Chapter 369

An Yinan is also a clothes shelf, and the suit on him is just like the prince in the fairy tale.

Two people's clothes are black and white, but they match very well.

But when she thought that tomorrow would be Li Jingyan's engagement day, Shixia still felt strange.

At this time, a new e-mail was received in the mailbox of Anyi south.

He frowned, opened the email and looked at it. He didn't quite understand.

Li Tao, Li Jingyan's assistant, sent the email to him. However, the content of the email was nothing but two strange photos.

It was only after he had sent the photos in his hand that Li Tao realized that something was wrong.

He sent these two photos without any explanation. It seems strange.

It's strange for an Yi nan to understand. After thinking about it, he sent an email to explain the origin of the two photos.

An Yinan looks at the two mails in the mailbox and seems to understand something.

He took a subconscious look at Shixia, as if he thought of something.

Things that day seemed a little abnormal, but he didn't think so much about it at that time.

I didn't expect that Li Jingyan should be so interested in this matter. However, since he has found something fishy, why don't he continue to check it and send the e-mail to himself instead.

However, an Yi Nan just thought for a moment, and immediately understood that now that Li Jingyan had married another woman, he naturally wanted to keep a distance from his ex-wife.

In his heart, he also believed that as long as he gave Shixia a little time, Shixia would accept himself one day.

They'll be together. It just takes a little time.

"What are you looking at?"

Shixia seems to be aware of the absent-minded appearance of Anyi Nan beside him. He thinks that there is something urgent in his work.

An Yinan just replied with a smile, "don't worry, it's OK."

Then he looked down at the watch on his wrist and found that it was almost time for lunch.

"Let's go to lunch. It's almost time. I know there's a western restaurant near here. The steak in it is very good."

After thinking about it, Shixia still felt that she didn't particularly want to eat Western food today.

"How about this? Let's go to Chaogang. I want to eat Chaogang cake. I miss chocolate."

Anyi Nan can only sigh after all. Shixia is still like a child.

I haven't even had dinner yet, but I think about those strange cakes. It's not very healthy eating habits.

"Why don't we go to the western restaurant first, wait until we have finished the western food, and then go out for a walk and eat together. By the way, we'll go to Chaogang and bring a cake back to make afternoon tea, OK?" An Yinan asked with a smile.

Shi Xia also nodded and agreed with the idea of an Yi Nan.

"OK, let's go to the steak first."

But that night, Shixia lost sleep.

She was lying on her bed, tossing and turning, just feeling sleepless.

Clearly think of their own heart is OK, but she still feel some can't sleep, seems to feel uneasy, feel irritable.

She got up and went to the next room. Her son Chen Chen had fallen asleep.

The little guy has a face that looks like Li Jingyan. Shixia really feels scared.

If one day, really let Li Jingyan see Chenchen, Shixia is really worried, even if it is not to do any paternity testing, Li Jingyan will recognize Chenchen.

What will she do then?

Does she really want to give up her son to Li Jingyan?

No, she really can't.

Chen Chen, she said nothing will give up.

Even if she takes her baby son to flee to the ends of the earth, she will not let her son be taken away by Li Jingyan.

She can't lose her son. She can't

The next day, it was time for Li Jingyan and Mu Jiayan to get engaged.

The wedding banquet is set at two o'clock in the afternoon, so Shixia has a morning to prepare.

But after all, it's to attend other people's wedding, and we need to go ahead of time. We can't wait until the wedding starts. She just comes in in a hurry. She's not the bridegroom and bride. She only appears at the critical time.

When Shixia woke up in the morning, looking at herself in the mirror, her hair looked a little messy.

Last night, I reminded myself to go to bed early, but I couldn't sleep in bed.

Therefore, the two black circles under the eye socket look particularly obvious.

poetry Xia thought, with a Concealer pen to match the dark circles on his face, really do not want to go.Who would you like to see this picture in the past?


suddenly heard the voice of Chen Chen in the doorway of the bedroom. The poem summer just responded, and put the Concealer pen in his hand.

She hasn't washed her face yet. How can she be so confused!

"Chen Chen, how did you wake up and stop sleeping for a while?"

Looking at her son's drowsy face, Shixia's heart was so soft that it was a mess.

"Chen Chen doesn't want to sleep any more. Mom, the school teacher said it's a holiday today. Can Chen Chen go out with his mom?"

Shixia was a little stunned, and then she reflected that today is Saturday, and the school is on holiday. How could she forget it.

"I'm really sorry, baby. My mother has other plans today. Let's wait until tomorrow. Will my mother go out with you tomorrow?"

Chen Chen pours also clever, then nodded.

"OK, Chenchen will stay at home today. Tomorrow, my mother will accompany Chenchen to the zoo to see the lion."

Shixia immediately nodded. Of course, she was willing to accompany her baby son.

"OK, I'll accompany Chen Chen to the zoo tomorrow to see the lion."

After the little guy got his mother's permission, he turned and left happily.

After watching Chen Chen leave, Shi Xia goes to the washroom and washes her face a little.

Then she sat in front of the mirror and began to make up.

She didn't wear heavy make-up, because there was no need for it, and there was no need for heavy make-up, which made people feel uncomfortable.

She just put on a light make-up to cover up the haggard face, but the spirit of the whole person is much better, add a light orange lipstick, is the icing on the cake. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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