clearly in court.

Qin Mu Bai said with a low curse, "such a person is just a scum alive, which will harm more people!"

Jiang Yucheng looks at Qin Qianqian, who is pale, and he is worried.

At this time, the most important thing is to send this girl to the hospital. This is the most important thing.

"Mubai, let's take her to the hospital first. She doesn't look very good."

Qin mubai stopped, but Sun Zhiwei had fallen to the ground. He was beaten black and blue, and his face was beyond recognition.

As for his present look, I'm afraid he can't go out normally within a month.

In the hospital.

Qin Qian was lying there, still in a coma.

And Su Su has been accompanied by Qin Qianqian's side, did not see Qin Qianqian opened her eyes, her heart how not at ease.

Qin mubai and Jiang Yucheng went to the police station because of something. They beat sun Zhiwei like that just now. The people of the sun family will definitely not give up.

After about half an hour, the person lying on the bed finally got some movement.

"Great, Qianqian, you finally wake up!"

Seeing that Qin Qianqian opened her eyes, Su Su rushed over and touched Qin Qianqian's forehead and her face.

After making sure Qin Qianqian was ok, Su Su was relieved.

"What happened?"

Qin Qianqian grabs his hair, obviously still in a confused state.

Before Su Su had time to explain anything, he saw that Qin mubai and Jiang Yucheng had come in.

Seeing Qin Qian wake up, these two people are relieved.

"Do you have no brain, Qin Qian! Do you do what anyone asks you to do? Are you stupid? "

Qin mubai rushes over and really wants to dig Qin Qian's brain to see what's inside.

Qin Qian frowned, which seemed to think of something, "you mean my uncle?"

Jiang Yucheng saw Qin mubai's angry appearance, and he was slightly helpless.

But he remembered that Qin mubai had made a clear statement that he did not recognize Qin Qianqian as his sister.

What, do you regret it now?

"Don't think too much. Maybe your uncle didn't know, so he arranged for sun Zhiwei. You took a little anesthetic, and then stay away from sun Zhiwei." Jiang Yucheng comforted.

"Oh, I see. Thank you, elder brother. Thank you."

Qin Qianqian nodded and watched Qin mubai leave the ward. Jiang Yucheng also left behind.

Just, when Jiang Yucheng left, he specially told Qin Qianqian to take good care of his body, and he didn't need to think about other things.

After Qin mubai and Jiang Yucheng went out, Su Su came to Qin Qianqian. This time, Su Su was really scared.

"Qianqian, in fact, I feel your brother is very good to you."

"Of course, he is also my brother."

Qin Qianqian smiles and looks proud, even though his brother Qin mubai always has an iceberg face.

However, when he saw Qin mubai, Qin Qianqian was still happy.

"When we went to sun Zhiwei's house just now, we saw that you were almost given by that bastard Your brother is going to kill others! " Su Su said, sighing heavily.

That was exciting.

"My brother is the best in the world!"

Qin Qianqian says, ha ha ground giggles, as if already became Qin Mu Bai's small fan younger sister.

All over the world, what she adores most is her brother, who is the most handsome.

The sun family.

Seeing sun Zhiwei limp in, sun Mo, who is sitting on the sofa tasting pitaya, is obviously surprised.

This What's going on?

Brother has been in Yishi alone, who has the courage to make his brother like this."Brother, how did your face become like this?"

Sun Mo rushed over and helped his brother.

Although sun Zhiwei showed his teeth in pain, he was still cursing and looking unhappy.

"It's Qin mubai! If it wasn't for him, Qin Qianqian would be destroyed in my hands today. Damn Qin mubai, I won't let him go! "

"Did he hit you?"

Sun Mo was surprised. Didn't he say that Qin Mu Bai had a bad relationship with the Qin family?

However, he has a bad relationship with the Qin family. Will he help Qin Qian out?

"Go and get Yunnan Baiyao quickly. I'll treat the wound for my brother first." Sun Mo enjoined the servant beside him.

The reason why Sun Zhiwei didn't go to the hospital for examination in advance and went to the hospital for bandaging was to let his younger sister see his embarrassed appearance.

All this is the fault of Jiang Yucheng and Qin mubai. Therefore, Mo Mo definitely can't marry Jiang Yucheng!

Their sun family and Jiang family are married!

"Sun Mo, don't contact Jiang Yucheng any more! When Qin mubai and I had a dispute, Jiang Yucheng was beside me. However, he made it clear that he wanted to help the Qin family and beat me! "

"What do you mean, Yucheng will help the Qin family?"

Sun Mo is surprised, the action in the hand can't help but weigh three points, and the pain makes sun Zhiwei's whole face distorted.

Sun Zhiwei growled, "can you be a little lighter? I'm dying of pain. You can't see it!"

Sun Mo just nodded, "Oh, I know."

"So, I told you to stay away from that man, he is not a good thing!" Sun Zhiwei continued.

In any case, Jiang Yucheng and Qin mubai did it themselves today. The possibility that he will marry his sister is zero.

"But I..."

Sun Mo looks up at his brother, slightly not reconciled. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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