Chapter 305

Of course, Shixia doesn't know. Compared with sitting in the car, Anyi Nan is more willing to hold Shixia's hand and take a good walk here.

After all, the scenery outside is too good, and the people around you are the people you like, so it must be beautiful!

When Li Jingyan and Li Tao came out, they saw Shixia standing next to Anyi south. They seemed to be saying something, but they didn't get on the bus to leave.

Li Jingyan couldn't help feeling confused.

This evening, two people do not go home to do!

Thinking of this, Li Jingyan quickly turned his head and looked at his assistant Li Tao, "tell me honestly what you have done. Why does Anyi Nan stand beside the car all the time?"

Li Tao laughed and said, "I used to cut the tire of the general manager. Boss, am I very smart?"

"Yes, you have a little brain. I'll remember your first skill this time!"

With a smile, Li Jingyan can be regarded as revenge for the stinky boy in the ease south.

"Thank you, boss."

However, Li Jingyan's face darkened when he saw that an Yi Nan was taking Shi Xia and they were talking and laughing. They were going to leave while walking.

Li Tao next to him suddenly had a bad feeling, "boss, they are not going to walk back like this and go on a date while walking, are they?"

"It's possible..."

Li Jingyan was biting his teeth, looking angry.

I'm so angry!

"What kind of things are you doing?" Li Jingyan yelled.

Li Taozhe was holding his lips, looking aggrieved. He didn't think he had done anything wrong!

"But you just said I did a good job!"

Li Jingyan took a deep breath, as if to suppress his anger.

"That must have been a slip of the tongue."

It's easy to walk south, but Shixia is not so happy.

The shoes she wears today are very suitable. How can such high-heeled shoes walk on the ground!

An Yinan soon noticed this, "sorry, I almost forgot that you are wearing high heels today. Can you walk now?"

Shixia smiles and looks down at her shoes. She is a little embarrassed.

"Yes, but it may be slower."

Who knows, ease south is suddenly walked in front of the poem summer, squatted down.

"What are you doing?"

The poem summer stares big eyes, temporarily don't understand comfortable south this is what meaning.

Ease South smile, explain a way, "come up, I carry you."

Shixia quickly waved her hand and looked embarrassed.

"No, no, no, I can walk by myself. Believe me, my speed is fast!"

How dare she let her boss carry her back!

"Is that true?"

Shixia nodded, "nature is true. In front of the boss, I won't lie."

However, Anyi Nan is not a fool. He has just seen Shixia limp when walking.

"But, Shixia, your heel has worn out. Do you think you can continue to walk on?"

Shixia's lips, no words.

Yes, high-heeled shoes are not suitable for long-distance travel, so her heels are actually worn out at this time.

An Yinan said again, "come on, don't try to be brave, while I still have strength, or I won't be able to carry you even if I want to."

Shixia smiles and no longer pinches.

Seeing all this, Li Jingyan wanted to kill his assistant Li Tao.

What the hell is this guy doing!

Unexpectedly returned an Yi nan to create the opportunity, is really a naked fool!

"Boss, calm down..."

Li Tao said cautiously. He vowed that no matter what he would do in the future, he would think twice before he could do it.

The Su family.

When did an Yinan leave, Su Yuyan didn't know.

At the thought that today, Anyi Nan even brought her female companion to her birthday party, and said that she would take the initiative to pursue Shixia, Su Yuyan was annoyed.

Where on earth can't she compare with the woman in Shixia? She can't figure out what she likes in Shixia.

A second married woman!

"It's killing me, it's killing me!"

Next to sitting is Su YuYan's best friend Shasha.

See Su Yuyan so angry, Sha Sha quickly comfort Su Yuyan.

"Well, Yuyan, you can rest assured that the woman beside anshao today can't be with anshao."Hear Sha Sha say so, Su Yuyan obviously some strange.

After all, there have never been any women around Anyi Nan.

This time there is a summer of poetry, ease South and show a pair of affectionate appearance, really let Su Yuyan feel uneasy.

"Sasha, how do you know?"

Next to the song Shasha just smile, Su Yuyan too anxious, forget the most realistic problem?

"Do you think his father would allow his son to marry a second married woman in a family like that of anyinan?"

Hear song Shasha say so, Su Yuyan immediately nodded, song Shasha said very reasonable ah!

"That seems to make sense! My elder brother is also really, why want to divorce with that fox spirit, harm of I now all day anxious

Song Shasha smiles and continues to comfort Su Yuyan, "you can rest assured that the woman can't be your threat."

Su YuYan's heart felt a little comfortable.

However, on the south side of ease, she will not slack off.

She must be the wife of an Yi Nan. She doesn't want to give any woman a chance to take advantage of it!

The president's office of lees group.

After Li Jingyan left the banquet, he did not go home, but went directly to his office.

Su Yuyan did not guess wrong, he went to his cousin's birthday party today, in fact, it is for that woman.

But the woman didn't seem to appreciate it.

At this moment, he came back to the company to continue to deal with his work, but found that he was not in the mood to work.

Thinking of this, Li Jingyan went to one side of the wine cabinet and opened the wine cabinet as big as a wall.

Inside, they are all fine wines that he has treasured for a long time. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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