Chapter 246

Li Jingyan lightly replied, "I know that there is still a lack of English simultaneous translators around me. I need to screen them myself."

"OK, President Li, this way, please."

In fact, Li Jingyan did not think clearly why he had to come here today.

He has only one feeling that he must come here today and see the translation company himself.

Maybe it's really doomed. The man Shixia tried every means to avoid, but in a twinkling of an eye, he met.

"Excuse me, please."

Shixia holds a stack of documents and gets on the elevator.

The elevator is not big, but because of the long sitting, there are many fat people.

Seeing some overcrowded people, Shixia didn't have time to take a close look. Sure enough, China's population needs family planning.

Shixia couldn't help feeling a little stuffy. She just raised her head and was ready to have a rest.

But he saw his own head, Li Jingyan's enlarged handsome face, his handsome eyebrows and eyes, and his resolute face contour.

Shixia wants to meet Li Jingyan again for countless times, in the busy streets, in the quiet cafes, in the elegant concerts.

They may each hold another person's hand, and then look at each other, face without a trace of ups and downs, until passing by.


Li Jingyan first saw the summer of poetry.

"Li Jingyan..."

Shixia now has only one idea, escape!

Li Jingyan also thought about seeing Shixia again many times.

Maybe she was pressed back by Li Tao and others to see herself. Maybe she came back on her own initiative and told herself that she was late and kept waiting for a long time.

However, I didn't expect to meet again in the crowded elevator.

They just looked at each other and said nothing, because the crowd was so crowded that they were doomed to have no way to hold each other tightly.

Li Tao couldn't help but join his own eyes. He just looked at them secretly and then bowed his head.

If you don't look any more, your eyes will be dug out by the boss.

"Ding Dong."

The elevator stops, the door opens, and Shixia is at the door.

Seeing that the elevator door opened, Shixia rushed out without hesitation, as if avoiding the plague.

Li Jingyan is faster than her. He reaches out his hand, grabs Shixia's hand and pulls her back to his face.

"What are you running for?"

Shixia quibbled, "I didn't run, I I'll come out! "

However, when she lied, she was obviously a little guilty. She didn't even dare to look at Li Jingyan's eyes.

Shixia scolds herself silently in her heart. What is she afraid of? She doesn't do anything wrong!

Li Jingyan grasped Shixia's hand, as if afraid that she would slip away again.

"Why are you here?"

With a cold face, he questioned the woman in front of him.

Shixia hesitated, "I Work. "

"Work? Are you back? "

Shixia nodded, forget it, in a city, it's inevitable to meet in the future, she recognized!

Shixia muttered, "the place where I am standing now is in Yishi, isn't it?"

Li Jingyan sighs. As a wife who has been away from home for three years, she sees her husband again. Is her reaction so insipid?

"Shixia, don't you have anything to tell me?"

Shixia's eyes are stubborn.

"I don't know what I want to say."

Li Jingyan clenched his fist. If the person in front of him was not Shixia, he would really punch her down and beat her all over the floor.

But in front of him was the dead woman Shixia, who was reluctant to give up.

"Shixia, you left quietly three years ago, don't you need to give me a suitable reason?"

Shixia's eyes drooped down, some listless.

Did he just regard his departure as a three-year absence?

Shi Xia took a deep breath and said clearly what she wanted to say at one time. "I have already said that we are not suitable. I have signed the divorce agreement. President Li, from then on, you will go your way. I will cross my single wooden bridge. We have nothing to do with each other."

She could see clearly. When she said this, the flame in Li Jingyan's eyes was burning.

And then there was his anger, his loss of control, the blue veins protruding from the back of his hand, and his eyes dilated with anger.

However, Shixia made it clear.

She gave up, she don't and Li Jingyan continue to torture each other, so for two people, is a kind of injury, isn't it?Li Jingyan hums coldly, "what a two have nothing to do! Shixia, you are really good

"I'm flattered."

Shixia looks up at Li Jingyan lightly.

They are stubborn people, like two hedgehogs, may have each other in mind.

However, it is doomed not to embrace each other, and there will never be a way to accept other people's hugs.

When Shixia sent the materials to the conference room, everyone was already waiting.

"Shixia, what's the matter with you? How did it take you so long to send a document?"

Shixia bowed her head slightly and explained, "I'm sorry, I just met something and delayed."

She could feel that someone was looking at her all the time, and she knew clearly whose eyes it was.

However, Shixia always lowered her head as if she didn't see anything.

Li Tao took a look at the president's wife, who had been away for three years, and then at his boss, who had just gone to negotiate alone.

In the end, is that the result?

It seems that there is something wrong with it!

The boss of the translation company has been busy introducing all kinds of talents to Li Jingyan. "President Li, which of these translators do you want to choose as your personal translator?"

However, Li Jingyan is obviously absent-minded.

The manager asked the question several times, but Li Jingyan didn't give an answer.

"President Li, President Li?"

Li Tao slightly embarrassed to pound the boss's arm, "boss..."

This boss is absent-minded, but it's rare!

It must be what the president's wife said just now. There is only one poet in the world who can make Li Jingyan lose his soul. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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