Chapter 582

Rather worry Leng for a while, looking at the seat also short out of the grapefruit, really have two brushes.

Grapefruit has not been cut a little bit, one by one, clear, skin and meat is very open.

What's more, he even kept the whole shell and just made a fruit basket.

Then, put the grapefruit pulp one by one. It's convenient to take and looks beautiful.

Ning Wuyou looks surprised. Looking at Xi Yi in front of her, she has to admit that Xi Yi's Dao Gong is really good.

"Xi Yi, did anyone tell you that you are really a talented cook?"

Xi also immediately nodded, a face excited look, sure enough, sister-in-law is discerning!

He looked excited and just said with a smile, "my mother said the same thing, so I always hope that the boss can open a spicy hot shop in his name. When I come to be the chef, I'm sure the business will be booming."

However, in fact, he learned to do these things later.

In fact, at the beginning, he would not do it, but as Li Jingyang's assistant.

Li Jingyang is also a very picky person, he naturally wants to meet the boss's various needs.

Therefore, Xi also learned to cook, wash clothes, clean up the room, and even cut a fruit plate.

In fact, it's interesting to mention the time when Li Jingyang just started his career.

Although at that time, Li Jingyang was not very popular, and he was even bullied by some elders in the production group, he was also trying to climb up step by step.

Xi also just said with a smile, "I remember the first time the boss went to Hengdian to film, he couldn't get used to the working meal of the crew, and then he lost more than ten pounds a month."

Li Jingyang nodded calmly beside him.

This is really thanks to Xi Yi.

Later, Xi also came to the crew, and in a month, he recovered 20 jin.

Ning Wuyou just asked with a smile, "what happened later

In fact, she is really curious about Li Jingyang's work in the cast.

In her opinion, there are totally two different aspects in the crew and her daily life.

Ning Wuyou hears Li Jingyang and himself talking about the things in the crew, which makes her feel a new world every time.

She lives a normal life in the hospital every day, but the world of actors is really wonderful.

Li Jingyang just sighed, looked at the seat beside him, shook his head and said, "at that time, I was lazy and didn't go to the gym to keep fit. Thanks to this guy, I was almost fed to be a fat man, and the road of performing arts was ended."

Xi also just turned his lips wrongly. Can you blame him for the delicious food he cooked?

"But then didn't you lose weight? What's more, you were supposed to be a fat man at that time. "

When Xi also planned to continue to quibble, he heard the sound of water in the kitchen. It was obvious that the water was boiling.

He just went over in a hurry and put some seasoning in. Half an hour later, a pot of hot pot came up.

"I've never really tried to eat hot pot at home. It's more lively than in a hotel."

Ning Wuyou just laughed and said to Xi, "if you like it, come back next time and we'll eat together. You can find a girlfriend earlier, which will make it more noisy."

Xi also nodded, but he felt helpless.

He also wanted to find a girlfriend, but he was too busy with his work, and his boss flew from America to China and from China to France.

Often fly back and forth in these countries, not even a fixed place, where there will be a girlfriend.

So Xi sighed and said, "well, I also want to find a girlfriend, but I can't help it. I guess I can't get rid of it before I'm 30 years old."

Every time he comes home for the new year, he is urged to get married by his family.

But I can't help it. Work is more important.

Li Jingyang just said, "that's because you have too high a vision. You can't look up to so many beautiful female colleagues in the cast. Last time, Miss Dong's assistant, Xiao Fen, didn't follow you all the time?"

Xi also looks angry. It's better not to mention it.

He was annoyed at the mention of it.

At the beginning, Xiao Fen, the assistant, followed his ass around all day. He thought that his personality was so charming that he moved other girls.

However, it turned out later that the girl was just a fan of Li Jingyang and wanted a signature.

"Boss, please don't bury me. You're the one with whom other girls follow. As a result, they can't catch up with you, so they follow me all day. I think I have a chance. Who knows that they're all in vain."Xi also said, sighing helplessly.

Although he looks more handsome, but there is no way, his boss is more handsome than himself. When they stand together, they immediately stand up and see the film.

After eating a hot pot, it was already two o'clock in the afternoon.

Paparazzi reporters at the door also scattered a lot, and the hot search for news has long been removed.

Li Jingyang was relieved. Fortunately, the crisis was relieved.

However, it also reminds him that he has many enemies in the entertainment industry.

He must be a little more careful. He will never let such misunderstanding happen again.

In addition, this matter will be investigated clearly. How did that recording come from? It's really strange.

He thought to himself, and felt a little frightened.

This time, if my sister-in-law didn't just shoot that video, I'm afraid I'll fall into the vortex of public opinion again. I can't get out in half a month.

Xi also just said, "boss, since there are no reporters at the door, I'll go first. You can stay at home with your sister-in-law this afternoon, and go to the cast tomorrow."

Li Jingyang also nodded.

It just happened that I didn't have any passion for filming this afternoon, so I didn't want to pass.

Moreover, when he went to the production group in the afternoon, he was afraid that his colleagues would ask questions, and he was also bored. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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