Chapter 267

"Car key."

Li Jingyan lightly spits out three words, then puts the car key in his hand in Shixia's hand.

Then, he was so dignified to do next to the co pilot's seat, sat down.


Shixia just looked at Li Jingyan and didn't know what to say!

Seeing that Shixia was still pestling outside, like a fool, Li Jingyan said faintly, "you said it yourself, you sent me."

Shixia only felt that he was like falling into a pit.

However, Shixia didn't know how she fell in.

"I'll give you a ride."

Shi Xia's mouth was bulging, and he was very angry. However, he got on the bus.

She swore in her heart that when Li Jingyan was sent away, and when they divorced tomorrow, they would never have any relationship again.

In the car, Shixia didn't speak, and Li Jingyan didn't speak. He hasn't been like this for a long time.

In this way, he didn't do anything, he didn't think about anything, so he sat quietly beside Shixia and only looked at her.

Li Jingyan felt at ease with the familiar atmosphere of Shixia.

But, looking at it, he actually fell asleep.

After waiting for Li's villa, Shi Xia turned around and took a look at the co pilot.

Just now, Li Jingyan was looking at her all the time. She didn't want to say anything. She had to turn her head and concentrate on driving as if she didn't see Li Jingyan.

Now I know that Li Jingyan fell asleep just now.

"Li Jingyan, wake up and get home."

Shixia shakes Li Jingyan sitting on the front passenger seat. Li Jingyan rubs his eyes and opens them.

"Are you home?"

Shixia nodded, "well, I'll go back first. Go up and have a rest yourself."

However, who knows, Li Jingyan is suddenly leaning on the side of the car, a look of pain.

Looking at his appearance so painful, his face is not right, and it doesn't look like a fake. Shixia suddenly gets nervous.

"What's the matter with you?"

Li Jingyan took a cold breath in pain, "stomachache."

Although it was a real pain, he felt very lucky that he had a stomachache at this time. It was too late.

As long as the stomachache, then there is a reason to keep her.

The poem summer sighed a tone, some helpless, "really owe you, I send you up."

She is really unlucky. As long as she wants to get rid of Li Jingyan, she finds that Li Jingyan will become a piece of gum and can't get rid of it.

At the door, Shixia took a look at Li Jingyan and asked, "where's the key?"

Li Jingyan felt his pockets, and his pretty eyebrows wrinkled tighter in an instant.

"It seems to have been left in the company."

Like being afraid of being abandoned by Shixia, Li Jingyan hastened to make himself miserable.

The biggest shortcoming of Shixia is that her heart is too soft. Seeing that Li Jingyan is so miserable now, she still doesn't have the heart to throw this son of a bitch away.

"Can you hold on? I'll take you to the hospital first. "

"No hospital, no hospital."

Li Jingyan specially stressed twice that she really didn't want to go to the hospital.

Shixia's forehead can't help falling down two black lines, this man!

"Are you a child? When you are sick, do you still want to go to the hospital?"

Li Jingyan continued, "I don't want to go to the hospital. You can take me to the company. Maybe Li Tao is still there."

Shixia takes a deep breath and nods. OK, she is really defeated by this guy!

I owe him in my last life!

"All right, you can bear it."

In the car.

Shi Xia and Li Jingyan are going to the company. She is really unlucky tonight.

I can't help it. It seems that I have found such a good job during the day, so I have to neutralize my luck this evening.

While driving, Shixia couldn't help yawning.

Li Jingyan looked at her and asked, "are you sleepy?"

Shixia nodded. Yes, she's sleepy now.

"You are still in the mood to chat with me. It seems that there is really no big problem."

Li Jingyan quickly replied, "the reason why I chat with you is that I'm afraid you'll fall asleep. When the time comes, I'll have a car accident with you. People don't know, they think we'll die together."

"Bah, who's going to die for love with you?"

Li Jingyan was in a hurry and asked, "who do you want to go with, Qin mubai?"

Shixia only thinks that Li Jingyan is really unreasonable now. Forget it, she doesn't care about anything with a patient.

"No, I don't want to die yet."On the way, Shixia stopped again.

"What are you doing?"

Li Jingyan obviously doesn't know what Shixia wants to do when he suddenly gets off the bus at this time.

"You wait for me."

Li Jingyan frowned and watched Shixia get out of the car.

If he didn't really know Shixia too well, Li Jingyan would really doubt whether Shixia had lost a patient.

When he saw the pharmacy across the road, Li Jingyan seemed to understand something, and his frown stretched a lot.

After a while, Shixia came back with a pharmacy bag in her hand. She went to buy medicine.

Shi Xia gives Li Jingyan what she has in her hand, and doesn't look at the teasing expression on Li Jingyan's face.

"Take two tablets. It's more or less effective. Don't drink late at night in the future. It's your body that's hurt. It's not worth it."

"Why are you talking like my mother?"

Li Jingyan's words sound like some dissatisfaction in his heart, but the corner of his mouth is clearly rising.

Obviously, he's in a good mood right now.

However, when Li Jingyan talks about her mother, Su Jiaqi, Shixia is obviously stunned.

"Ma Auntie, does she know I'm back? "

She felt that she had really failed Su Jiaqi's expectations.

How much Su Jiaqi likes Shixia's daughter-in-law, Shixia knows better than anyone.

However, she is still

Li Jingyan looked at Shixia and replied, "of course she didn't know. If she knew, she would have come to disturb you. You don't want to see her."

Shixia replied, "I don't want to see it, I just don't want to face it, and I don't know how to face it."

Su Jiaqi has no place to be sorry for Shixia, but Shixia feels that she owes Su Jiaqi too much.

Li Jingyan curled her lips and continued, "she was still planning to arrange a blind date for me yesterday." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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