Chapter 439

Hearing Li Jingyang's explanation in such a hurry, I'm afraid I've misunderstood him. Ning Wuyou just smiles.

She's not a tigress. Is she that terrible?

However, she felt a little curious. Jingyang was already drunk. How could Xi feel relieved to leave her boss alone in the downstairs of Wanda villa?

"What about the banquet?"

Li Jingyang frowned and looked around him. Obviously, he didn't know where Xi had gone.

He was drunk just now, and he didn't know where Xi went.

"I don't know. Maybe he went back first."

With that, Li Jingyang looked around him, thinking that this smelly boy dared to leave himself here alone.

When he gets paid at the end of the month, he has to deduct a bonus.

Li Jingyang grumbled discontentedly, "this damned smelly boy has left me alone in such a place. He is not afraid that his boss will be robbed of money and lust. When tomorrow comes, I must settle with him."

At the same time, in the police station to accept the transcript of the seat, but also a loud sneeze.

At this time, who is still thinking about him?

"Mr. Xi Yi, please show me your driver's license."

Xi also nodded listlessly. This time, it was the boss who implicated him.

But I just went to drink a small glass of wine. Normally, such a low degree can't be detected.

However, seeing that Li Jingyang was a drunkard, the traffic police who came to check naturally had some doubts. Xi also asked him to take a sip of the alcohol tester.

Who knows, it exceeds the standard.

However, on the other side, Li Jingyang is very happy to get his wife's forgiveness.

Now, he has completely forgotten his assistant.

"Well, let's go upstairs and pack up and go back at once."

Ning Wuyou nodded.

However, when she turned around, because the slippers she was wearing were not antiskid, and the floor tiles in the community were not antiskid very well. The ground was full of water, so that she just turned around and slipped.


Li Jingyang originally rushed forward to hold her.

However, there is no way, there is some distance between the two people, so we can only watch Ning Wuyou fall to the ground.

He ran in a hurry, only to find that worry free body began to bleed.

He suddenly became nervous and immediately called the hospital for first aid.

"Sir, your wife has been pregnant for a month, so you must pay attention to it later. This time it's not dangerous."

One month pregnant!

Li Jingyang widened his eyes and looked shocked.

Indeed, a month ago, he was at home, but I didn't expect that God had given him such a big surprise.

However, at the thought that Wuyou doesn't plan to have children now, Li Jingyang doesn't feel worried again.

Now, this child has suddenly arrived. Will worry free welcome him?

After thinking about it, the doctor told Li Jingyang, "in addition, pregnant women can't drink in the future. Remember, drinking is not good for the fetus."

Li Jingyang immediately nodded. He thought that maybe it was because Wuyou didn't know he was pregnant some time ago that he drank some wine.

"Don't worry, doctor. I won't let my wife drink in the future."

Li Jingyang is so happy now that he doesn't know what to say, and even has some confusion in his mind.

He rushed into the emergency room of the hospital in a hurry. Ning Wuyou had woken up and was resting there.

Li Jingyang hurried forward and sat down beside Ning Wuyou's bed, holding Ning Wuyou's hand excitedly.

Seeing the excited expression on Li Jingyang's face, Ning Wuyou still feels a little at a loss.

"What's the matter with you? You are so happy when I fall like this. "

"No, it's not because of this. You're pregnant. Don't worry. Do you know? We have children! "

After hearing the news, Ning Wuyou just widened his eyes and looked shocked.

But then she began to laugh. She couldn't help reaching out and touching her stomach. It's hard to believe that there is a little life here that has been bred slowly.

After thinking about it, she immediately asked, "how long have I been pregnant?"

Li Jingyang replied, "the doctor said it has been a month."

I'd rather worry than worry.

"But what if I just had a drink the other day? Will it affect the fetus? "

Li Jingyang is very happy to see that Ning Wuyou attaches so much importance to this child. At least, she is willing to stay with this child.

Li Jingyang just reached out and touched Ning Wuyou's head, comforted her and said, "don't worry, it won't be OK. Just now the doctor has done a systematic examination for you. The fetus is very healthy. This time it's safe. However, don't drink in the future."Ning Wuyou immediately nodded her head cleverly. When she thought that she was going to be a mother, she felt excited and a little excited.

"Did you call your parents to tell them the news?"

After Li Jingyang was stunned for a moment, he shook his head.

He forgot to share the good news with his wife, but he forgot to tell his parents.

"I'll call my parents right now."

With that, Li Jingyang is going to get his mobile phone, but Ning Wuyou reaches for his hand.

"Jingyang, after I have this child, I don't want to go abroad, and I don't want to further study. I want to accumulate more work experience in the hospital. In fact, it's the same. I think we'll have a good life together in the future. "

Ning Wuyou spoke very seriously and sincerely, and Li Jingyang listened very seriously.

However, he was obviously surprised that Wuyou was willing to give up his favorite doctor job for the sake of the child and their family.

"Worry free, are you really willing to do that?"

Ning Wuyou nodded gently, she would.

She also knew that there was some truth in Shixia's words. Some things had to be given up to get. If she wanted to get both sides, she would not get them in the end.

"I think I should give up some things at the right time. I believe my choice is right."

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