Chapter 457

"At that time, you pushed your wife down the stairs and almost caused her abortion. Later, you bought a murderer and wanted to kill her. I know all this." Chrysanthemum mother said angrily.

These things have been hidden in her heart for more than ten years.

For more than ten years, she has been struggling every night and always feels that she owes something to others.

However, when Wen Hui used her son's life to force Juma, she couldn't tell the truth.

At that time, she had no other way but to endure.

Wen Hui snorted coldly and asked, "since you already know it, why didn't you say it at the beginning?"

Although she pretended to be calm on the surface, she was very afraid in her heart.

If the old man really said something, then he was afraid that he would really suffer.

Chrysanthemum mother shook her head, a look of regret, "you threatened me at that time, my son's life in your hands, you let me how to say!"

Chrysanthemum mother said, a look of shame.

Although she concealed the truth of the matter, which was wrong, she also felt helpless and forced. If she had told the truth, she was afraid that her son would be in danger.

Wen Hui yelled at Ju Ma angrily, "you old immortal, you're still talking about things here. The master won't believe what you said."

If there was no assistant Chen Zhen in the middle, I'm afraid Wen Hui would have rushed up and pushed Juma down.

However, the old man who has been silent on one side suddenly spoke coldly at this time.

"Wen Hui, please be quiet. I want to hear the truth from Ju ma."

"Master, I don't know what good I've got. I'm talking nonsense in front of you. Don't believe what she said. She's a big liar."

An Jinshan gives Wen Hui a cold look. Wen Hui is silent when she sees an Jinshan's cannibal eyes.

Although an Jinshan is old, his mind is not confused.

Over the years, he has been doubting what happened in those years.

Also, why did Wen Hui change all the servants after her divorce.

Now I think it makes sense.

What happened in those years must have been that the servants knew something. Therefore, Wen Hui felt guilty, so she replaced all the servants.

However, at that time, the work of an Jinshan was too busy, and there was no air traffic control.

When the wind is calm, everything is settled.

Seeing that an Jinshan had begun to doubt himself, Wen Hui held her fingers tightly, and she felt even more frightened.


But an Jinshan just glanced at her coldly and motioned her to shut up now. Don't chirp and disturb yourself.

Chrysanthemum mother then said everything she knew. Now she was not afraid. No one would threaten her with her son's life.

The young master has promised that he will protect his son and give him a good job.

Therefore, Ju Ma also had the courage to say all the things that happened in that year.

It turned out that when Wen Hui was an Jinshan's assistant, she had already had a bad idea.

She got close to he Fangyuan, gained her trust and became her friend.

When he Fangyuan was conscious and pregnant, Wen Hui had already seduced an Jinshan.

However, at that time, an Jinshan was also a responsible man, and he was not affected.

Wen Hui does not give up, thinking that he Fangyuan's baby is gone, and that an Jinshan will give up on her.

She thought, with a plot to frame the child inside he Fangyuan's stomach.

Who knows he Fangyuan's life is big, that child finally saved as a premature baby, that is now an Yinan.

However, at that time, he Fangyuan's mind was simple, and she did not doubt anything.

Although Ju Ma once suspected that Wen Hui was the one who pushed her downstairs, she also reminded her, but she didn't believe it.

Later, looking at the happiness of he Fangyuan's family, Wen Hui felt even more jealous.

She then thought of buying a murderer to kill her, causing her to be hit by a car.

Maybe it's really because he Fangyuan is lucky. Even in a car accident, she still hasn't died, but her brain is not clear.

However, the doctor said that he Fangyuan's brain will not return to normal in her life. Wen Hui knew that he Fangyuan would no longer pose any threat to herself, so she was relieved.

In the period of losing his beloved wife, an Jinshan was once in a state of depression.

At that time, Wen Hui officially entered an Jinshan's life and became his wife.She finally realized her plan, but an Jinshan still has a son to stay in the world.

Wen Hui tried every means to get rid of this evil when she was very young.

She thought that as long as an Yi Nan died, after an Jin Shan died, the family's legacy belonged to Wen Hui.

However, who knows that the child of an Yi Nan is stubborn and escapes over and over again.

However, Wen Hui always likes to stir up dissension between an Yinan and an Jinshan.

Originally, an Yi Nan was very dissatisfied with the fact that his father married his stepmother.

Therefore, for his father, ease nanben also has a grudge.

In addition, after Wen Hui instigated from it, the relationship between father and son has been very flat.

As an adult, Anyi Nan found an excuse to study abroad and never came back.

In recent years, because the development of the company needs talents, an Jinshan thought to transfer his son back.

In the past ten years, Wen Hui has tried every means to get pregnant and have a child, and become the rightful heir to her family.

However, an Jinshan has never given her such a chance.

Although, an Jinshan also wants to have many children and many blessings.

However, he is very clear that once he has more sons, he is bound to quarrel about the position of heir.

Although an Yi Nan is not close to him, in the final analysis, he is also a family member who has blood relationship with him.

What's more, an Yinan has been smart since he was a child, and he is even more gifted in business. So an Jinshan is relieved to leave the company to his son , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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