Chapter 330

Shen Jia heard that the process was so simple, and immediately agreed.

"Yes, I promise you."

But just when Su Yuyan plans to hang up, Shen Jia talks again.

"Can you tell me who you are, I swear, I won't say it."

She is really curious. She hates Shixia as much as herself. Besides Mu Jiayan, who else can she have.

Su Yuyan smiles and replies, "you don't know the necessity of this."

The more one knows about it, the more dangerous her plan will be.

Shen Jia didn't think much. As long as she could make Shixia suffer a little, she thought it was enough.

So she called Shixia according to the so-called way that the woman said.

However, Shixia couldn't figure it out. Shen Jia took the initiative to ask herself out, saying that she wanted to apologize for the last high-heeled incident.

Although the poem Xia Qian said that he had forgiven, and did not remember.

However, Shen Jia still insists that Shixia must pass. If she does not, she will not face Shen Jia.

After all, there will be a long period of cooperation in the future. Shixia is not willing to fall out with Shen Jia because of this, so she nods and agrees.

But there was something strange in her heart.

When she gets to the place she has made an appointment with Shen Jia, Shixia suddenly wants to leave. She doesn't know why. She always thinks it's not reliable.

However, Shen Jia had already seen her and waved to her warmly.

Shixia is stunned. Is she still seeing Shen Jia with such enthusiasm?

For a time, Shixia thought that there was something wrong with her eyes, but she was really Shen Jia!

"Miss Shixia, I'm sorry. I misunderstood you about my foot injury."

"Miss Shen is very serious. I am responsible for keeping Miss Shen's high-heeled shoes. If anything goes wrong, Shixia is also responsible."

Shixia is a little embarrassed. Although she doesn't know whether Shen Jia is really apologizing or something, she can only give a hard answer.

Who knows, Shen Jia handed Shixia a cup of sake.

"I'm sorry, Miss Shen. I don't drink."

Shixia quickly waved her hand and drank too much. Isn't it troublesome if she can't help but scold others?

Shen Jia insisted that Shixia drink it. "I've been used to eliminating gratitude and resentment on the wine table with this glass of wine, and Miss Shi will treat it as giving me this face."

Shixia looks at the expression on Shen Jia's face and looks embarrassed.

She hesitated whether she wanted to drink the wine or not, but if there was anything in the wine

Isn't she too miserable?

Shen Jia continued. "If Miss Shi didn't drink it, I would feel that Miss Shi still didn't forgive me."

Shixia took a deep breath, just a mouthful of wine. When did she become so timid.

"Well, I'll drink it, Miss Shen. I'll laugh and die."

Looking at Shixia drinking the wine, Shen Jia's face suddenly appeared a strange smile, but Shixia didn't find it.

A glass of wine under the abdomen, but feel their whole person dizzy, like want to sleep.

She can't control her eyes. She just wants to close them and sleep for a while. She's so sleepy

Seeing Shixia's confused appearance, Shen Jia suddenly sneered, "Shixia, you are so stupid!"

Shixia has fallen asleep, but Shen Jia is close to Shixia's ear and whispers.

"I tell you, the hatred between me and you can't be eliminated in my life!"

And at the same time, Enron.

Ease south is going to find is to put forward something, his work is a little problem, however, poetry summer is not in the office.

Ease South caught Zhang Linlin, asked, "poetry summer?"

Zhang Linlin explained, "sister Shixia went out just now. She said Shen Jia had something to do with her."

"What can Shen Jia do for her?"

Ease South low curse a, seem to be complaining poem summer is really too careless.

Can't she see that woman trying to kill her?

"Mr. an, I don't know that either."

As soon as Zhang Linlin's voice fell, she saw an Yi Nan rushing out in a hurry.

Zhang Linlin quickly called out, "Mr. an, where are you going?"

"I'll go to Shixia."

Said, ease south then turned to leave.

Zhang Linlin smiles, "it seems that Mr. an is going to ask the hero to save the beauty!"

However, it seems that the representative of we company is still waiting in the conference room for ease south. Is Mr. an giving up Jiangshan just for the sake of beauty?An Yinan quickly checks the location of Shixia's mobile phone. Now he is very happy that he found Shixia to be his secretary.

In order to facilitate the work of the company, there is a distance positioning control software between the assistant and the boss of Enron company.

Here, Su YuYan's people have taken Shixia to Cheng Guoli's room.

Cheng Guoli, after receiving Su YuYan's notice, has been waiting for surprise in his room.

It's hard for Shixia to be carried around like this, so she wakes up vaguely.

However, seeing the situation in front of her, Shixia was dumbfounded.

How could she be in this place!

Cheng Guoli saw that Shixia woke up and did not stop his hands.

"You let me go, let me go!"

Shixia slaps Cheng Guoli in the face.

However, her whole body seems to have been drained of strength, that hard slap down, there is no deterrent, on the contrary, it is like scratching.

Cheng Guoli didn't get angry either. On the contrary, he felt that this was the taste of Shixia's deliberate arrangement.

However, after seeing Shixia's struggle and resistance, Cheng Guoli gradually understood something.

When he saw Shixia at Enron that day, he was really excited.

But, he didn't think of that exclamation, unexpectedly let Su Yuyan really send people to himself.

However, take down this woman, in fact, he Cheng Guoli is not a loss!

"I'm already in my bed, and I want to pretend to be a chaste woman. Who are you cheating on?"

Shixia's eyes widened, but she had no strength to resist, "Cheng Guoli, you beast!"

Watching Cheng Guoli take off her coat and clothes, she can only feel a deep anger and powerlessness. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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