Chapter 576

Chen Jialing just a little unhappy to explain that, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, just didn't stand on my feet."

Li Jingyang just looked at her indifferently. There seemed to be no expression on her face.

However, when Chen Jialing jumped at him just now, someone nearby could use the camera to record all this.

Li Jingyang didn't realize the problem either. He just looked at Chen Jialing anxiously and asked, "how do you feel now? Can you still go? Shall I take you to the hospital? "

Chen Jialing just wanted to try to take two steps symbolically, but she fell on the ground again, and Li Jingyang quickly helped her up.

"Forget it, I'll take you to the hospital."

Li Jingyang just sighed helplessly and helped Chen Jialing up.

Shi Xia just came out of Li Jingyan's company and saw this scene on the way back.

She frowned. She didn't know what was going on. She felt a little uneasy.

She just came out of Li Jingyan's company, just in time, the company is not far away from home, she wants to walk, also take a walk.

It is said that it will snow at one o'clock this afternoon, but it is already half past one, and there is still no snow.

Shixia looks at Li Jingyang and Chen Jialing not far away. Then she takes out her mobile phone and records everything.

I hope things are not what I think.

She also knows that Li Jingyang is in the entertainment circle now. The entertainment circle is a complicated place, and the water is deep. If something really happens, it will be troublesome.

Although Shixia is HR of the company, she doesn't know nothing about the depth of the entertainment circle.

Shirun pearl company often invites some contracted artists to help promote some products. Therefore, Shixia also knows that the water in this circle is quite deep.

Moreover, there are entertainment reporters following those stars all day, and every move of the stars may affect the future development.

Therefore, Shixia also left a heart.

Today, she saw it and knew it was Chen Jialing's sprained foot, so Li Jingyang helped her walk.

If she didn't see the whole story and was only photographed, then she would think that Li Jingyang was cheating in his marriage, or that she couldn't get involved with other women.

At that time, I'm afraid it will be a troublesome thing.

Li Jingyang didn't realize anything here. He just felt that Chen Jialing's foot seemed quite serious.

He just accompanied Chen Jialing to the hospital. Chen Jialing looked at Li Jingyang in front of him gratefully.

In the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor said that Chen Jialing's foot sprained and it might take a week to get better.

Li Jingyang can only support Chen Jialing and walk out of the hospital slowly.

"Thank you very much. If I didn't meet you, I didn't know how to walk back."

However, Li Jingyang just shook his head with a smile, which is nothing. They are colleagues.

Although as an actor, he should keep a distance from other actresses, helping others should bear the brunt.

Who knows, originally already good things, in the end will become this way, Li Jingyang completely did not expect.

In the early morning of the next day, he didn't leave his house, so the news came.

Every major media reporter reported that he was crazy, saying that he had cheated on other women outside his marriage.

The reason why it was spread out was that Li Jingyang frowned tightly at the photos that were spread on his mobile phone.

On the other hand, assistant Xi also called Li Jingyang soon.

Now he is going crazy in the studio alone, and all the doors of the studio are blocked up by those reporters.

Xi also just got the news, and when Li Jingyang's new play started, those reporters became more interested in the scandal.

"Boss, what's the matter with you? When was this picture taken? Didn't you just come to the cast yesterday? "

Li Jingyang has not even had time to say a word, he was also scolded by the seat on the other side of the phone.

Xi also sighed and chattered endlessly.

"Do you know that our studio has been packed up now? You can't get in and I can't get out."

Li Jingyang just frowned. This guy called him. He said a lot. Have you heard his explanation?

"Well, well, have you said enough? I'm in bad luck now. Don't ask me so many questions. I'll explain to you later."

Li Jingyang said, directly turned out of bed, and then, in a hurry to the bathroom inside, a little wash.Because now Ning Wuyou has a big stomach, he worries that his wife's rest will be affected when he comes back at night, so he lets his wife sleep in the master bedroom. When he comes back from work at night, he sleeps twice.

Li Jingyang thought in his heart, wife must not misunderstand this matter.

He was thinking about whether to explain it with his wife. Later, he thought that he would go to the studio first and explain the misunderstanding clearly.

He thought that when he went to the studio, he would go to see Xi Yi.

However, I didn't expect that as soon as he opened the curtain, he found that all the people around his house were reporters.

It's true that good things don't go out and bad things spread far away.

For a moment, Li Jingyang has become a mess. He really can't understand that he had such an affair before.

However, it seems that there has never been such a serious accident. Suddenly, overnight, he became a red man.

He frowned, thought about it, and opened the microblog again. Sure enough, the microblog server had exploded, and the top three hot searches were all related to him.

He felt vaguely that this matter was not so simple. Maybe someone wanted to hype himself behind his back.

He thought about it in his heart. Recently, it happened that his new play was on air. Is it related to the new play?

The more he thought about it, the more confused he felt.

But just then, the door of the hall was knocked.

Li Jingyang thought that the reporters would not rush to his home.

He just looked through the cat's eye and found that the man standing at the door was the assistant seat. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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