Chapter 368

"Is there anything strange about this picture?"

Li Tao explained, "president, I edited this picture from the surveillance video. You see, all the screws on the two chandeliers have been removed. As far as I know, the chandelier was installed a few days ago, so it is impossible for this situation to happen. The only explanation is that someone went to remove the screws on the chandelier 。”

After hearing Li Tao's analysis, Li Jingyan just frowned.

Of course he knows what Li Tao means.

"So now you suspect that the people in Shirun pearl company have bad ideas about Shixia?"

Li Tao nodded.

That's what he thought.

However, Li Jingyan just took those two photos to his eyes. After looking at them, he threw them aside.

"Well, I don't care. You can tell an Yi Nan about these things."

"Tell an Yi Nan what to do?" Li Tao looked puzzled.

Things have already begun. I believe that as long as we continue to investigate, we will find clues and find the black hand behind the scenes.

However, at this time, the president asked him to take the evidence to Mr. an. What does that mean?

"Boss, if you just give me a little more time, I'll find out for sure."

Li Jingyan interrupted him and said, "well, since I asked you to give this to president an, you can go."

Li Tao was a little stunned. He seemed to understand something and nodded.

"OK, I see, president."

It seems that the president is really going to let Miss Shixia go. After all, this matter is related to miss Shixia. Therefore, he hopes that Mr. an will help instead of himself.

Maybe only in this way can we gradually forget it step by step.

Although the process of forgetting is really painful, every time, when I can't forget, I try my best to remind myself to forget, which is really hard.

However, the boss had to forget!

If the heart always miss that person, but not love, it is not more painful?

There is a saying that is very reasonable, long pain is better than short pain.

Since it's doomed to be painful, why do you have to suffer that kind of torture for a long time? It's better to have a good time at one time.

The next morning.

Shixia followed ease South and went to the dress shop together.

Originally, she arranged a whole day's work today, but she also wanted to relax.

Moreover, she vaguely felt that this matter was also very important to herself, and she needed to pay attention to it.

Maybe it's just a formal ceremony for her to say goodbye to the past. She should be more serious. She always needs a sense of ceremony in her life.

In today's world, we can only move towards the future if we leave all our past behind.

I believe her steps will be lighter from now on.

Don't Tagore once have a poem to say that one night, I burned all my memories, so my steps became light.

Shixia carefully selected a small cream white skirt, which looks elegant and generous.

There is a white ribbon on the shoulder of the dress, which is not long or short. As soon as you walk up, it will flutter with the wind, which is very elegant.

The neckline design of the small dress is very distinctive, slightly with a little bit of sexy, but it will not appear publicity.

Slightly closed waist, outlined her Yingying a grip of the waist and good figure.

Shixia looks at herself in the mirror blankly. How long has she not dressed so seriously.

However, I didn't expect that this time I was dressed to attend my ex husband's engagement ceremony.

In this way, will you be a little ridiculous?

Next to waiting for the ease of Shixia, Nan didn't notice the careful thinking of Shixia.

However, when he looked at the little skirt on Shixia's body, he was obviously very satisfied.

"This skirt is really beautiful, and it also sets off your skin color and temperament. It's tailor-made for you."

Shixia is not only beautiful, but also unforgettable. It is the temperament of Shixia.

Somehow, as long as she stood there, it would give people a different feeling.

Even if a group of beautiful women stand together, she seems to be able to stand out from the inside. Maybe this is her unique aura and temperament.

Shixia turned around and looked at the back of the dress from the mirror. The dress was perfect and fit her figure.

The length of the skirt is only about 10 cm above the knee, but the leg is exposed too much, and the neckline seems to be too big.

Shixia suddenly felt that it was something like a little girl's clothes, and it was not suitable for her age.

Shixia smiles bitterly, thinking that she is already the mother of a child. Is it really good to wear this?"But is it too young?"

She looked up at an Yi Nan with some uncertainty. However, an Yi Nan gave her a firm look.

"Believe me, this skirt is really beautiful and sets you off. You must choose it."

Shixia frowned and looked at herself in the mirror.

Years seem to be particularly tolerant of her, in recent years, she seems not old.

However, her actual age is clear in her heart. What's more, Chen Chen is already so old.

Shixia looks at her familiar and strange self in the mirror and can't help reaching out and touching her face.

Her face seems to be no different from five years ago, but the age in her heart has already surpassed five years ago.

An Yi Nan walks over and takes a champagne colored ribbon from the shopping guide next to her.

Looking at Shixia's long chestnut hair, he thought about it and helped Shixia tie a simple horsetail.

It looks fresher and younger.

Although it's gentle to put down her hair, he prefers the way Shixia puts it up, which makes her look younger and more energetic.

"You look like those college students who have just left school, but you have more temperament than them." Ease South sincerely praise said.

However, Shixia just slightly pursed her lips and looked at herself in the mirror, feeling a little strange.

"Well, that's it."

Ease South nodded, in order to set off Shixia, in order to match her more, he chose a simple black suit. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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