Chapter 502

She was afraid that Li Jingyan would suddenly react to something, and suddenly she would come back with the wrong tendon. At that time, what if she was found.

However, she was thinking that this is not a safe way after all. Li Jingyan now knows the existence of Yibin garden.

Presumably, he may come back in the future. In case he really sees Chenchen next time, what should he do?

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. She even thought about moving. In fact, this idea is not the first time.

Maybe it's a good choice to leave this place, at least it can make her feel at ease.

After Li Jingyan left Shixia, he felt that something was wrong.

Just now that child, always let her have a kind of strange feeling, she can't say what kind of feeling, but, feel some strange in the heart.

He parked his car at the gate of Yibin garden, but he never left.

He sat in the car and quietly ordered a cigarette.

After thinking about it, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called his assistant Li Tao.

It's almost 11 o'clock in the night. Li Tao has just come back from the bar. He is going to wash and sleep.

At this time, he received a call from the president. He thought he would go back to work overtime at this time.

"Boss, it's almost 11 o'clock now. Aren't you off duty yet?" Li Tao asked cautiously.

At the same time, I pray in my heart, don't pull him back to work overtime!

But Li Jingyan replied, "I'm off work, but there's one thing you need to check for me right away. I'm very anxious."

After Li Jingyan said that, Li Tao became energetic.

He knows the important thing that the boss said, and that must be the most important thing.

"OK, boss, you say I'll get up right now and I'll turn on the computer."

But Li Jingyan just said, "now help me check the landlord of Shixia to see if he has a son about four or five years old."

"OK, boss, I see. I'll check it now."

When he heard the boss's order, Li Tao felt confused.

There's something wrong with it.

How suddenly good, in the middle of the night let oneself check Miss poetry summer landlord's son?

However, as a qualified assistant, the boss issued the order, he just do it.

For others, it is not convenient for him to ask more questions.

However, now the boss asked himself to check about Miss Shixia.

This also shows that the boss is still worried about Miss Shixia.

Miss Shixia is just like the knot in the boss's heart. As long as she doesn't untie it one day, she will always exist.

After turning on his laptop, Li Tao entered his power on password, took a can of iced coffee from the refrigerator next to him, and began to work for his boss.

After Li Jingyan hung up the phone, he didn't know where he should go for a moment.

He simply sat in the car and waited quietly.

He looked up, adjusted the car to an open top, and looked at the sky outside the window.

It's getting dark. Some street lights have gone out and the sky is getting dark. The stars in the sky are getting brighter.

Yibin garden is a long way from the city, so it is not very prosperous at night.

After midnight, all the street lights will go out.

But because Yibin Garden community is here, there will be a street lamp at the door.

Shixia now lives in this community. She is only 1000 meters away from herself.

However, Li Jingyan felt that their hearts were far away.

He sat in the car and smoked for an hour.

There was a lot of smoke in the car. Although it was open, there was still a stream of smoke around it.

However, he does not feel that there is any problem when he is in it.

Just as he gradually felt sleepy, he suddenly received a call from Li Tao.

The moment he heard the phone ring, he saw that the name of the note was Li Tao. Li Jingyan woke up immediately.

However, Li Tao was puzzled and asked, "boss, are you sure miss Shixia's landlord really has such a small son? The information I just checked shows that Miss Shixia's landlord's son is 25 years old, and he already has a one-year-old child himself. "

When Li Tao said that, Li Jingyan's brow became tighter.

Obviously, there is only one possibility. Shixia is lying."It's OK. I see. Please have a rest early."

Li Jingyan said, and immediately hung up the phone.

But now his mind suddenly became very clear.

He suddenly wanted to see the child's face, to see what the child looked like.

At the thought of today's Shixia's performance, Li Jingyan thinks it's a little strange. Shixia shows that it's a very evasive attitude.

She seems very afraid to let herself see the child, but what on earth is she afraid of?

Does that child have something to do with himself?

The more he thought about it, the more strange he felt. For a moment, there was no conclusion in his mind, because there was no evidence.

After meditating for half an hour, he called Li Tao again.

Li Tao has been sleeping in a daze, but because of his work, his mobile phone is also turned on 24 hours a day.

And the president can find him at any time.

Li Tao heard the phone ring, rubbed his eyes, opened his eyes and saw that it was the president again, so he connected immediately.

"Boss, what can I do for you?"

Li Jingyan said, "when you have time, check it for me to see if there is a child about four or five years old around Shixia."

Although Li Tao was awakened at this time, it was not very kind.

However, the doubt in his heart is growing. If he does not solve the problem, he always feels a little uneasy.

Li Tao also nodded, eating your salary and worrying about you.

Now that he is working for Li Jingyan, as long as the boss orders him, he will do it without hesitation.

"Boss, don't worry. I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Li Jingyan nodded, and then added a sentence in the back, "you must do it as soon as possible. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you can help me to check it immediately. You can put things in the company aside first."

Hearing Li Jingyan's worry, Li Tao just frowned and couldn't figure out why.

"Boss, if you really can't wait, I don't mind getting up and checking for you now, but after that, you have to give me three days off to make up for my sleep."

Li Jingyan raised his eyebrows, thinking that Li Tao was a cunning guy. Now he would bargain with himself more and more.

"That's not necessary. Just check it for me at work tomorrow."

It is estimated that Li Jingyan will have to be very busy to give Li Tao a three-day leave at this time.

He still needs Li Tao to do so many things at work.

It is impossible for Li Tao to be lazy now.

However, the problem of Shixia, Li Jingyan thought, must be solved quickly.

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