Chapter 419

She laughs and says hello to her father carefully, but there comes Mu Liangcai's roar from the phone.

"Mu Jiayan, where are you now? Come back at once Mu Liangcai's angry voice came from the phone.

Mu Jia Yan took the mobile phone away from her ears, covered her ears and laughed carefully.

"Dad, Dad, don't be angry!"

However, Mu Liangcai is obviously not so easy to cheat.

This smelly girl, gossip has been spread to the news, what else does she want!

Mu Jia Yan clenched her lips tightly, thinking about how to explain to dad when she went back later.

Is she looking for an excuse or a suitable one? Or do you pretend you don't know it at all?

"I'm at my friend's house now. I'll be home in a minute."

Mu Liangcai has hung up the phone, but mu Jiayan can obviously feel that his father must be very angry now.

She took a careful look at her mobile phone. It was already noon.

Just at this time, I can go home and have a meal.

But on second thought, no, no, my parents are so angry at noon today. Maybe I can't even eat when I go home.

When she thought about it, she felt her stomach and thought about it. She had better order a takeout in the four seasons hotel first. After eating, she would go home with a full stomach for training.

So even if Mom and dad cut her diet, she would not be too miserable.

After Mu Jiayan thought about this, she ordered several favorite desserts on her mobile phone.

Then, when the takeout came, it was half an hour later.

After she was full with joy, her mood improved a lot. It seemed that what happened just now did not happen.

However, she still had to go home to face all this.

Mu family.

Mu Liangcai and Lin Yayin are waiting for their daughter to come back in the living room. They thought that their daughter would be back in half an hour.

However, who ever thought that Mu Jiayan came back more than an hour later.

Mu Jia Yan carefully pushed open the door of the house, just ran into aunt Wu.

Mu Jia Yan took a careful look at Aunt Wu and secretly asked her, "aunt Wu, are they at home? Are they angry now?"

Aunt Wu took a look at the young lady and nodded. Then she pointed out the direction of the living room with her index finger. Mu Jiayan's parents were sitting there waiting for her.

"Miss, you must be careful when you speak today. Don't make the master and his wife angry again."

Mu Jia Yan nodded her head hard. She didn't dare to be angry with her parents now. She just wanted them to be merciful and let her live.

"Dad, mom, I'm back."

Mu Jia Yan lowered her head and looked at her father and mother carefully.

Looking at her daughter a pair of timid look, Mu Liangcai after all, or some not bear the heart.

However, seeing that the corner of Mu Jiayan's mouth had not been cleaned, he could not help but get angry.

This smelly girl pretends to be scared. Who knows what she was doing just now!

Mu Liangcai snorted coldly, looked at his daughter, then asked, "what did you eat just now?"

Mu Jia Yan immediately shook his head without hesitation.

"No, no, Dad, I didn't eat anything just now. I've been hungry since morning."

Mu Liangcai frowned and sighed.

When Lin Yayin heard her husband suddenly ask such a strange question, she turned her head to look at her daughter and frowned.

This smelly girl is so stupid that she even forgot to wipe her mouth when she ate something.

She pointed to the position of the corner of her mouth and motioned to Mu Jiayan that there was something in the corner of her mouth.

However, Mu Jia Yan looked at her mother with a muddled face. She didn't know what her mother was saying.

She went up to her mother and pointed to the corner of her mouth.

"Mom, you have a toothache!"

Lin Ya Yin sighed and felt confused. How could her daughter be so stupid.

"Smelly girl, I want to remind you that the corners of your mouth have not been wiped clean with cream."

Mu Jia Yan stares big eyes, this just a pair of suddenly enlightened appearance.

She quickly reached out and wiped all the cream from the corners of her mouth.

"Mom, Dad, I This is just an accident

She said, and touched the corner of her mouth uneasily, as if worried that something else might be found.

However, Mu Liangcai just sighed and took a look at his own daughter.This smelly girl will only make trouble for herself all day.

Mu Liangcai asked his daughter in a cold voice, "don't you need to explain to me the news on TV?"

Mujiayan bites her lips.

Then, she just mumbled a few words, "Dad, those reporters don't know where to hear the grapevine, they start to catch the wind. You have to believe me, it doesn't exist at all, you have to believe your own daughter."

Mu Jia Yan said, while looking at his mother, as if to signal his mother this time should stand up to help himself.

Lin Ya Yin took a look at her daughter and immediately understood her daughter's meaning. She took the initiative to walk up to her husband and shake his arm.

"Husband, I also think what our daughter said is reasonable. Besides, it's also said in the news. This is a completely wrong report. There is no one in Jiayan's room." Lin Ya Yin takes the initiative to stand up and help her daughter speak, and also stares at Mu Jia Yan.

Mu Jia Yan immediately bit his lips, pretending to be a very clever look.

"Yes, Dad, don't you even believe your own daughter?"

Mu Liangcai just looked at her daughter and sighed.

Mu Liangcai asked, "can you explain to me why you stayed in the four seasons hotel last night and didn't come back home? The room in your home was cleaned up for you. Isn't it as comfortable as in the hotel?"

Mujiayan bites her lips.

That's different!

"Dad, I've already said that I'm just going to play. Believe me, I didn't do anything bad."

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