Chapter 527

At home, Li Zhiren is having a good time with his grandson.

See Chen Chen, a heart of poem summer this just put back in the belly.

As soon as Chen Chen saw his mother coming, he rushed over excitedly.

"Mom, that's great. I thought dad lied to me. So you will come here."

The little guy's milk is so strong that Shixia's heart can't help but melt.

However, Shixia turns her head and takes a look at Li Jingyan. It seems that Chen Chen calls his father so naturally.

However, at this time, Li Zhiren noticed that the wound on his son's face looked really terrible.

"Jing Yan, what's the matter with your face?" Li Zhiren asked confusedly.

However, Li Jingyan just touched his face lightly, with a calm look on his face.

"Don't worry, it's OK."

Li Zhiren takes a look at his son. His eyes are a little complicated. He knows that his son is not willing to say more now, so he doesn't ask any more.

My son has grown up. He doesn't need to report some things to his parents. He is an adult.

Therefore, Li Zhiren just sighed, and then said softly, "pay attention to yourself."

Li Jingyan didn't speak.

Shixia picks up her son and holds Chenchen in her arms. She touches Chenchen's hair and looks spoiled.

She realized that Li Zhiren took a look at herself and immediately put the child down.

After putting down her son, Shixia comes to Li Zhiren with an embarrassed expression on her face.

She looked at Li Zhiren in front of her, and then bowed slightly, looking a little restrained.


After saying hello to him, Shixia clenched her lips. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

However, Li Zhiren just laughed and didn't care about what happened before.

No matter what Shixia did wrong, or what important things they concealed.

However, now that the child has returned to Li's home, this is the great credit of Shixia, which is enough to offset all the mistakes.

Therefore, in the hearts of Li's parents, Shixia is a great hero.

"Well, Xia Xia, just come back, just come back."

He nodded and looked at his son and daughter-in-law in front of him. He was full of emotion, but he just repeated two sentences and came back.

Obviously, Li Zhiren welcomed Shixia's daughter-in-law back.

Shixia pursed her lips, then took a look at Li Jingyan.

However, Li Zhiren just said with a smile, "well, since I'm home, there's no need to be so restrained. Please sit down. Your mother is out shopping. She should be back soon."

After that, he no longer cared about his son and daughter-in-law.

Now that he has a grandson, who cares so much? He quickly follows Chen Chen and runs to the front garden, teasing the little dog on the balcony.

Looking at his father laughing as happy as a child, Li Jingyan just shook his head helplessly.

But when he turned around, he saw that his wife was restrained.

"You don't have to feel awkward, do you forget? You used to be part of this family. "

"But now that I'm back and forth, I feel that..."

Shixia bit her lips. For a moment, she didn't know what she should say. She just felt a little unnatural.

However, looking at Chen Chen now and grandfather play so happy, she will soon calm down, maybe she should adapt.

Just, does she want to accept Li Jingyan again?

Shixia doesn't know.

Now she just wants to be with her son, not separate from him, that's all.

As for other things, she has no plans for the moment.

When Shixia comes back to Li's home, he may feel a little uncomfortable.

However, Li's parents are very welcome, especially Su Jiaqi.

After hearing the news, she happily bought many dishes.

When Li Zhiren saw his wife moving the vegetables into the house, he was almost shocked.

Is this the amount a family can eat?

"Wife, have you bought all the dishes we used this month?"

The next servant also looked at the lady in front of him with a smile, and then reminded her, "madam, this vegetable is fresh. If you buy so many vegetables, it will be a waste if you can't finish them."

However, Su Jiaqi looks happy. There are so many people in their family now, how can they not finish eating.

"Later in the evening, I'll call Jingyang and ask him to come back with worry free today. Can't we finish this dish as a whole?"When she was shopping in the supermarket just now, she wanted to buy everything she saw was fresh.

At the end of the market, it was more than 1000 meters. Every other stall, she thought the food was good and the children should like it, so she bought some.

Then, one by one, they accumulated, but in the end, they didn't think they bought so much.

Li Zhiren just looked at his wife helplessly, and then said, "you'd better let aunt Wu go shopping next time. You don't want to buy any more. You'll buy more."

Although the family specially invited the aunt to come, but every time when buying vegetables, the wife still volunteered, always willing to buy their own past.

It's just that the dishes she bought are either too many or too weird to make.

Su Jiaqi is a face of jubilation, while cleaning up his hand that huge basket, while talking and laughing with his family.

"Today Xiaxia came back, I am happy, and Xiaxia's favorite food, only I know, aunt don't remember."

When Shixia heard Su Jiaqi say this, she was very moved. She had been away for several years, but the dishes Su Jiaqi bought today were all her favorite.

She never had a mother when she was a child, and she never felt what it was like to be loved by her mother.

However, now in the Li family, her mother-in-law makes her feel the same love as her mother.

"Well, Xia Xia, don't worry about them. Come with me first. Let's go to the kitchen and cook together." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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