Chapter 384

Moreover, at this time, Shixia also felt that if she sent Li Jingyan back to her old house, it would inevitably make su Jiaqi and other people in the Li family misunderstand something.

This road, poetry summer often go, so do not feel strange, soon to the villa downstairs.

When she got downstairs, Shixia turned around and found that Li Jingyan was leaning on the side and fell asleep.

When Shixia saw that he was sleeping with a heavy face, it was not easy to disturb him.

Looking at the expression on Li Jingyan's face seems to ease a lot, Shixia is also relieved.

After watching Li Jingyan fall asleep, she also leans on the chair and slowly goes to sleep.

In this way, they just lean in the car and fall asleep.

After 20 minutes, Li Jingyan slowly opened his eyes, but found that Shixia also fell asleep.

Shixia looks very tired. It's said that Shirun pearl has been busy recently. No wonder she works overtime in the company all day.

What kind of character Shixia is, Li Jingyan is also the most clear, she is completely a workaholic.

At this time, Shixia also opened her eyes.

She looked at Li Jingyan one eye, two people so big eyes stare small eyes, the atmosphere suddenly becomes a little embarrassed.


Shixia grabs her head.

"I Now that you're awake, I'll go first. "

But Li Jingyan reached out and grabbed her hand.

"What's your hurry? Wait for me first."

When Li Jingyan said that, Shixia felt at a loss.

"Do you have anything else?"

"I haven't eaten yet. Go up and help me cook." Li Jingyan's command is very calm. He doesn't seem to feel embarrassed at all.

Shixia originally wanted to refuse, but seeing Li Jingyan so tired, she was still a little impatient.

She is a soft person, but not a hard one.

She bit her lips, hesitated, and replied, "well All right

"What would you like to eat, and do you have any food at home? Do you need me to go to the supermarket downstairs to buy a la carte, just don't rush upstairs. "

Li Jingyan nodded and replied, "well, I'll wait for you upstairs first."

"But you haven't told me what you want to eat yet?"

Li Jingyan looked at Shixia's face. After thinking about it, he replied, "it's better to be simple. Let's make some home cooked dishes."

Shi Xia nodded, took her bag and turned to the convenience supermarket on the left side of the villa.

She thought in her heart that Li Jingyan should seldom come back recently, so there should be nothing left at home.

She went to the supermarket to buy some eggs, and then bought a few tomatoes, originally wanted to do some tomato noodles, which also promote digestion.

However, thinking about Li Jingyan's appearance, she didn't seem to have a good meal. After thinking about it, Shixia bought some simple vegetables.

I don't know why, when she was picking vegetables in the supermarket, Shixia suddenly had a feeling that she lived in the villa together when they were together a few years ago.

Shixia shakes her head and abandons all the confused ideas in her mind.

Then she took the shopping basket and went to the counter to check out.

The cashier is the same as before.

The reason why Shixia still remembers the cashier is that she has a red mole between her eyebrows. She looks very different from other people and has more characteristics.

However, what makes Shixia even more surprised is that the cashier can still remember her.

"Mrs. Li, I haven't seen you for a long time. I almost didn't recognize you. Your husband said you went abroad. Are you back now?"

When Shixia heard the cashier talking to him with a smile, she was too embarrassed to reply.

However, Li Jingyan did not say that they divorced, but that he went abroad?

However, I think it's normal. After all, these are all housework. Li Jingyan's character should seldom mention these things with others.

After thinking about it, Shixia could not help asking, "does he often come here to buy things these years?"

The cashier nodded and chatted with Shixia while helping Shixia settle the prices of those commodities.

"Yes, Mr. Li often works late from work. He just buys some instant noodles or frozen dumplings here, and then simply handles his dinner. He often comes here to buy coffee in the morning."

Because there are not many people living in the villa area nearby, the cashier of the convenience store also remembers these frequent guests.

Especially Li Jingyan is so handsome.

Shixia nodded faintly. It seems that Li Jingyan often lives here these years.However, his eating habits are not very good. He often buys fast food here, which will hurt his health.

At the thought that Li Jingyan's stomach was not very good, Shixia couldn't help worrying.

She couldn't help saying, "beauty, if he comes to buy fast food next time, please help me remind him, tell him to eat more vegetables is good for health, and buy some fruit."

"Since you are so worried about my body and my stomach, why don't you stay?"

Suddenly I heard Li Jingyan's voice appear behind me. Shixia was shocked, obviously embarrassed.

She shouldn't have talked so much with the cashier in this shop just now.

After all, Shixia can only explain awkwardly, "I just think that your stomach is not very good and you are not suitable for eating these things. You should eat more rice and some fresh vegetables and fruits instead of those nutritious fast food."

Shi Xia said, carrying the bag in the cashier's hand, and planning to go out. When she passed the door, Li Jingyan took the bag in her hand.

"I'll just carry it."

Shixia sees Li Jingyan walking in front of her with a shopping bag. She is only one step away from herself. She suddenly feels like they are husband and wife in daily life. It's normal to go to the vegetable market now.

"Didn't you just go upstairs? How could it come down? " Shixia can't help but ask.

It's all due to his sudden appearance, which made him so embarrassed. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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