Chapter 259

After they entered the kindergarten, the teacher quickly told them about the classes they were responsible for and the teaching contents.

What makes Shixia surprised is that the little girl she accidentally saved today is in her class.

Maybe it's really the fate between myself and this little girl.

Shixia stands on the platform with a smile and ends the class very gently. Fortunately, the children also have the language foundation, so they learn more smoothly.

Especially the little girl Jiaojiao, is also a smart little girl, what content, as long as Shixia said once, the little guy can basically understand.

Shixia smiles, just want to say goodbye to you, but see Jiaojiao running over.

"This is for beautiful aunt."

The little girl is holding a beautiful flower in her hand. Shixia is vaguely moved and gives the little girl a lollipop that she has prepared.

"Thank you. What's your name, little friend?"

In fact, Jiaojiao had just said that, but Shixia was worried and didn't notice.

"My name is Jiao Jiao."

Shixia touched the child's soft hair and praised, "Jiaojiao, you are so cute."

She is ready to say that after class, but it is to see Jiaojiao toward the door, showing a more brilliant smile.

"Mom, you're here!"

Shen Jia smiles and hugs her baby daughter, "Mom and your uncle Jing Yan are coming to pick you up!"

And the man standing behind her is Li Jingyan.

Shixia looks at all this foolishly. It turns out that it's their family. Does Li Jingyan have such a lovely daughter?

Jiaojiao didn't understand. She just said with a smile, "Mom, I met a very beautiful aunt today. She is very nice and gave Jiaojiao a lollipop."

"That's because we are good enough."

Shen Jia's gentle face shows that she is really happy now.

Jiaojiao looks at Shixia and says goodbye to Shixia, "beautiful aunt, my mother and I will go back first. See you next time."

However, when Shen Jia saw Shixia, her whole face turned black, and Li Jingyan was also surprised.


Shen Jia quickly pulled her daughter and asked, "Jiaojiao, is the beautiful aunt Shixia you are talking about?"

"What poetry summer?"

Jiaojiao didn't know what her mother meant. Beautiful aunt only said that she came to class temporarily today and didn't introduce her name.

Shen Jia continued to ask, "is she a teacher in your school?"

"Yes, my aunt is coming to teach us today."

Li Jingyan has been looking at Shixia all the time. Now he is also full of confusion. How could Shixia come to teach in this place.

Did she change her job?

Shen Jia takes a furtive look at Li Jingyan, only to find that Li Jingyan is staring at Shixia.

His attentive eyes when he looked at Shixia made Shen Jia almost angry.

"Jing Yan, let's hurry. I have an appointment with the director this afternoon. It's a very important appointment. I can't be late."

Li Jingyan finally nodded.

"Well, let's go."

Looking at their three left, Shixia felt that her whole strength was exhausted in that moment.

If you let Chenchen know that his father has other children, and he is someone else's father, will Chenchen blame his mother for being incompetent?

Shen Jia takes her daughter Jiaojiao into Li Jingyan's car. However, seeing Li Jingyan's absent-minded appearance, she feels angry.

Needless to say, she also knows that the reason for Li Jingyan's absent mindedness must be the woman in Shixia.

What's good about that woman, Shen Jia secretly clenched her fist.

She vowed that Li Jingyan would not be with Shixia now, and it would never be Shixia's turn in the future.

The woman around him can only be her, can only be her Shen Jia!

"Jiaojiao, what would you like to eat tonight?"

In order to let Li Jingyan pay more attention to himself, Shen Jia quickly thought of it and moved Jiaojiao out.

"Mom, Jiaojiao wants to eat seafood. Uncle Jingyan, what would you like to eat?" The little guy looks at Li Jingyan who is driving.

Li Jingyan laughed and replied, "what Jiaojiao likes, uncle will eat."

It's obviously spoiling the child, but it's like perfunctory in Shen Jia's heart.

"Uncle, let's have seafood."

Li Jingyan nodded, but seemed to think of something, "Jiaojiao, is your stomach OK? Many people eat seafood is easy to have diarrhea."

Jiaojiao smile, a lovely face, a pair of small eyes flickering, very bright."Uncle is looking down on Jiao Jiao. Jiao Jiao must be OK!"

Li Jingyan laughed and said nothing more.

When Li Jingyan didn't speak, Shen Jia simply didn't continue to speak, and the car became quiet for a moment.

Jiaojiao is just a child. Naturally, she can't accept such an atmosphere, so she said happily.

And she said the most people, even today's beautiful aunt, that is, poetry summer.

"Mom, the beautiful aunt is very good today. She also bought Jiaojiao a lollipop. Moreover, on the road today, if the beautiful aunt didn't rush out to save Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao might have been hit by a car. The aunt is very beautiful, and..."

Shen Jia's face is as black as the bottom of a pot when she hears that her daughter is always talking about her rival.

In particular, the person sitting in the front seat was Li Jingyan, who she liked, so Shen Jia couldn't stand it any more.

If it wasn't for Li Jingyan in the front seat, she really wanted to sew up her daughter's mouth.

This little girl said so long, don't you feel tired?

"Jiaojiao, can you stop talking, mom has a headache!" Shen Jia's tone suddenly became fierce.

Jiaojiao has been around her mother for a long time. When she sees her mother's expression, she knows that her mother must be angry and dare not say anything more.

as like as two peas in the front seat, Li Jingyan never spoke. The woman should be the same as before.

However, why does she have to be stubborn? Is divorce really so important to her?

In the evening.

After Li Jingyan sent Shen Jia home, he went back to Li's old house. He hasn't been with his parents for a long time. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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