Chapter 310

Shixia looks at Shen Jia. This time Shen Jia does it today, if the media knows, I'm afraid Shen Jia's own fate will not be very good.


Shen Jia slapped down directly.

Damn bitches, dare to threaten themselves!

"Shen Jia, what are you doing?"

When an Yi Nan rushes over, he just sees Shen Jia slapping Shi Xia.

An Yi Nan rushes over and pulls Shi Xia behind him. He sees the palm print on Shi Xia's face and the wound on the back of his hand. He looks angry!

"Shen Jia, please pay attention to your own behavior!" An Yi Nan has a cold face.

However, his warning did not have a little deterrent effect on Shen Jia.

"Yo, there's a little white face rushing out to protect you. Shixia, you're really lucky. First you're fascinated by Jing Yan, and now you're running to seduce Mr. an." Shen Jia sneered.

"Miss Shen, please pay attention to your wording!"

Shen Jia is a shrew.

Now he Qingfeng is here. She is not afraid of anything. No matter what she does, the old man will come to help her clean up the mess!

"My words? What's wrong with my wording? If people don't know, unless they don't do it themselves, Shixia, do you still worry about other people's gossiping behind your back

An Yinan's face became more and more ugly. Shixia saw the burning flame in his eyes.

She just wanted to pull ease south to leave, ease south is the mouth.

, Shen Jia, if you really don't have the sincerity to speak of the perfume, there will be new people.

Shen Jia's face also changed when she heard the change of spokesperson.

"An Yinan, what do you mean? Do you want to terminate my contract?"

An Yinan continued, "I don't think Miss Shen really wants to speak for our products. In this case, it's better to give it to a more suitable person!"

However, Shen Jia did not take an Yinan's threat seriously.

After all, the contracts have been signed.

"An Yi Nan, don't forget, we have signed a contract!"

Shen Jia said with a proud smile, as if she were so proud.

Who knows, Anyi south said, "so a small amount of liquidated damages, I can still afford it!"

Shen Jia's face sank, and she became nervous. It's really possible for an Yi nan to do what she said.


"An Yi Nan, do you want to fight me for this fox spirit?"

She is the spokesperson of Enron company who invited her back at a high price, but now, for a poem summer, she wants to terminate her contract.

Next to the poem, Xia Lala is comfortable with the sleeves of the south. She doesn't want to make things more complicated.

However, an Yi Nan continued, "I don't quite understand what Miss Shen means. Miss Shen seems to have overestimated our relationship."

What is it to fight against Shixia? What does she think she is?

Shen Jia's face became even more ugly when he heard that an Yi Nan was so cold and choked himself.

"An Yi Nan, I tell you, don't regret what you said to me today!"

Shen Jia is hysterical behind, but an Yi Nan has already left with Shi Xia's hand.

"Are we really going to be OK after we leave like this?"

An Yinan took a deep breath and replied faintly, "I've long wanted to change the spokesperson, and Shen Jia's wind review has not been very good."

this time, if he didn't put pressure on he Qingfeng, he would never ask Shen Jia to come to speak for the perfume.

After hearing this, Shixia felt a little relieved.

However, two people just left the ward, they saw Li Jingyang coming face to face.

"Jingyang, why are you here?"

"Sister in law Xia Xia, what's wrong with your face? "

Seeing the slap on Shixia's face, Li Jingyang was obviously worried.

Shixia just answered lightly, "it's OK."

However, Li Jingyang would not believe what Shixia said!

"Did Shen Jia hit you just now?"

Li Jingyang asked immediately, but Shixia didn't want to make this matter worse. It was already a trouble.

"Jingyang, are you here to see Shen Jia? She's in the VIP ward on the second floor. "

Shixia tries to change the topic, but Li Jingyang doesn't come here for Shen Jia.

"I'll come to see that woman when I have more time. I heard that you came to see her today, and I thought that according to Shen Jia's character, she won't let you go. I'm not sure. So I came to have a look." Li explained.

He came all for Shixia.

"Thank you."

Shixia smiles and feels moved.Although he and Li Jingyan have divorced, Li Jingyang is still very kind to her.

"Shen Jia, that shrew, how can she beat people? She has no manners at all!"

Looking at the palmprint on Shixia's face, Li Jingyang feels uncomfortable. He wants to help Shixia fight back.

Shixia just laughed, "she is just a woman, what kind of demeanor do you want."

Li Jingyang shook his head, turned his mouth, a helpless look, "I think of their next cooperation with a woman like that, now still feel numb scalp."

Next to ease South see Li Jingyang such a look of dislike, I can't help but feel a little funny.

If let Shen Jia know, she is such a shrew image in Li Er Shao's heart, don't know how to be angry!

An Yi Nan smiles and replies, "don't worry, Li Shao. I've asked her to terminate her contract with our company. Next, I'll help you find a new partner."

The smile on Li Jingyang's face magnified a lot when he heard that from Anyi Nan.

"Really, that's really great. I'll let you reduce my endorsement fee later. It's a celebration!"

Seeing Li Jingyang's dancing face, Shixia can't help feeling funny.

"Well, now that you see me, you can go back to work?"

Shixia looks at Li Jingyang. She also knows that Li Jingyang is busy with all kinds of notices recently. She is very busy. It's really hard to find time to come and see herself.

However, Li Jingyang looked at Shixia as if he still had something to say, "do you have time now? I have something I want to talk about alone with you. "

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