Chapter 315

Mo Mo said quickly, "we just paid the bill."

She is not a fool to hear such a siren sound. She will naturally understand that it is because they just took the goods without payment that such a sound will appear.

However, the things in the bag, Shi Xia and Mo Mo have already paid for.

"Of course you pay for it, but who knows if you'll steal?"

At this time, Shi Shi stepped forward and sneered at Shi Xia.

Mo Mo was anxious. "What are you talking about? Sister Shixia won't steal anything. I think it's you who stole it."

People around here have the opportunity to watch the excitement, but also to come, for a moment, the scene became a bit chaotic.

Shi Xia took a look at Shi Shi. Instead of wasting time here and arguing about whether she had taken something, she had better make it clear.

"Those who are clear will be clear. Take it to check."

Shi Xia said and handed her bag to the shopping guide.

However, who knows, there is a necklace in Shixia's bag that didn't pay for it.

Shi Shi grinned coldly and looked at his good sister in his spare time. "Shixia, this time, it's not the clear who is clear, but the turbid who is turbid, right?"

Mo Mo stares at Shi Shi.

"What are you talking about? There must be some misunderstanding!"

Shi Shi is very disdainful. Now things are turned out from Shi Xia's bag. Isn't it ridiculous to say what can prove her innocence?

Shixia soon calmed down, since she didn't take this by herself.

Why a good necklace appears in your bag is open to question.

Thinking of this, Shixia lightly looked up at the ceiling, "I think there should be some monitoring probes in such a big shopping mall, so I think it's better to have a look at what the monitoring video looks like than this."

Shi Shi immediately became nervous. No one knew more about how the necklace got into Shi Xia's bag than Shi Shi.


After all, the price of this necklace is not too low, and the seriousness of this matter is also very big.

However, seeing the picture above the monitoring probe, Shi Shi stealthily put things into Shi Xia's bag, and everyone was stunned.

Unexpectedly, there is such a sister, it is really impressive!

Shi Xia stood there, sighed and looked at Shi Shi, "Shi Shi, don't you need to apologize to the shop assistant for what you have done?"

Shi Shi was a little annoyed, and everyone was looking at her for a moment.

She is like a thief who has stolen something. She has no place to hide in the eyes of the public!

"What do I apologize for? I didn't steal from others. Shixia, it's you who stole, not me!"

"Shi Shi, how can you..."

I can't watch the foam on one side.

Such a woman is really impressive. It's obvious that she has done something wrong, but she can't admit it!

Shixia grabbed Mo Mo and said, "well, Mo Mo, don't worry about such people. Since there is such a misunderstanding, I'll buy this necklace. I'm sorry to trouble you."

The shop assistant saw that Shixia bought the necklace on her own initiative. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry, miss. We misunderstood you in our shop."

Shixia just smiles. They are not wrong about it. It's just that people who make mistakes seem to feel that they are not wrong.

So, there's always someone to pay for this.

When Shi Xia and Mo Mo left the shop, Shi Shi didn't know where to go.

It seems that the woman left ahead of time.

At this time, Mo Mo suddenly received a call from Wu Wenshu.

"What's the matter? What's the matter?"

Seeing the tangled expression on Mo Mo's face, Shi Xia knew that something must have happened.

Mo Mo nodded, "the company should have something urgent, teacher Wu asked me to go back."

The poem summer hastens to reply a way, "you give me the thing first, you take a taxi to go over first."

Mo Mo nods and gives the bag in her hand to Shi Xia.

See Mo Mo left, poem summer then think, oneself a person walk to and fro of, really don't have much meaning.

Thinking of this, she decided to turn and leave directly.

However, when she got to the intersection where there were relatively few people, Shixia saw Shishi who had just left ahead of time.

Moreover, Shi Shi was stopped by a group of people. It seems that the situation is not very good.

Shixia stood there and didn't come forward. She was not a virgin. Shixia still remembered what she had done just now!"Isn't this miss Shida?"

Several gangsters suddenly stepped forward and stopped Shi Shi.

In fact, Shi Shi had already felt that someone was following him along the way.

She wanted to get rid of those people. Who knows, instead of getting rid of them, she forced herself into a dead end in the end.

"Stop, you What are you doing? "

Shi Shi is obviously a little afraid. It's strange if Shi Shi isn't afraid when he is facing so many people with bad feelings!

The leader of the other party was a gangster with yellow hair. "Miss Shida is so arrogant that someone came to me and asked me to teach her a little lesson."

"Who, who dares to do that?"

Shi Shi frowned tightly. In fact, when she doubted, she already had a candidate in her heart.

Besides that woman, who else could it be!

The gangster laughed and approached Shi Shi step by step.

"I don't know about that. But, Miss Shida, you should be the most clear about who you have offended, right?"

Seeing this gang of gangsters getting closer and closer to themselves, Shi Shi became more and more nervous.

Shi Shi has seen the means of these gangsters. They are just local ruffians.

Nothing she said could fall into the hands of these people.

"I tell you, if you dare to touch me, I I won't let you go! "

Shi Mingming wanted to say a few cruel words to scare these gangsters away.

However, because it is too afraid, such a threat seems to be a bit weak.

A gangster suddenly came forward and grabbed Shi Shi's hair. "Didn't Miss Shi have heard of a word? A hero doesn't suffer from immediate losses!" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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