Chapter 463

"Jiayan, I'm aunt."

Hearing the familiar voice of he Fangyuan, Mu Jiayan immediately knew who was on the other side of the phone.

"Auntie, I can hear your voice, but how can you have my phone number?"

Mu Jia Yan obviously had some accidents and surprises.

"Yi Nan gave it to me."

Mu Jia Yan quietly Leng for a while, smile.

He Fangyuan said with a smile and enthusiasm, "Jia Yan, do you have time these two days? I'd like to invite you to my house


Mu Jiayan hesitated, as if in a dilemma.

In fact, after he Fangyuan was cured, she also felt very happy.

However, at the same time, she also felt that she should keep a proper distance from the comfortable south.

After all, she is going to have a new life of her own.

But an Yinan, the person he likes is not himself.

He has already said that he has a girlfriend, and Mu Jiayan also thinks that he should keep a distance from ease south.

However, now he Fangyuan always invites her, again and again, but it's hard to be gracious. She doesn't know how to refuse.

"Auntie, my work is more..."

However, this time Mu Jiayan's words have not been completely said, he Fangyuan has been interrupted.

"Don't make excuses to say that you are busy with your work. You just come here to have a meal. Jiayan, don't you have time?"

He Fangyuan's voice was gentle, but now she prays for mu Jiayan, which is pitiful.

Mu Jia Yan felt even more reluctant.

"Well, auntie, I'll come to your house for dinner after work tomorrow evening."

Hearing that Mu Jiayan finally agreed to her invitation, he Fangyuan laughed happily.

"That's right, you bad girl."

Mu Jia Yan just laughed, and then she looked at the hanger beside her.

She thought about what kind of clothes she should wear to settle down tomorrow. After thinking about it, she chose a sleeveless knee length A-line skirt.

The surface of the skirt is simple and generous. There are only two patterns of black swans in the skirt position, which looks quite simple.

She thought about it, and added a simple Givenchy necklace, which looked elegant and not too complicated.

After matching the clothes you need tomorrow, Mu Jiayan goes to bed at ease and is ready to have a rest.

She was lying on the soft big bed in the room, but she still felt confused and lost sleep.

She didn't know what she was thinking, but she couldn't sleep because of something in her heart.

The night was so quiet that she could even hear the sound of the alarm clock on the wall, ticking, ticking.

She tried to make herself sober and think about some things, but she found that there were too many confused ideas in her mind.

For a moment, she didn't know what to think.

Later, gradually, she felt sleepy and went to sleep.

The next day.

After work, Mu Jiayan wanted to drive to settle down.

However, who knows that comfort South has been waiting for her in the company's downstairs.

When an Yinan leaves work today, he suddenly receives a call from his mother, asking him to pick up Mu Jiayan and go home together.

He Fangyuan has clearly explained her son on the phone. Today she invited Jiayan to be a guest.

Mu Jia Yan see is comfortable south come to pick up his, also slightly some embarrassment.

I don't know how, now she always thinks of the things that she and ease South's confession was rejected.

Therefore, when they were alone, she always felt that there was something wrong with them.

An Yi Nan seemed to be aware of something, so he took the initiative and said, "I'm really sorry, my mother My mom, she seems to have misunderstood something. "

He Fangyuan said with a smile, "don't worry. I'll explain to my aunt when I go there today. She won't misunderstand me."

After an Yinan took a look at her, she didn't say anything, just drove silently towards her home.

He Fangyuan has been waiting for her son and her ideal daughter-in-law to come back at the gate of the front yard.

Today, she specially dressed up. In the morning, she went to the beauty salon for a perm and a spa. Then, she specially wore her favorite plain cotton dress.

Now, seeing her son's car coming, he Fangyuan immediately smiles and waves at the car, looking excited.

After her son got out of the car, he Fangyuan didn't say anything. On the contrary, after Mu Jiayan came down, she immediately welcomed her and looked happy.

"Great, Jiayan. I've wanted to invite you to our house for a long time."He Fangyuan looks up and down at Mu Jiayan in front of her. Mu Jiayan is wearing light makeup today. She looks the same in peacetime.

She looks young and full of vitality. She has a high ball, a clean forehead and delicate facial features. She looks elegant and generous just like a college student.

Mu Jia Yan came forward and said to he Fangyuan with a smile, "thank you, aunt."

He Fangyuan looks at Mu Jiayan in front of her, and the more she looks, the more happy she feels.

At the dinner table, he Fangyuan saw that everyone was eating quietly, but she couldn't hold it in her heart.

I feel confused in my heart, so I feel uneasy after a meal.

"Jiayan, can I ask you something?"

Mu Jia Yan a little Leng after, smile Ying Ying ground answers to say, "good, aunt you say."

He Fangyuan looks at Mu Jiayan and smiles.

Then, she looked at her son a little bit and found that he was still eating with his head down. She asked directly, "Jia Yan, are you so beautiful? Do you have a boyfriend? Otherwise, what do you think of Yinan? "

For a moment, ease South and Mu Jia Yan two people are stunned.

They couldn't help looking at each other, embarrassed.

"Mom, don't meddle in your own business, and eat quickly."

He Fangyuan ignored her son at all. She was just curious whether the beautiful little girl had a boyfriend.

It's important for her.

In the hospital, there are sanatoriums, and mujiayan together day and night, he Fangyuan really feel that mujiayan is very good.

Mu Jia Yan is also only slightly some sorry, looked at the front of he Fangyuan.

In fact, when he Fangyuan invited her to be a guest, she had already thought of her intention. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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