Chapter 454

Now he is eager to go to the hospital to have a look and see how his mother's recovery is.

As soon as Wen Hui saw an Yi Nan going out, she immediately followed him.

"Master, I asked Wen Fang out to play cards."

As she said this, she left home in a hurry, and even an Jinshan didn't react.

Why are you out playing cards again?

However, Wen Hui did not find her sister Wen Fang. Instead, she followed an Yinan.

She believes that ease south this time is absolutely impossible to go to the company, the only possibility is that he went to find he Fangyuan.

So, there's no need for a private detective to check something. Wen Hui believes that as long as she follows the back of an Yi Nan, she can definitely find he Fangyuan.

However, an Yi Nan is not a fool. Naturally, Wen Hui is following him at this time.

If Wen Hui didn't follow her, she was afraid that when she was at home now, she would have trouble sleeping and eating.

He's not in a hurry.

It's half past ten in the morning.

An Yinan is still driving to the hospital on the way, has received a call from Mu Jiayan.

"Yi Nan, can you come right now? My aunt said that she has something important to look for you. It's related to Wen Hui, so you must keep a distance from that woman. "

Ease South nodded, he subconsciously looked at his back, a sneer.

He believed that his mother now remembered what had happened.

"Jiayan, give my mother the phone and I'll talk to her."

Mujiayan thought about it and handed the mobile phone to he Fangyuan. He Fangyuan's eyes had become clear now, and her eyes were no longer dull.

"Yi Nan..."

Calling her son's name again made her voice a little choked.

After so many years, she finally came to her senses and remembered what had happened.

Hearing his mother's voice, Anyi Nan just suddenly felt a little sour.

"Mom, you remember me, don't you?"

He Fangyuan nodded her head.

Yes, she has been confused for more than ten years and forgotten everything.

However, she still remembers that she had a son named Xiao Nan, and now she has finally regained her senses.

"Yi Nan, all the things in those years were done by Wen Hui behind her back. She pushed me down the stairs when I was pregnant, which made you premature and almost killed you. Later, Wen Hui saw that she couldn't do me any harm, so she thought of another poison plan, which made me lose my memory."

After hearing his mother say so, the hand of ease South holding the steering wheel gradually tightened.

He even wanted to turn the front of the car and kill the woman behind him.

However, he soon calmed down. He could not be impulsive at this time. The more he came to the last moment, the more he wanted to calm down.

An Yi Nan's voice trembled slightly and asked, "Mom, is there any evidence for you to say that now?"

He Fangyuan's mood is obviously out of control.

"Yi Nan, don't you believe what mother said?"

"Mom, you are the one I believe most in the world, but now we have no evidence to accuse Wen Hui of what she did?"

Only with his mother's one-sided words, although the ease of South heart is to believe, but, how to block the long mouth ah.

Wen Hui also nodded when she heard her son say so. She felt that there was some truth in her son's words, which was empty talk.

She has to produce evidence, but what has happened for more than ten years, is there any evidence now?

"Yi Nan, do you still remember the servant Ju Ma at home?"

Hearing his mother say chrysanthemum mother's name, ease South tightly frowned, he remembered.

At that time, chrysanthemum mother was the one who served by her mother, but later, I didn't know how, so she was dismissed.

At that time, he was still young, so it was not clear what happened at that time.

"Mom, what do you want to do all of a sudden?"

He Fangyuan sighed gently and said slowly, "she saw all the things in those years, but Wen Hui must have exerted some pressure on her, so she couldn't tell the truth."

An Yinan's brow is more tight.

"Mom, don't worry. I'll ask Chen Zhen to find out where Ju Ma is. I'll try to get her to come right away."

Now my mother's mind has returned to normal, and the truth of that year has been revealed one by one.

An Yinan thought that it was time to settle accounts after autumn.

After hanging up he Fangyuan's phone, he immediately called his assistant Chen Zhen and asked him to find Juma's whereabouts immediately and take Juma to the hospital where he Fangyuan is now.However, it will take a little time.

With a sneer, an Yinan also drags Wen Hui and starts to fight around the city.

His goal now is to delay and let his assistant have more time to find Juma, and then take Juma to see his mother in the hospital.

At that time, he will go with Wen Hui.

However, after 20 minutes of shaking in this way, Wen Hui gradually realized that something was wrong. This guy is teasing her.

She just wanted to get out of the car and ask Anyi Nan where she wanted to go, but she didn't think it was right. She was following after all.

Soon, assistant Chen Zhen got a reply saying that she had found Ju ma.

It turns out that Juma has been staying in a nursing home in Yishi all these years and has never left.

However, at that time, an Yi Nan was young. He didn't think that it was related to Ju Ma, so he didn't investigate.

Now it's easy to investigate.

Moreover, Chen Zhen said that he had already taken Ju Ma on the way to the hospital, but it took a little time for an Yinan to feel relieved.

"Chen Zhen, you take Juma to the city hospital first. You must ensure Juma's safety."

"All right, boss."

Seeing that all the human and material evidences have been gathered together, an Yi Nan finally got through to his father an Jinshan.

"Dad, where are you now? My mother wants to see you. "

On hearing that his ex-wife he Fangyuan wanted to see him, an Jinshan raised his trembling hand slightly and was obviously stunned.

He just wanted to ask that he Fangyuan has lost her mind. What's the meaning of seeing herself. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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