Chapter 521

Shixia and mujiayan wanted to rush up to stop them, but Li Tao, who was beside them, was quick eyed and quickly pulled the young lady and miss Mu aside.

If these two women rush in, they will not die. I'm afraid they will be hurt.

"Young lady, Miss mu, you'd better not go there and let them fight."

Shixia was surprised to hear Li Tao say so.

Mu Jia Yan also turned his head and looked at Li Tao in front of him with an incredible expression.

"What are you talking about? What if something really goes wrong?"

However, Li Tao just replied, "Miss mu, young lady, maybe this is the way to solve problems between men. They can only use fists, so let's let them fight and calm down."

Men are not like women. Women are sentimental and may be indecisive.

When a man encounters something, he will only use his fist. In fact, it's not force or impulse. It's just a way to vent his emotions.

If you let him two just keep this matter in mind, I'm afraid it will be even more inseparable.

However, seeing that they are playing equally, Li Jingyan should be better.

An Yinan is still a gentle man. He seldom goes to boxing or fitness.

However, Li Jingyan keeps the habit of regular exercise and boxing every month.

Li Tao raised his eyebrows. It's been a long time, and he hasn't separated yet. It seems that he needs to go over and let himself hang up.

Otherwise, continue to fight according to this way, I'm afraid Mr. an will be killed by his own president.

"Boss, Mr. an, it's better not to fight. Even if you fight for a while, just spread the fire in your heart."

However, who knows that the sound of Li Tao's words hasn't completely fallen down yet, but they came together and hit Li Tao's two eyes with one fist.

Li Tao covered his eyes innocently and fell to the ground with a plop.

However, the struggle between the two men is over.

Although it's ridiculous, no one's face looks good now.

Mu Jia Yan rushes up quickly and pulls the comfortable south.

Now Li Tao has been beaten down. If they continue, she is afraid that Anyi Nan will be hurt.

Mu Jia Yan angrily roared, "well, what can't be said well, the gentleman doesn't do anything, you fight like this, what kind of look, in case you are remembered to be photographed at that time, what should you do?"

She quickly stepped forward, picked up an Yi Nan, then rushed to Li Jingyan, pointed to his nose and scolded, "Li Jingyan, you've ruined other people's weddings. What else do you want?"

However, Li Jingyan just took a cold look at Mu Jiayan.

Then he said, "just because the person you like in your heart has always been him, so you help him talk, don't you?"

Mu Jia Yan tightly bit his lips, a face embarrassed appearance, but just glared at Li Jing Yan one eye, "I have no, you don't talk nonsense!"

Who knows, Li Jingyan suddenly turned his head and looked at Shixia behind him.

Li Jingyan didn't care about all the others, only Shixia.

"And you? Who are you going to help now? "

He stares at Shixia's face, as if there is something funny in it.

But Shixia just turned his head and didn't look into Li Jingyan's eyes. He clearly did it on purpose.

"I'm not going to help anyone. Your life and death have nothing to do with me."

Shixia said, with a cold look on her face, Mu Jiayan helped ease south to get on the car.

However, ease South or don't plan to go up, Mu Jia Yan can only drag, drag him on the car.

"OK, you go to see yourself now. What kind of virtue have you become? I'll send you to the hospital as soon as possible."

Mu Jia Yan said, can't help but say, directly pull comfortable South left.

If we let him stay, we don't know what will happen.

After an Yinan and Mu Jiayan leave, Li Jingyan looks at Shixia in front of him.

"What are your plans? Do you follow him

Shixia did not answer his question, but stood there calmly, as if he were a spectator.

Li Jingyan sneered, then looked at Li Tao beside him, "if you really want to leave, now I'll let Li Tao take you away. Where did he take you from, and continue to send you back to."

Li Tao only frowned when he heard what the boss said.

He turned his face unnaturally and looked at the boss with an incredulous look on his face.

The boss is very reluctant to give up in his heart, but he has a hard word here.I really should have said that. The dead duck has a hard tongue.

Mingming was reluctant to let others go in his heart, but he had a cold face and pretended to be unwelcome.

Shixia just turned around and gave him a cold look, then asked, "if you really agree to let Li Tao send me away, can you give Chenchen back to me?"

"No way."

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia.

Although his face is black and blue now, and even the corner of his mouth is bleeding, it doesn't affect his beautiful face at all.

Shixia clenched her lips tightly. She came here for Chenchen.

If she didn't take Chenchen to leave, she would not have left.

"Li Jingyan, where is Chen Chen now?" Shixia asked.

However, Li Jingyan just looked up and down at Shixia, and then said, "don't worry, he's safe now, but are you going to stand at the door and talk to me?"

Shixia also thinks that the current situation is a little strange.

She was wearing a wedding dress, facing Li Jingyan with wounds all over her face.

"Come in."

Li Jingyan said, the first to enter the villa, poetry summer can only follow him, go in together.

After Li Tao saw that the two owners had already left, he turned around and drove to the company.

I hope the president can have a good chat with the young lady this time. As like as two peas in the villa,

poetry summer followed Li Jingyan back to the villa. It seems that it is exactly the same as it was three years ago. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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