Chapter 226

Shixia nodded in a daze. She looked like a fool. She was the foolish son of the landlord.

Therefore, this gave Li Jingyan the illusion that if he didn't cheat this woman, he would feel sorry for her.

"What happened last night, remember?" Li Jingyan looks at Shixia's face, his eyes are burning.

He was so close that Shixia only felt that his face was almost red.

She still shakes her head. She can't remember anything. Her head still feels uncomfortable and dizzy.

However, the discomfort of Shixia's body no doubt did not tell her that what happened last night was not a good thing.

Li Jingyan sighed and pretended to be a victim. He was innocent.

"You had too much to drink last night. You gave me a hard bow."

"What did you say?"

Shixia's eyes were bigger than the copper bell in a moment. How could it be!

Li Jingyan nodded and looked at Shixia, pretending to be pathetic. "So, wife, you should be responsible for me."

"I To you To you? "

Shixia hesitated and felt that he was dead now.

However, how can she be responsible

What happened last night was that she suffered a loss. Her first night was so inexplicably lost.

"What else? How else will you compensate me? " Li Jingyan looks at Shixia, his eyes are bright.

However, Shixia's eyes are uneasy to hide, but she does not dare to look directly into Li Jingyan's eyes. She admits that she has done wrong.

If you give her another chance, she won't be like that.

"Li Jingyan, you should know that I am the one who suffers the loss, OK?"

Li Jingyan shook his head, "I don't care. I was forced to do it, so you have to be responsible."

He Is it forced?

Shixia looks at Li Jingyan. Obviously, she doubts the truth of what Li Jingyan said just now.

How could she have the ability to force Li Jingyan!

"I drank too much last night. I don't remember anything. How can I know if what you said is true or false?" Shixia muttered.

If it's Li Jingyan's nonsense, she won't easily believe what Li Jingyan said.

Li Jingyan nodded. Well, since his wife doesn't believe it, he has a way.

"But that's true. Otherwise, I'll go to the elevator video and maybe find the video of you kissing me last night. "


Shixia grabs Li Jingyan, but he falls down on Li Jingyan.

Li Jingyan's temperature seems to be on the high side, so Shixia quickly hides to one side.

Seeing Shixia's embarrassed appearance, Li Jingyan suddenly found it very interesting. He had never seen Shixia like this before!

"Li Jingyan, what do you want?"

Shixia is anxious. She even thinks that Li Jingyan is looking for trouble now. Such a person should be taught a good lesson.

"And you, what do you want?" Li Jingyan asked.

Shixia said, "I don't want to do anything. Yesterday, I thought I was bitten by a dog. Don't worry about it."

Li Jingyan snorted coldly and looked unhappy. Obviously, he was extremely dissatisfied with Shixia's attitude.

"What did you say, the dog bit me? Then when you come back, you still enjoy it so much? "

Shixia's face turns red instantly. This man without skin and face is really annoying!

"Who enjoyed You shut up. "

Li Jingyan just laughed. Seeing that Shixia seemed really shy, he didn't say anything.


Li Jingyan looks at Shixia, who is slightly angry.

"Not hungry!"

Li Jingyan was not angry either. He just nodded with a smile and looked like an old driver.

"It seems that the amount of exercise last night was not enough."

Shixia felt even more flustered on her face!

"Li Jingyan, are you ashamed?"

Li Jingyan smiles. His face is stronger than the city wall. What shame is he afraid of!

"With my wife, I'm not shy."

Shixia replied stiffly, "I'm shy, OK."

Li Jingyan just laughed. That's right. Such a poem looks like a girl!

Otherwise, all day, where there is a little girl look.

"OK, wife, I'll get up and make breakfast for you."

Watching Li Jingyan leave the bedroom, Shixia feels confused like a pot of porridge.

I knew earlier that she shouldn't have drunk. It's really wrong to drink. It's tooShixia leans back to the bed, but when she thinks about what happened last night, she feels that her head is going to explode.

All of a sudden, she didn't know what to do.

Shixia simply lifted the quilt and got out of bed, only to see the red plum blossom on the white sheet, which made Shixia's face hot and dry.

Some shameful fragments of last night were intermittently echoing in her mind.

However, because of the intermittence, she couldn't figure out the whole story.

Last night, did she really bow Li Jingyan to overlord? How does she feel so unreliable? Is Li Jingyan cheating her?


It doesn't seem like that. Li Jingyan is so determined that Shixia has no way to doubt him!

Shixia went to the washroom. After cleaning, she changed into a fresh beige dress and went downstairs.

Li Jingyan is still busy in the kitchen. If life can go on like this, he is willing to be a hard cook at home.

Seeing the woman coming down the stairs, Li Jingyan's face with a shallow smile, just like the warm sun in spring, giving people warmth and hope.

In fact, this is also very good. This is the morning that a normal couple should have. He feels like home.

"Breakfast is ready. I'll fry you the poached eggs."

"Thank you."

Shixia lowers her head slightly. Something like that happened last night. She doesn't even know how to face Li Jingyan.

The key is that Li Jingyan is still calm, which makes him feel guilty.

She is not a thief!

"How is it, all right?"

Watching Shixia eat a mouthful of fried eggs, Li Jingyan immediately gets excited. This is the first time that he has made breakfast with his own heart. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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