Chapter 529

An Yi south now this pair of ghost appearance, let her how to put heart down oneself to go back.

"Don't worry. I'm fine. I have to take him back." Mu Jia Yan looks stubborn.

However, it rained for half an hour. From the beginning of the rain to the end of the rain, they were still in the rain.

Mu Jia Yan only felt that he was shivering with cold.

However, she still stood there stubbornly, never left from the beginning to the end, just following an Yinan.

As long as she doesn't go back, she won't go back.

When he Fangyuan came over, she saw her son's decadent appearance.

Her heart was obviously greatly stimulated and almost fainted on the spot.

When Mu Jiayan came, he Fangyuan came to find her son.

She rushed over and held he Fangyuan.

"Auntie, will you go back first? I'll find a way to take Yi Nan back. "

However, she shook her head.

How could he Fangyuan not know what kind of character her own son is.

My son is stubborn, so I'm afraid it's easy to persuade him to go back.

He Fangyuan looked at Mu Jiayan in front of her in despair and murmured, "Jiayan, what have I done? Is it that my mind has returned to normal and God will punish my son?"

Mu Jia Yan quickly shook his head.

Now she not only has to focus on the safety of Anyi south, but also has to take into account the mood of he Fangyuan.

He Fangyuan's nerves have been sensitive, but now she has been stimulated like this. She is afraid that he Fangyuan's old illness will recur.

"It's not like that, auntie. Listen to me. You go back now. It's still raining."

However, he Fangyuan still stood there, looking at her son.

When an Yi Nan raised his head, he took a dim look at his mother.

Because of the heavy rain just now, his mind seems to have recovered a bit.

I was confused just now because I drank too much wine, but now I'm sober.

He hurried over, holding his mother's arms in shame, looking guilty.

"I'm sorry, mom. What's the matter with you? Now it's raining so hard, why don't you go back first? "

Obviously, his mother is still the one he is worried about.

However, he Fangyuan just pestle there, motionless looking at his son in front of him.

"Yi Nan, how can I go back at ease when you look like this?"

An Yi south but also just slightly lowered a head, some ashamed appearance.

Then, he assured his mother, "don't worry, give me a little time, and I will get better."

He Fangyuan did not say anything, but sighed heavily. Then, looking at her son in front of her, she shook her head in disappointment.

She thinks that her son is a strong and mature man. She can't be hit by this little thing. Love is just a part of her life.

If you miss the whole direction of your life, it's not worth the loss.

"Since you say you'll be fine, tell mom when you'll be all right?" He Fangyuan asked.

An Yinan was silent.

Mu Jia Yan is also looking at an Yi Nan. She is looking forward to an Yi Nan's reply.

She knew that an Yi Nan was still sober.

He will always get better, but it may take a little more time to heal.

Mu Jia Yan is willing to believe that an Yi Nan must be able to realize that all of them are worried about him.

Finally, an Yi Nan just sighed, looked at his mother, and then promised to say, "Mom, I'll go back with you now. I won't come out to drink any more, OK?"

After hearing this, he Fangyuan's heart was released and she was not so worried.

"Well, well, I'll call uncle Zhao now. Don't worry. Uncle Zhao will come to pick us up soon."

He Fangyuan said, quickly let uncle Zhao drive over.

An Yinan just nodded and looked at a loss.

Until now, it seems that he is really aware of a cruel problem.

Perhaps, some things can really be solved with their own power and status.

Although he has a high position now, it is still far from enough, because some people are more powerful than him.

"Uncle Zhao, take the young master back quickly."

An Yinan looks at Uncle Zhao and gets on the bus. Mu Jiayan is also relieved.

She was really afraid that if Anyi Nan continued to get in the rain, his body would be unbearable.Uncle Zhao saw that he was finally willing to go back with him. He was relieved and immediately helped him to get on the bus.

However, he Fangyuan wiped the rain on her head. Obviously, she didn't intend to leave immediately. Now she has something to do with Mu Jiayan.

"Jiayan, my aunt is really presumptuous. In fact, my aunt has something in her heart that she wants to ask for your help."

Mu Jia Yan was a little stunned. When he Fangyuan stayed, she realized that he Fangyuan might have something to do with herself.

But what can she do with her help?

Mu Jia Yan really doesn't know what else he can do.

In the current situation like an Yinan, he is also at a loss.

"Aunt, what can I do for you?"

After hearing Mu Jiayan's question, he Fangyuan was silent.

She lowered her head slightly, a little ashamed and embarrassed.

She also knows that Mu Jiayan never owes anything to settle down, so she is not qualified to ask too much for other girls.

However, she is really desperate now, and she can't find any help for a while.

At last, she looked at Mu Jiayan and could only say, "Jiayan, I know that my requirements may be a little too much, but I really have no other way."

However, Mu Jiayan looks at he Fangyuan curiously. She doesn't know why he Fangyuan is so embarrassed.

However, his body is now a little cold shivering, Mu Jia Yan was just drenched in the rain so thoroughly.

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