Chapter 488

However, Mu Jia Yan just buckled his fingers and turned his head to look around him.

However, she still did not find where Li Jingyan was.

Mu Jia Yan sighed and couldn't help muttering, "Li Jing Yan, that damned guy, I don't know where he went!"

An Yinan just shrugged and asked curiously, "is he missing?"

Mu Jiayan nodded.

"I just talked to my aunt there for a while, and then, when I came back, I found that he was gone."

However, as soon as she said this, she suddenly thought of something.

He immediately looked around him and found that Shixia had disappeared.

The expression on an Yinan's face suddenly became strange.

Mu Jia Yan took a look at him. After a little stupefied, he seemed to think of something.

Shi Xia and Li Jingyan almost disappeared at the same time. Therefore, it shows that they may have left the meeting at the same time.

Think of here, Mu Jia Yan also some unnatural look up, looked at ease south one eye.

She lowered her head and gathered her hair a little. Then, she just made an excuse and stammered, "that Maybe they have something ahead of time, so. Let's go. "

An Yi south just faintly nodded, did not reply to say what.

He took a look at Mu Jiayan, and then said, "well, since President Li has something to go back first, I'll take you back."

However, Mu Jia Yan pursed her lips and shook her head.

Today, there are so many guests to settle down, so it must be easy to accept the guests. Where can I have time to receive myself.

"Don't bother, Yi Nan. You don't need to send me. I can go by myself."

However, ease south but remind said, "but here is not easy to take a taxi, you want to go back by car, is not too simple a thing."

After hearing what Anyi Nan said, Mu Jiayan could only bite his lips, and he hated Li Jingyan even more.

This hateful guy, even if he brought himself to the party today, he left her at the party.

I knew she should have let the driver at home deliver her.

But now, if you call the driver to pick you up, your parents will ask you something when you get home.

The more Mu Jia Yan thought about it, the more headache she felt.

And the culprit of all this is still unknown.

"Well, you lend me your car. Do you need it tonight?"

Ease South shook to shake head, then, also took advantage of the situation to hand the car key of oneself to Mu Jia Yan.

"Are you sure you can drive home by yourself?"

Mu Jia Yan just laughed and said with a relaxed face, "don't worry, I can't be so delicate, but I just drive home."

Then she took the car key in the hand of an Yi Nan, and said, "well, I'll drive your car to your company's parking lot when I pass by your company tomorrow. Then you can come and pick it up."

An Yi south hears Mu Jia Yan to say so after, then also nodded.

There are many guests at home today. He needs help to receive them. Otherwise, he can really send Mu Jiayan back.

"You should be safe on your own way. Please call me if you have anything." An Yi south in the mind still some not quite at ease to exhort a way.

Mu Jia Yan just nodded and left with a comfortable South car.

An Yinan watched Mu Jiayan leave, and then went to entertain other guests.

However, when he thought that Shixia and Li Jingyan had left alone today, he still felt a little strange.

However, there are a lot of guests tonight, and we need him as the host to receive them. Therefore, Anyi South has no spare time to think about it.

In the backyard, Wang An is calling Wen Hui.

"You can rest assured that I have already tampered with the car of an Yi Nan. I believe that as soon as he drives, if the brake breaks down, he will be dead."

After hearing Wang an say this, Wen Hui was obviously very proud.

She can't wait to see what it's like for he Fangyuan and an Jinshan to lose their son.

At that time, in order to find a suitable successor, an Jinshan will definitely go to a doctor in a hurry.

At that time, her son will also have a great chance to become the heir of the family.

Presumably, at that time, an Jinshan would not have the heart to do any DNA identification.

"Brother Wang, you've done a good job. When he dies, our son will inherit everything and everything will belong to us."

Wang an then also just nodded, he also looked forward to the arrival of that day."Well, I won't tell you. People are coming and going here. It's not good to be found. I'll send you a message when it's over. "

With that, Wang an hung up the phone in a hurry and walked towards the living room.

However, on the way, I just met uncle Zhao, the housekeeper of my family.

Wang An can't help but turn his head and take a look at the direction of the parking lot. He just finds that the car in Anyi south is gone.

It seems that he really went out.

However, he still felt a little uneasy, so he held uncle Zhao and asked, "Lao Zhao, is the young master out?"

But Uncle Zhao just turned around and was stunned for a moment. He took a look at the location where the young master parked the white Porsche.

Just now he saw the young master coming from the front, so he didn't go out.

"No, the young master is still in the front hall to receive guests. He just sent the guests away. Lao Wang, go to the front and help. The young master can't help anyone who comes and goes in front."

After hearing what Lao Zhao said, Wang an could only nod his head, but he felt strange.

If the easy South didn't go, who was driving that white Porsche.

There was a sudden uneasiness in his mind.

Just when Wang an felt strange, he saw that Anyi was coming here.

"Uncle Wang, you've come just in time. You can help me to send chairman Lin and his wife back. They've had a drink and it's not convenient to drive now."

Wang an saw that an Yi Nan really appeared in front of him, and the expression on his face became more surprised.

"Young master, why are you here?"

After hearing what Wang An said, an Yinan felt a little strange, so he frowned and laughed. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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