Chapter 227

"Generally, I can barely eat it." Shixia turns her lips lightly.

However, Li Jingyan is obviously not satisfied with the plain and light narration.

"It's the level of a chef, OK?"

Shixia said, "it's just an egg. Are you so proud?"

Although she really admits that Li Jingyan's egg is good, there are many people who can cook, and there are countless people who can fry eggs.

"I also squeezed soymilk and ground coffee. What do you want?" Li Jingyan looks at Shixia.

Shixia suddenly has an illusion that Li Jingyan seems to have become a servant around him.

Shixia asked dully, "don't you need to go to work today?"

Today is not a rest day. The boss is busy every day. How can he not go to work!

Li Jingyan explained, "I got up late today, so I won't go. I'm worried about Li Tao."

Shixia couldn't help laughing. She thought that workaholics would think the office was the best place. It turned out that workaholics would also rest!

"Isn't that what it's called? The lotus tent is warm day and spring night. Since then, the king doesn't go to court early..."

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia, her eyes look bad, but Shixia's face turns pink.

Li Jingyan is a cheeky rascal, rascal!

Between them, Li Jingyan's phone rings suddenly.

Li Jingyan just took a look at whose phone it was and put it aside.

"Your phone rang. Why didn't you answer it?"

Shixia is slightly curious.

However, she seems to want to understand something. Li Jingyan doesn't answer the phone because of herself

"Shen Jia?" Asked Shixia.

Li Jingyan smiles and replies, "nothing."

However, this has been able to let Shixia understand that the person on the other side of the phone is Shen Jia.

However, she is not unreasonable. What's more, what right does she have to stop Li Jingyan from contacting Shen Jia!

"Li Jingyan, just answer the phone. What if there's something urgent?"

"If there is something urgent, she will call Li Tao, and Li Tao will deal with it." Li Jingyan only answered this sentence.

He had made up his mind to live a good life with Shixia.

Thinking of this, Li Jingyan looked at Shixia and earnestly assured him, "Xiaxia, I will keep a distance from Shen Jia from today on. We will be together..."

However, before his words were finished, he was surprised by a wechat message sent by Shen Jia again.

"Jing Yan, come to the hospital quickly. I'm going to have a baby."

Is the baby coming out?

"Xia Xia, I'll go to the hospital. I'll be right back."

Li Jingyan said, then quickly left home, and Shi Xia just a look of loss, it should think of.

He is not as important as Shen Jia, in his heart, from beginning to end!

"He also said to keep a distance from Shen Jia. Li Jingyan, who are you cheating on..." Shixia murmurs.

She suddenly felt very sad and pathetic. What was she expecting.

Is disappointment over and over again not enough? She's going to bump herself into the head again and again?

Shixia tells herself in her heart that it's enough. It's really enough!

It's time to look back. If she doesn't look back, I'm afraid everything will be late.

Thinking of this, Shixia takes a look at the sun outside and the delicate breakfast on the table. Everything is so beautiful.

However, everything is not her, she should release her hand.

She turned and walked into her room. She opened the suitcase. In fact, she didn't have much to take away.

However, what she wanted to leave with most was her heart, which had been left in this place forever.

In the hospital.

Li Jingyan has been feeling restless all day today, and he can't figure out why.

Because the child in Shen Jia's stomach is something else. Before he came, Shen Jia had been sent to the operating room, and the doctor was preparing to deliver the baby.

After thinking about it, Li Jingyan thinks that he should call Shixia at this time, at least to explain where he is.

However, he found that in a hurry, his mobile phone did not come out at all.

Forget it. I'd better wait until I get back.

Finally, half an hour later, the door of the operating room slowly opened.

"How's the patient, doctor?" Seeing the doctor coming out, Li Jingyan asked quickly.

"The patient has some signs of premature delivery, and the family members should be prepared psychologically."

Li Jingyan nodded and said, "you must do your best."As long as they try their best, they can't do anything else, and they can't force others to do it. Everything is doomed.

Finally, the child was born safely.

"Congratulations, Mr. Li. It's a girl."

Seeing Shen Jia's safe production, Li Jingyan was relieved.

However, he was just relieved to see Li Tao come in in a hurry.

Li Tao could not have been in such a hurry if there had not been something tense.

"President, I don't know why, there are a lot of reporters outside." Li Tao reported.

When Li Tao said that, Li Jingyan frowned tightly. Of course, he knew how bad news it was for him to have a reporter at the door at this time.

Tomorrow's headline must be that Li Jingyan likes to be a father, and the child is still born from his first love.

"Find a way, in any case, to let them go." Li Jingyan orders coldly.

Li Tao shook his head. I'm afraid it won't work. "They seem to know the news ahead of time. Now they're stuck at the door. Why don't they leave?"

When they first came here, they were very low-key and didn't think they would be blocked in this place by reporters.

However, the fact is that they are really blocked.

Shen Jia hasn't come out of the delivery room yet, but she knows everything outside.

Yes, all this is a play that she carefully arranged, but she doesn't play, she only works as a director behind the scenes.

As soon as Li Jingyan left home, a large number of reporters gathered around him.

"Mr. Li, Mr. Li, is the child in Miss Shen Jia's stomach yours?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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