Chapter 309

Ease South smile, open mouth comfort way, "don't worry, have Chen Zhen in, he will solve all problems."

Shixia nods. Even if Anyi Nan says it's OK, Shixia knows that it won't be too small.

Shen Jia tried every means to teach herself a lesson.

With such a good opportunity, Shen Jia can't miss it.

"Thank you, Mr. an. I'll be there this afternoon." Shixia said.

However, as soon as she said this, she was blocked by ease south.

"What did you do in the past? Don't forget that you once had such an awkward relationship with Shen Jia that she won't let you down. "

An Yinan looks at Shi Xia. At that time, he only believes in Shi Xia, but forgets the awkward relationship between Shi Xia and Shen Jia.

If he had known these two women, he shouldn't have let Shixia take charge of this work.

Shixia replied, "after all, this is my negligence in my work. I should go and apologize to Shen Jia."

"You apologized. Even if you sincerely apologized, she would not forgive you."

An Yinan looks at Shixia. Hasn't Shixia seen Shen Jia's mind yet?

Shen Jia made it clear that she had only one purpose to embarrass Shixia.

Shixia insisted, "no matter what the general manager said, I must go this afternoon. Otherwise, the media reports will have a very negative impact on our company."

The trouble she has created will certainly not affect the company.

After all, Shen Jia is a public figure. Naturally, Shixia knows very well how bad it will be for Enron if Shen Jia says something to the media in an interview.

Ease South micro nodded, replied, "you say these also have a certain truth."

Shixia continued. "Don't worry. No matter what Shen Jia says, I will bear it and won't conflict with her."

An Yi Nan sighs. When did he let Shi Xia bear Shen Jia.

If Shen Jia really goes too far, Anyi Nan feels that Shixia doesn't have to apologize to Shen Jia.

Such a woman is not worth Shixia's sincere apology!

"I don't mean to ask you to bear Shen Jia. I mean to make the domineering woman play a part in it. After a long time, don't you know what Shen Jia is like?"

Shixia smiles and nods.

"I know. Don't worry. I'll protect myself."

She knows that an Yi Nan is defending herself, but Shixia doesn't want to see an Yi Nan bear the loss because of this.

After all, she still doesn't want to owe too much to ease south.

In the hospital.

Shen Jia is comfortable lying on the hospital bed. After this incident, even if Enron apologized.

The initiative of the cooperation case is also in Shen Jia's own hands.

Moreover, it is said that this time the person in charge of the site layout is still Shixia. Shen Jia thinks that everything is really interesting.

However, she did not expect that Shixia would come so soon.

"What are you doing here?"

Seeing Shi Xia appear at the door of her ward, Shen Jia obviously hasn't thought of it.

Shixia came in with a beautiful bunch of white roses in her hand.

She didn't worry about Shen Jia's disgusting expression. She just went over and put the roses in the vase beside her.

"I'm sorry, Miss Shen. I'd like to apologize for today's incident. It's an oversight in my work arrangement. I'm sorry."

Shixia said, bowing to Shen Jia seriously and apologizing.

She is really sorry for her negligence this time, but whether she can forgive herself or not is Shen Jia's choice.

Seeing the shame on Shixia's face, Shen Jia just gave a cold hum, as if she was dismissive.

"Negligence? I think you want to take my life, Shixia. We should all know what kind of person you are, right? "

Shixia frowned slightly, and she knew that Shen Jia would certainly borrow a topic to play.

Because this time the person in charge of reception is herself, it is not easy for Shen Jia to seize such a good opportunity.

"Just because we are familiar with each other, Miss Shen should know that Shixia has no intention of harming you. I can't waste my time on someone I don't care about."

"Shixia, what do you mean by that?"

Shen Jia immediately became angry.

She felt that Shixia had no sincerity at all.

What's more, even if Shixia is full of sincerity and tears in front of her to ask for her forgiveness, Shen Jia will definitely not forgive this woman.

She won't miss such a good chance!"It's just a literal meaning. Please don't think much about Miss Shen. Shixia is really sorry about Miss Shen."

Shen Jia takes a look at Shixia, but Shixia doesn't notice it.

"Shixia, do you really sincerely apologize to me?"


Shixia nodded.

If she can really understand this time, and does not quarrel with Enron, it is naturally the best.

Shen Jia continued, "well, I'm thirsty. Go and pour me a glass of water."

Shi Xia Zhe's lips, standing there, looked at the direction of the water dispenser.

It's obviously the servant who does the business of serving tea and delivering water. Shen Jia now lets herself do it just to revenge herself.

However, this time it was Shixia's own fault, and she could only admit it.

"OK, Miss Shen, just a moment."

After taking a deep breath, Shixia goes to the water dispenser and gives Shen Jia a glass of water.

Then she respectfully walked up to Shen Jia.

"Miss Shen, water."

Shen Jia seems to be on purpose. When Shixia hands the boiled water to her, Shen Jia suddenly reaches out and spills all the water.

Boiling hot water directly drenched on the back of Shixia's white hand.


Shixia couldn't help but scream and took a breath of cold air.

Shen Jia had no guilt in her eyes, but she was still aggressive and unreasonable. "This hot water, Shixia, do you want to burn me to death?"

Shixia clenched her teeth and pretended that nothing had happened just now.

As for the wound on her hand, it should not be a big problem to use some medicine.

"Please pay attention to Miss Shen's image. There are monitoring probes in the hospital. No matter what she says, Miss Shen is also a public figure!" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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