Chapter 298

How good a man is to you does not lie in how much he can give you, but in that he can give you all he has and give you all he has.

Zhang Linlin shook her head and continued, "however, after graduation, he left with their daughter. I don't blame him. Everyone has the right to pursue a better life. I can't help him. I'm nothing but a burden to him."

Shixia was stunned. For a moment, she didn't know how to comfort Zhang Linlin.

Seeing Zhang Linlin's eyes dim just now, she should have thought that this is not a comedy ending and a happy story for all.

However, when Shixia was struggling with how to comfort Zhang Linlin, Zhang Linlin already laughed.

"Sister Shixia, you believe me. It will look good on you."

Zhang Linlin said, excitedly ran to one side, picked up a pink cheongsam.

The style of cheongsam is very simple, elegant and simple, just the color

"But, Linlin, do you think this pink is a little too tender?"

Shixia refers to the color of the cheongsam, which she thinks is more suitable for the age of about 20.

She is now

She is already a mother of a child.

Linlin took a serious look again, she still thought this set was beautiful, and the others always felt a little old-fashioned.

"Is it tender? I think the color is just right, and it sets off sister Shixia's skin color. "

Poetry summer helpless, see is own good friend sincerely recommend, then took the cheongsam in Zhang Linlin's hand in the past.

Then she went around again, looked at Zhang Linlin, thought about it, and took out a beige cheongsam.

"OK, Linlin, you recommended one for me, and I also recommended one for you."

Zhang Linlin's eyes lit up when she saw what Shixia was doing.

"Sure enough, sister Shixia understood me. In fact, as soon as I entered the door, I fell in love with this. But I always felt that I was fat. Maybe the effect of my upper body was not very good, so..."

She has always wanted to thin down, in fact, Zhang Linlin is not really fat, just a little puffy.

However, such a little puffiness is also the most difficult to lose weight, because it looks OK and not too bad.

Shixia smiles and says, "go and have a try. A woman's plumpness also has plumpness. You have to believe me."

Linlin nodded and agreed.

"I have no doubt about sister Shixia."

Looking at Shixia coming out of the fitting room, she could hardly move her eyes.

"Sister Shixia, you are really a beautiful woman!"

Zhang Linlin looks at Shi Xia's cheongsam. She just thinks of a word and makes it to measure.

It's just perfect!

Shixia just glanced at the tag on the clothes. Forget it, buy it. However, half a month's salary is gone.

However, to Shixia's surprise, Zhang Linlin is a real rich man.

The things here are so expensive that she plans to keep buying them!

"Shixia, I want to buy two more."

Looking at Zhang Linlin's intoxicated face, Shixia didn't stop her after all. After all, it's not easy to see what she likes.

If Linlin doesn't buy it now, she may never have a chance to see it next time.

Linlin is not herself. She doesn't have as much pressure as herself. She doesn't have a sick son.

Finally, under the recommendation of Shixia and the shopping guide, Zhang Linlin bought a Qipao and a Hanfu.

"I'm going to eat loess again for a while!"

Zhang Linlin looked at the two bags in her hand, obviously complaining, but when she said this, her face was smiling.

Shixia smiles and replies seriously, "in fact, being able to be happy is more important than anything."

Linlin also nodded. She understood what sister Shixia meant.

"One day, I will be like Shixia."

"Like me?"

Shixia is obviously a little confused, and doesn't understand why Linlin wants to be like herself.

But she really didn't think she had any good!

"Sister Shixia, I want to lose weight and become as slim as you. In this way, I will look good in my favorite clothes in the future."

Shixia nodded with a smile, indicating that she supported Zhang Linlin's decision.

Weight loss is a good thing, Zhang Linlin if really can persist, in fact, is also a very good thing.

Chen Zhen was shocked to see Shixia and Zhang Linlin go back together.

"Two beauties, you are crossing over here."With that, he quickly took out his mobile phone.

"Come on, take a picture of two beautiful women. It's really beautiful. We have such beautiful female employees in our company. Next year, we won't worry about any male god coming to apply for the job."

On one side of the comfortable south is also looking at Shixia, a look of appreciation.

He always knew that Shixia was beautiful, but it was not as exaggerated as Chen Zhen said.

However, this cheongsam is really perfect. It's tailor-made!

"Chen Zhen, you have a nice mouth."

Zhang Linlin walked over with a smile and took a few photos with Chen Zhen.

Seeing that the clothes bought by Zhang Linlin and Shixia are so beautiful, other female employees are ready to move.

However, seeing the tag on the clothes, other people still flinch.

Such expensive clothes. Only the little girl who is not in charge of the family and doesn't know how to manage the family will buy it.

How can such a little cloth be worth so much money!

Chen Zhen wiped his mobile phone and took a look at Zhang Linlin next to him. Unexpectedly, he said, "I mean sister Shixia is beautiful, but I didn't say you."

Zhang Linlin pinched her waist and was in a hurry!

"What do you say, Chen Zhen? I'm not deaf. You just said two beauties!"

Chen zhenpai said, "yes, you must have heard it wrong. There is only one beauty. I didn't see the second one."

However, when he said this, he had a bad smile on his face.

"Chen Zhen, you are too irritating, too much!"

See Zhang Linlin's face cold down, really ignore people, Chen Zhen can't help but worry.

"Linlin, are you really angry?"

Zhang Linlin didn't speak. She just gave a cold hum and turned around. Chen Zhen is such a nuisance. She never cares about Chen Zhen again. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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