Chapter 559

Ning Wuyou just nodded with a smile. When she went back today, she would talk to Li Jingyang again.

She just explained, "Jing Yang comes back late every night from filming. He's afraid that it will affect everyone's rest. Maybe he thinks it's more convenient for us to live outside."

Su Jiaqi also just frowned, this bastard, disturb oneself even if disturb, disturb his wife, isn't it disturb?

Su Jiaqi also readily began to dig his son's corner, "so you don't care about him, you come here to live alone, mother take care of you."

Ning Wuyou just smiles. She always knows Su Jiaqi's character is cute.

It's also because of Su Jiaqi's happy character that the whole Li family has always been a happy scene. It has never been said that there has been any emotional breakdown.

She just worried and asked, "Mom, if I come here, Jingyang is at home alone, who will take care of him?"

But Su Jiaqi doesn't care about her son.

This smelly boy, it's his business that he doesn't come. Why should he take care of his daughter-in-law.

"Worry free, you don't care about him. I think that smelly boy is the one who makes trouble himself."

Su Jiaqi said as she began to help Ning Wuyou peel the apple.

Ning Wuyou just thinks it's funny and doesn't take Su Jiaqi's jokes seriously.

How to say Li Jingyang is also su Jiaqi's son? It seems that it's not appropriate for Su Jiaqi to throw his son away.

However, Su Jiaqi said solemnly, "what's more, isn't there a seat beside Jing Yang? That's his assistant. Let him take care of Jing Yang. "

In Su Jiaqi's opinion, her daughter-in-law is pregnant now, and she is already suffering. She should let her son spend more time with her daughter-in-law.

He's good. He's busy in the crew all day. He doesn't take care of his daughter-in-law, but he has to take care of him.

"Worry free, don't spoil Jingyang. He has been spoiled by us since he was a child."

Ning Wuyou just smiles and nods.

Anyway, Li Jingyang always knows that his mother's favorite thing to do is to dig his corner.

However, at this point, Su Jiaqi talks about Shixia's stomach.

"By the way, Xia Xia, are you going to have a child with Jing Yan? There are fewer people in our Li family. If there are more people, it will be more lively. "

When Su Jiaqi said this, she was looking forward to seeing her baby grandchildren born one after another.

In this way, the whole Li family will be very busy.

However, Shixia was stunned and gave birth to a second child?

She didn't think about it. She felt in her heart that one day was enough.

What's more, the Li family is not enough. They have two sons and two daughter-in-law. Now they have two grandchildren.

However, Shixia didn't directly refuse Su Jiaqi. She also knows that Su Jiaqi is a lively person in her character. It's understandable that she likes more people.

So, rejected Su Jiaqi, on the contrary, will let her feel a little unhappy.

Shixia just asked with a smile, "Mom, when the carefree child is born, you will not only help me take care of Chenchen, but also help carefree take care of the child. Are you sure you can take care of it by yourself?"

Su Jiaqi is very happy, of course she is happy, with children, that are her grandchildren, she naturally very happy!

"That's my own dear grandson. Even if there are more, I'm willing to take care of them."

Su Jiaqi has already figured out in her heart that if her son and daughter-in-law are busy with work, she will have more children. At that time, she will ask her sister-in-law to come back and take care of them at home with her.

At that time, we can open a small kindergarten at home, and invite some tutors to come here. It's too busy.

Now she only regrets that she didn't have more sons.

Su Jiaqi just sighed and said, "at that time, how lively there are so many kids at home, and the days won't be so monotonous. It's not like us adults sitting here. What's the point?"

Su Jiaqi looks forward to it, but Shixia just smiles awkwardly and doesn't answer her question directly.

She knew that her answer would disappoint Su Jiaqi, so she said nothing more.

At noon, because Li Jingyan's company had a busy meeting and had a tight schedule, he didn't come back for dinner.

It's fun for three women to eat together.

As the saying goes, three women in a play, as long as women together more, then things will become interesting, will not be so boring.

In the afternoon, when I heard that Shixia wanted to go out, Su Jiaqi and Shixia sent Ning Wuyou back to Li Jingyang's villa outside.But, looking at such a big villa empty, only Ning Wuyou a person here, Su Jiaqi how to think all feel not at ease.

She must find a way to transfer her son back. Even if she doesn't care for her son, she should also care for nothing.

Think about worry free, how lonely she is here alone!

Moreover, every time she goes to the old house, she has to run so far. Now she is pregnant, and it's not convenient to walk.

Su Jiaqi just grumbled and said, "when Jingyang comes back, I must communicate with him and let him move in. Otherwise, it's lonely to be alone here. If something happens, there will be no one to take care of."

Shixia smiles and nods. She knows that her mother-in-law must be concerned about her daughter-in-law.

"Well, mom, don't worry. I should meet Jing Yang when I go to the company tomorrow. I will help you tell him then."

After hearing that, Su Jiaqi nodded at ease.

It's just like this. The whole family should live together. It's lively enough.

After sending Ning Wuyou back to the villa to have a rest, Shixia and Su Jiaqi happily go to the shopping mall and start shopping.

Two women shopping together, the outcome must be terrible.

In the end, I couldn't carry back the things I bought, so I had to let the customer service staff in the store deliver them to the door in person. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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