Chapter 395

"Look, mom, these are all your favorite foods."

However, Lin Ya Yin just turned her head aside with an unhappy face and ignored her daughter.

She's in a bad mood and doesn't want to talk.

"Mom, don't be angry, OK?"

Mu Jia Yan said, while coquettishly pulling her mother's arm, shaking.

"How do you make me feel not angry? When your father does this now, he doesn't pay attention to my wife."

Lin Yayin puffed her mouth and looked unhappy.

She had thought that her husband was a good man, worthy of trust for a lifetime, who knows that the cat can not change cheating.

Mu Jia Yan shook his head, tut tut his mouth said, "Mom, in fact, I think you are too stupid. Is it useful to sulk at this time?"

Lin Ya Yin felt more depressed in her heart. "I'm like this now. You little white eyed wolf, don't you even make me angry?"

Mu Jia Yan immediately shook his head and covered his mouth with an innocent look on his face.

She quickly said, "beauty Lin, don't get me wrong. I definitely don't mean that."

Lin Ya Yin is just silent, in the heart still has a kind of empty sense of loss.

Mu Jia Yan Lala's mother's sleeve, said, "the key is, mom, you don't feel angry with dad at this time, if Dad let other fox spirit to hook away, don't you lose a lot?"

But Lin Yayin angrily replied, "just like your father, I'm not rare."

Mu Jia Yan nodded and murmured, "it's not rare for you to say that. Why do you feel angry in your heart? He's a nobody, and what's the impact? "

Lin Ya Yin took a look at her baby daughter, and now she suddenly realized that this smelly girl is really smart.

"You little smelly girl, who are you helping?"

Mu Jia Yan muttered, "you are my dearest mother in the world. Of course I help you. Isn't that nonsense?"

She went to the sofa beside Lin Ya Yin, sat down, nestled beside Lin Ya Yin, one hand holding her arm, leaning on her shoulder.

"Mom, dad has just said that the past with that woman has become a memory. What's more, after you get married, they don't have any contact, so dad is not cheating, is he?"

Lin Ya Yin does not speak, just listen to his daughter continue to say, this silly girl, now is more and more inclined to her own father.

"So, now our family don't need to worry about anything at all. It's a big deal to give them a sum of money so that they can live a slightly better life. I believe that they are not bad guys. They can't rob their father. Our family are still together and continue to live a good life. Isn't that good?"

Mu Jiayan always thinks that the problem that can be solved with money is not a problem.

As long as my father's heart is still in this family, I believe they will be happy together.

As long as dad is not thinking about other women, then, it is good.

Lin Yayin slightly lowered her head and bit her lips. It seemed that she was thinking about whether her daughter's words were reasonable.

However, her heart will inevitably feel some uneasiness, "your father really will not continue with the fox spirit outside?"

Lin Ya Yin always felt a little uneasy in her heart. After all, men never forget their first love.

Mu Jia Yan shakes her head. She doesn't believe it will.

"Mom, dad has been your pillow for more than 20 years. Don't you know about dad?"

Mu Jiayan believes that her father is a very responsible person.

Although he is very emotional, but he also bears the heavy responsibility of the family, he can not easily abandon his wife, daughter, to mess with other women.

"Mom, you should have some confidence in your husband."

Lin Yayin finally just looked at her daughter and nodded her head in a depressed way. Well, she believed it for the time being.

"Then I'll give him another chance. If he really contacts that woman, if he has the courage to tangle with that woman, I will never let him go."

Mu Jia Yan immediately nodded, she grabbed her mother's hand, vowed to say, "mother rest assured, if dad really dare to get involved with that woman is not clear, at that time, the daughter will help you."

Lin Yayin just nodded.

But, don't know how of, Mu Jia Yan in the heart unexpectedly faintly feel, this matter seem to have not finished.

However, the anger in my mother's heart was finally given out, which was much better.

After all, it was dad who owed mom. She also believed that Dad would find a way to make up for mom in the future.When Lin Ya Yin finished her work, she realized that her daughter seemed to have disappeared all morning this morning.

"You smelly girl, where did you go today? I've heard that you didn't go to the lees group at all

Mu Jia Yan just replied with a smile, "why do I have to go to Li's group? Xiao Ying and I went out to eat together. "

Lin Ya Yin frowned and looked at her daughter.

"You dead girl, didn't you just tell me two days ago that you want to lose weight and don't eat anything?"

Mujiayan bites her lips.

Why, for a moment, it seems that people all over the world know that she is going to lose weight, but only she forgets?

She smiles awkwardly, curls her mouth and says, "I still Let's start losing weight from tonight. "

After all, it takes a lot of perseverance to lose weight.

She thought about it seriously, but still felt that she would have to make a decision after careful consideration.

The next morning.

Mu Jia Yan didn't forget her promise to an Yi Nan, so she got up at seven in the morning.

After getting up, she began to turn out all the books she had used to study psychology.

After reading the book for half an hour, Mu Jiayan just sorted out her make-up and went out.

She didn't find a job today. Anyway, she was idle at home. Her mother didn't let her go out to work. Now she finally found something meaningful. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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