Chapter 319

Shixia was silent. For a moment, she didn't know how to answer Shi Shi's question.

Suddenly, Shixia asked, "can you get your prenuptial agreement?

"It's in the sun's safe."

Shi Shi looks at Shi Xia. She doesn't quite understand what Shi Xia asks herself.

Shixia continued, "as long as you get that prenuptial agreement and you want a divorce, I can help you."

"You Help me? "

Shi Shi was obviously surprised, and even didn't believe what Shi Xia said.

Shixia just continued, "you can choose not to believe me, but I just You just think I'm nosy. "

Shi Shi didn't speak, though she didn't believe in Shi Xia before.

However, after these two events, Shi Shi couldn't tell exactly what he thought.

It seemed that there had been a change in her heart, but she could not tell what it was like.

Shixia looks down at her watch. She doesn't forget that it's still her working time.

"It's almost time. I'll go to work first."

Shi Shi is still looking at Shi Xia. I don't know why, Shi Xia sees a message from Shi Shi's eyes. Shi Shi doesn't want to see himself leave.

It must be my own illusion.

"Here's my number. If you can figure it out, you can call me."

Shixia thought about it and left her phone number.

Shi Shi is a poet's family, so is she, even though Shi Xia doesn't like poets.

But, after all, it is the daughter of the poet.

"Shixia, wait a minute."

Shi Shi suddenly stopped Shi Xia who had turned around.

"Thank you for today."

This time, she meant it.

No matter what her relationship with Shixia is, this time, in front of outsiders, Shixia is helping her sister.

Shixia replied with a smile, "you're welcome. I've seen Lu Xinlin unhappy for a long time."

After leaving the cafe, Shi Shi went back to sun's home.

The redness on her face has not gone down, and now she looks very embarrassed.

Now she just wants to get into her room as soon as possible, and not let outsiders see her jokes.

However, sun Mo seems to see Shi Shi's embarrassment. Knowing that Shi Shi wants to hide and doesn't want to see people, sun Mo grabs Shi Shi's hand.

"Oh, come back! Why does this face look like a big cat! "

"Get out of the way, I'm tired and want to rest!"

The voice of Shi Shi's reply was also very cold. Shi Shi knew what sun Mo was like.

She doesn't want to care more about anything, but it's absolutely impossible for this dead girl to be bullied!

"Wait a minute. Did I tell you to go?"

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and stood in front of Shi Shi.

The more Shi Shi wants to escape, the more sun Mo won't let her leave!

Shi Shi was angry, "I'm your sister-in-law, sun Mo, please get out of the way, good dog is not in the way!"

Good dog out of the way?

Hearing that Shi Shi was talking to himself like this, sun Mo immediately became like a hairy dog!

"Shi Shi, you really take yourself as one thing! I'll tell you, you are nothing, but the poet is down. You are just a dog sent by the poet to our Sun family! "

"Who do you think is a dog?"

Shi Shi steps forward, grabs sun Mo's wrist and makes a great effort to make sun Mo smile.

"I said you were a dog. Why, can't you hear me? I repeat, Shishi, you are a dog

Shi Shi shakes off sun Mo's wrist and slaps him hard while sun Mo doesn't pay attention!


Sun Mo covered his hot cheek and couldn't believe what Shi Shi had done.

This woman is too presumptuous, too presumptuous, she did not put their own eyes!

"How dare you hit me?"

Shi Shi sneered and replied, "this slap, I teach you on behalf of your parents, I'm your sister-in-law, also your elder, you speak rudely, it's not right!"

However, sun Mo is certainly not a fuel-efficient lamp.

She has been in sun Jiajiao for so many years that no one dares to beat her.

However, today she was beaten by a woman with a different surname!

"Shi Shi, do you really regard yourself as what you are? Wu Ma, hold her down for me! "

Hearing sun Mo's instructions, Wu Ma, the servant, was obviously in a bit of a dilemma. The two in front of her were both masters.

"Miss two..."

As if seeing the hesitation in Wu Ma's eyes, sun Mo continued, "why, is it my surname sun, or her surname sun?"Wu Ma can only nod. Shi Shi, the young lady, can't be spoiled. The young master doesn't come back every night. These are all things we all know.

Therefore, these two masters stand together and must help sun mo.

"Let me go, let me go!"

Suddenly, she was restrained and Shishi tried to struggle away. However, Wu Ma's strength was not small.

Sun Mo sneers, looking at Shi Shi, just like a fish on the chopping board, struggling, and suddenly feels funny.

This woman is really looking for death. She dares to beat herself.

Sun Mo thinks that if she doesn't teach the poem a lesson, this woman really takes herself as what she is!

"Xiao Ling, bring the boiling water from the kitchen."

I heard that miss is going to

The two servants nearby were afraid, "Miss, it's going to kill you!"

Sun Mo nodded, she almost forgot, this pot of boiling water poured down, Shi Shi is estimated to be dead.

No, it's not fun to die. Moreover, I still need to deal with the mess. It's a real trouble!

"Then don't be so hot, just let her peel off."

Xiaoling hesitated, but seeing sun Mo's fierce eyes, she went to the kitchen to get hot boiled water.

If she doesn't send the boiled water to sun Mo at this time, I'm afraid sun Mo will really use the boiled water to deal with herself.

Sun Mo takes the kettle from Xiao Ling's hand, grabs Shi Shi's hair and drizzles the hot water on her face!


Shishi screamed. The pain had made her unable to open her eyes.

However, the burning pain on his face continued continuously. Sun Mo was a devil, a devil to the core! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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