Chapter 264

That time she asked Xia Xia, but Xia Xia had no intention to save her life. However, Ning Wuyou put her hope on Li Jingyan!

Who knows, now Li Jingyan did not toss, these two people, are really going to end like that?

The Li family next to him had already begun to figure out which girl was better.

"I think that child of Mu family is very nice, beautiful and graduated from MIT."

Su Jiaqi shook her head and said she didn't agree with her husband, "no, I still think the Xu's second son is more beautiful."

See mom and dad there to discuss, Li Jingyang and Ning Wuyou also began to chirp up.

Li Jingyang sighed, "it looks like mom and dad haven't settled down yet. There's no goal!"

Ning Wuyou nodded, as if.

It seems that Li's parents don't know what their son thinks.

"By the way, did you go to see Shixia?"

Li Jingyang looks at his wife, but he puts all his hopes on her.

Who knows, rather worry is a face.

"What did I say?"

Li Jingyang blinked his eyes, some speechless, "rather worry, you will not forget it, you said, and I stand on the United Front, until the poetry summer rules advised to change my mind."

"Well, when I promised, I probably forgot."

Ning Wuyou said, picked up the apple on the table and took a bite.

She will definitely support her best friend, so no matter what kind of choice she makes, she will support her best friend.

Li Jingyang a pair of hate iron does not become steel appearance, "rather worry, how do you and your best friend stand on the same front?"

It's better not to worry.

"You have already said that Shixia is my best friend. I don't stand on the United Front with my best friend. Who do I stand on the same front with?"


Li Jingyang wants to dig out Ning Wuyou's brain. She is very clever. How can she solve all kinds of problems at the critical moment!

Can't she be a little more far sighted?

"Rather worry, you are not stupid ah, you think, if Xia Xia and my brother reunite, then our family together and beautiful, how good!"

Ning Wuyou nods her head suddenly. She patronizes and supports Shixia, forgetting all the important things.

"What you said seems reasonable. How can I forget it?"

Li Jingyang sighed heavily.

"That's why I said you were stupid!"

I'd rather not worry.

"Who are you talking about?"

Li Jingyang's reaction is much faster than Ning Wuyou's, "you are a fool!"

"You are!"

"You are!"

Li Zhiren and Su Jiaqi were originally discussing the object of Li Jingyan's blind date.

At this moment, all the attention was attracted by his second son and his second daughter-in-law.

"Jingyang, worry free, when are you two going to have a baby?"

Looking at her father-in-law and mother-in-law are looking at her and her husband, Ning Wuyou can't help but feel embarrassed.

"Ha ha, in fact, I think the food you cooked tonight is delicious!"

No way, she can only talk about the dinner Su Jiaqi made today.

Li Jingyang also echoed, "yes, yes, I think today's vegetables are particularly suitable for my appetite."

Li Zhiren coughed two times. These two young people just don't let themselves worry!

"You two want to be careless and worry free. You study medicine yourself. You should know that it's very dangerous for a girl to have a child over 30 years old." Su Jiaqi looks concerned.

The reason why she is so anxious to let her daughter-in-law have a baby is actually for her own health!

Rather carefree smile, slightly hot face, "Mom, don't worry, I still have three years to go!"

In this way, they discussed the issue of having a baby in the hall. Although she was already a married woman, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

After all, she is the center of the topic!

Su Jiaqi sighed and continued to earnestly persuade, "in three years, the sooner you have a baby, the better. It's good for your own health."

Said here, next to Li Zhiren seems to suddenly think of something.

He suddenly sighed, "by the way, I remember the daughter of the Xu family is 26 years old."

Su Jiaqi also nodded, as if it made sense!

It takes time to fall in love, get married and have children!

"No, no, it's too big. It's better to be Mu's girl. Although she's a bit wayward, she's young. She just graduated from MIT."Li Zhi nodded and agreed with his wife,

"I think it's reasonable. I'd better go to Mu's house and find the girl of Mu's house."

Seeing that her parents in law's attention has shifted, Ning Wuyou and Li Jingyang are relieved.

The two of them are now together, and the United States, husband and wife love, good can not be better.

At this time, he doesn't want to have a baby. He has to have a baby and get pregnant. What a waste of time. Good youth can't be wasted on this matter.

after walking around the Enron company with an Yi Nan, Shixia realized the identity of an Yi Nan.

He turned out to be the general manager of Enron, and the founder of Enron turned out to be his father. No wonder this guy knew that he was a rich man.

However, Shixia doesn't care about these. What she is most happy about is that she has found a job.

It's so good that she doesn't need to worry about the cost of Chen Chen's treatment.

Thinking of her son, Shixia quietly cheers herself up in her heart.

She must come on and let her baby son live the best life.

"Thank you. I'm basically familiar with what I need to do in my job."

Shi Xia looks at an Yi Nan, full of gratitude, and then bows deeply. She really appreciates an Yi Nan.

An Yinan just smiles and looks at Shixia as if there is light in his eyes. When Shixia leaves, the light in his eyes slowly dissipates. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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