Chapter 531

"It's impossible, mom. I have the right to walk freely. You can't restrain my freedom."

Lin Ya Yin looked at her daughter, after all, she just sighed and looked helpless.

"But, girl, you are now like this, my mother is really worried."

Is it worthwhile for her to turn herself into a ghost just for a man?

What's more, what the man likes in his heart is other girls, and there's nothing wrong with his daughter.

The more Lin Ya Yin thought, the more unworthy she was for her daughter!

This smelly girl's temper, also don't know who is learning from, how a tendon.

There are so many good men in the world, why does she stare at an easy south.

Mu Jia Yan looks at her mother pleadingly.


However, Lin Ya Yin's face did not become gentle at all.

She just looked at her daughter in front of her with a serious face.

"Well, it's no use calling me mom now. Don't go out tomorrow."

Now, for her, it's a typical case of small intolerance and big scheme.

She can't indulge her daughter just because she has a little emotion.

Mu Jia Yan a face is not willing to look at his mother in front of him, but also just turned upstairs.

She thought, tomorrow, she will always have a way to escape, otherwise if you can't see ease south, she won't feel at ease.

However, when she woke up the next morning, Mu Jiayan found that her door was locked from the outside.

The water and food she needs to eat for the day are already set on the table, and the bathroom is in the room.

So, she doesn't need to go out at all.

But she's going out!

Mu Jia Yan just started Leng for a while, thought it was the servant who came to deliver breakfast to her.

However, she opened the door several times, but after the door lock was not opened, she immediately got flustered and beat her door incessantly.

"Mom, mom, don't lock me up, you let me out!"

Hearing her daughter's eager voice in the room, Lin Ya Yin just came over.

She leaned against the door of her daughter's room and said to her daughter, "Jiayan, don't blame your mother. My mother does it for you. Now you have to calm down. You are too impulsive."

Lin Ya Yin said and sighed softly. Of course, she knew that her daughter was full of love for an Yi Nan.

However, such love can't last a lifetime. After all, marriage needs economic foundation as guarantee.

His daughter followed ease South behind, doomed this life will not be happy.

Therefore, Lin Yayin felt that she had to find a way to control her daughter.

Since the daughter said that she had no self-control ability, her mother played a supporting role.

Mu Jia Yan didn't appreciate it. She kept beating on the door, praying that her mother could hear her voice.

However, later she gradually gave up, she knew that her mother did not hear her voice.

Even if I heard it, I'm afraid I won't let her go.

Mu Jia Yan a face depressed to sit on the sofa beside, looking at the food in front of, but have no appetite.

Although she didn't eat anything in the morning, she doesn't feel hungry now.

She hurried into the bathroom to wash for a while, and then took a look at her mobile phone. It was more than nine in the morning.

But now she has no way to go out, and she doesn't know where Anyi south is?

Is he drunk?

Think of here, Mu Jia Yan feel not at ease, immediately to ease South assistant Chen Zhen made a phone call.

After Chen Zhen came back, he dealt with some company information and didn't go to bed until three o'clock in the night.

So I didn't wake up this morning.

After the phone rang for a long time, he got through drowsily.

As soon as the phone is connected, Mu Jiayan begins to ask Chen Zhen about an Yi Nan.

"Chen Zhen, how are you today? Is he a little more relaxed? "

However, Chen Zhen just rubbed his eyes, with a blank look on his face.

He looked around him. He hasn't gone to the company yet.

Today, he just took a day off, so he didn't need to go to the company.

But hearing Mu Jia Yan's anxious appearance, he really thought something had happened.

"What's the matter, Miss mu? I'm at home now. I haven't gone to the company yet. Is something wrong with the president?"

However, Mu Jia Yan just shook his head, and then replied, "don't worry, I don't know if he has something, but I don't worry about him, so I'll call you to make sure."

After hearing Mu Jia Yan say so, Chen Zhen also nodded.He knows Mu Jiayan and an Yi Nan are good friends, and he also knows that Miss Mu must have admired his boss for a long time.

However, the boss's heart is only miss Shixia from the beginning to the end. It's hard for Miss mu.

"Miss mu, will you come to see the boss today?" Chen Zhen asked.

Mu Jia Yan looked at the direction of his room door, but the expression on his face was a little embarrassed.

She really wanted to pass, but now she couldn't even get out of the house.

"I'll try my best. I'll see him if I can."

"Try your best? Miss mu, do you have any other work arrangements today? "

When hearing Mu Jiayan say that she is trying her best, Chen Zhen is still confused.

After all, in his heart, Miss Mu has always been a superior family miss, she never need to take care of the company.

Such a girl, every day as long as take their own pocket money, and then dress up beautiful, go shopping on the line.

"Don't ask so many questions, I have something at home now, it's not convenient for me to go out, but you must help me take good care of your boss, you know?"

Chen Zhen after hearing Mu Jia Yan such command, then also just smile to nod.

This is already his boss, his big boss. How can he be disobedient?

"I know, Miss mu, I will take good care of the boss's safety, but you also come back early, the boss still miss you very much."

On hearing Chen Zhen say ease South heart miss oneself, Mu Jia Yan immediately like hit chicken blood.

She even wanted to ask Chen Zhen if what he said was true. After all, before that, Anyi Nan had been indifferent to her.

However, because of some shyness, Mu Jiayan did not ask after all. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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