Chapter 386

"But I don't want to disturb your meal."

But Li Jingyan replied, "if you stay, it's not a disturbance to me."

Shixia stood there, took a look at the outside of the glass window, bit her lips, nodded and agreed.

"Well, I'll eat with you."

Seeing that Shixia agreed, Li Jingyan laughed.

It seems that they haven't been together for a long time and have had dinner together at home.

However, it was very quiet at the dinner table. Li Jingyan brought some dishes to Shixia from time to time.

Shixia just nodded, said thank you, and began to eat.

She didn't say much more, she said too much.

She is afraid that if her concern for Li Jingyan is accidentally revealed, it will embarrass them.

"In fact, Miss Mu is really good. After you marry her, you will be happy." Shixia said in a low voice.

Li Jingyan is obviously not willing to mention these things at the dinner table.

"Well, you don't have to talk about it. Eat seriously."

He looked at the fried celery in front of him. He didn't like to add soy sauce to the fried celery, which would affect the color. Shixia can still remember it.

Shixia could only nod, "well."

After dinner, Li Jingyan wanted to stay with Shixia for a while.

However, Shixia took a look at her watch. It was already 3:30 p.m. and she should go back to the company.

"I have a meeting at four in the afternoon. I'll go back to the company first."

Li Jingyan said, "wait a minute. It's inconvenient to take a taxi here. I'll let Li Tao come to meet you."

Shixia frowned slightly when she heard that Li Jingyan said so.

"But you just told me that Li Tao was on a business trip."

After thinking about it, Li Jingyan answered and explained, "it's not too far for him to leave. He should report back to the company at three o'clock this afternoon."

Shixia nodded and did not doubt anything. She always believed that Li Jingyan was not so boring.

However, Shixia just replied, "I know there will be a bus stop five minutes' walk here. I used to take a bus."

Li Jingyan grabs her and shoves the car key in his hand to Shixia.

"Take my car back. After all, you came to see me off today."

"But what do you do when you go to work tomorrow morning?"

After frowning, Li Jingyan looked at Shixia and replied, "if I remember correctly, you will pass by me when you go to work tomorrow. Just take me by the way."

Shixia sips her lips. Is that really good?

Seeing that Shixia is still there, he looks stunned, as if he is still wondering whether he wants to take the car key in his hand. Li Jingyan is a little depressed.

"Don't think so much. I'm engaged to Mu Jiayan now. You don't have to worry about the gossip."

Shixia quickly shook her head and replied, "I don't have one."

Li Jingyan just skimmed his lips. After a light look at her, he said four words, "right and wrong."

Shixia bit her lips, as if she was not happy. Then she grabbed the car key from Li Jingyan.

"Just give it to me. If I'm late for work tomorrow, don't blame me for making you late."

After that, he took Li Jingyan's car key and hurriedly went downstairs.

However, Li Jingyan stood behind her and just took a look, with a smile on his face. He felt as if he could not give up.

Maybe it's like what the woman said. If you can't put it down, don't put it down.

Who knows that Li Jingyan just thought of Mu Jiayan here, and someone else's phone call came over there.

The mobile phone on the coffee table began to vibrate. After Li Jingyan was stunned for a moment, he turned to have a look.

Is mu Jia Yan to call, he slightly picked pick eyebrows, don't understand this Gu Ling Jing strange woman, and want to do something.

But he went over and put the phone through.

"What can I do for you?"

Mu Jia Yan curls her lips. If she has nothing to do, she can't come to him. Anyway, Li Jingyan is half of her fiance now.

Although she has never regarded Li Jingyan as her fiance.

"Just now, my best friend and I were eating in the Xibei dessert room nearby. It seems that we saw someone Well Mu Jia Yan said with a smile.

She believed that what she had said was so clear that Li Jingyan would not fail to understand it.

Indeed, Xibei dessert house is next to the place where Li Jingyan and Shixia met just now."So, Miss mu, what did you see today?"

Li Jingyan said and walked into the kitchen.

After Shixia cooked the meal, he specially cleaned the kitchen.

Mu Jia Yan said with a smile, "if I put the photos I just took on the media, then I believe the wedding between us will be ruined."

However, she would not do so.

Because it's a bit immoral.

At that time, although it may be that his and Li Jingyan's wedding will be affected.

However, the reputation of Li Jingyan and Shixia will also be greatly affected.

Mu Jia Yan's heart is good after all. She doesn't want to make it worse.

"Well, you can rest assured that I won't tell you about it. However, I still want to remind you that since you really like it, strike while the iron is hot and cheer up. I support you."

Mu Jia Yan said, laughing and holding the knife and fork in her hand, just like sketching a beautiful blueprint of her own.

Sitting on the opposite side of the good friend was stunned, silly looking at Mu Jia Yan.

This girl She is totally encouraging her fiance to cheat!

After Li Jingyan was silent for a moment, he replied seriously, "Mu Jiayan, although you are not reliable, you have a sentence at least right. I can't put it down in my heart after all."

Mu Jia Yan immediately laughed, she said, women's intuition is always the most accurate.

"That's right. I believe you. If you work hard, you will surely catch up with Shixia. When the time comes, Anyi Nan will be single, and I will have a chance." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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