Chapter 314

Between talking and laughing, two people have entered a clothing store.

Shixia took a look at the clothes rack next to him, and then looked at the foam. It seemed that she was thinking about which one was more suitable for foam.

"Here, take this one and have a try. I think the color suits you very well."

Shixia handed it over and gave foam a white plaid skirt with a little fresh style.

Shi Xia is familiar with the style that Mo Mo likes and the style that Mo Mo suits.

Sure enough, Mo Mo was very satisfied with the color that sister Shixia had chosen for herself. "Just in time, I was moved by this color from a distance just now."

Shixia just laughed. When she was just outside, she already saw the girl's absent-minded.

"You can see the effect only when you put on clothes. Go and have a try."

"OK, thank you, sister Shixia."

Mo Mo smiles and walks into the fitting room.

Shixia looks at Mo Mo entering the fitting room and looks around her, but she doesn't see any other suitable clothes.

So she sat on one side of the sofa, looking at the magazine in her hand, waiting for the foam to come out.

After a while, Mo Mo came out from inside. When Shixia saw that she had changed into a new dress, she suddenly felt a bright feeling in front of her eyes.

"It's beautiful. Let's take this one."

Mo Mo looked at himself in the mirror and was very satisfied.

Her hair is not too long, dyed yellow, tied into a ball, looks young and energetic.

Such a skirt, just able to highlight the foam slender neck, is very good-looking.

"OK, listen to sister Xia."

After Mo Mo checks out, Shixia takes Mo Mo to the next store.

Mo Mo quickly asked, "sister Shixia, don't you try the clothes here?"

Shixia shakes her head. The style of clothes in this shop is not suitable for her.

"If I look again, I don't see any suitable ones here. Let's go over there and have a look." Said Shixia.

Mo Mo nodded in agreement.

"OK, sister Shixia."

Two young girls walking together, of course, this is just Mo Mo's own idea.

After Chen Chen was born, Shixia no longer felt that she was a young girl.

However, she did not regret, because of Chen Chen.

"Sister Shixia, in fact, I never thought that one day I could go shopping like you, like a sister." Mo Mo is smiling with a bright smile on her face.

Shixia can't help being infected by the smile on her face.

At the beginning of seeing Mo Mo's divorce, Shixia was really afraid, afraid that Mo Mo would never come out again.

Shi Xia asked with a smile, "why, doesn't Mo like to go shopping with me?"

"Of course not. It's just that sister Shixia was a strong woman. You seem to be working all day. I buy your clothes and arrange them for you. I seldom see you like today."

Mo Mo said while looking at Shi Xia. After such a long time, she really felt that she had changed a lot.

Shixia smiles and replies, "people always change. Besides, don't forget that I'm just an ordinary person."

Mo Mo shakes her head. No, no, it doesn't look like this to her!

"In my eyes, sister Shixia, you are my goddess, not an ordinary person!"

Shi Xia smiles, rubs Mo Mo's hair, and answers, "silly girl, we are all the same, we are all human beings, what difference can we make?"

While they were talking, they came into a store again. By contrast, Shixia liked the style of clothes in the store more and was more mature.

The store just now, she always thought it was more suitable for Mo Mo, although Mo Mo asked her not to wear so sophisticated clothes.

"How about this one?"

Shi Xia takes out a long brown cardigan and asks Mo Mo, but Mo Mo's attention goes to the other side.

"Sister Shixia, you see, isn't that Shi Shi?"

Seeing Shi Shi, Shi Xia frowned slightly.

"Forget it. Let's go and pretend we don't see it."

Mo Mo agreed with sister Shixia's idea. When she met such a woman, she was in trouble!

"Well, I don't want to see this woman either."

However, when Shixia was going to leave with foam, Shi Shi came suddenly.

"Wait a minute!"

See Shi Shi block in front of him, Shi Xia can't help but frown, slightly unhappy.

She knew that if this woman saw herself, she would find herself, and nothing good would happen.

"Shixia, when you see your sister now, don't you say hello?"

Shi Shi sneered and looked at Shi Xia in front of him.Shixia smiles, learning the exaggeration of Shi Shi just now, "my sister? I don't see where my sister is

Shi Shi is obviously a little annoyed, for Shi Xia's scorn, but also for her defiance!

"You It's a smart mouth

Shixia didn't say anything. She wanted to leave. However, Shishi, as if on purpose, must stop in front of her.

Shixia wants to leave, but there is no way to leave for a moment!

Shi Shi continued to sneer, "why, now it's reduced to shopping with your assistant?"

When she heard that Shi Shi pointed the spearhead at Mo Mo again, Shi Xia was even more displeased.

It turned out that it was between them. Why did Shi Shi involve other people!

"My sister said," what about me? A person alone, can't be no one to accompany you together? "

"Shixia, you sharp toothed girl!"

Shi Shi just wanted to rush over. Seeing that Shi Shi wanted to start, Mo Mo quickly reached out and caught Shi Shi Shi.

"Sister Shixia, let's go quickly. Don't worry about a dog here!"

"Who do you think is a dog?"

Shi Shi is on fire, but Shi Xia has turned away with her foam.

If we continue to quarrel here, Shixia is really afraid of being treated as a dog by others.

However, when Shi Xia and Mo Mo turned around, Shi Shi on one side showed an insidious smile.

As soon as Shixia came to the door, the alarm began to ring.

Shixia looked at the foam beside him with a puzzled look, and the foam also looked muddled.

"Wait a minute, miss."

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